Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 6. Today my crew and I have 2 grad parties to perform at. A bunch of them all slept over at Louise’s dorm.  I didn’t sleep or stay over because I had to do something with family.  We were all going to meet up there before the gigs. They had a slumber party. So before going there in the morning I went over to Jollibee. I ordered a Spaghetti family pack and 8 yumburgers. This was all for the crew. Some of them ate the spaghetti and I was glad they all demolished the yumburgers. I noticed that there was still some leftover Jollibee from the day before in Louise’s fridge. I added my plate of spaghetti along with the fried rice that they were cooking for breakfast. That was some good stuff. My friend Ariel made me some blueberry cupcakes with fresh blueberries on the side with whipped cream for my post birthday. I was very happy. What a good way to start the day.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 5. Today is my birthday. Not only is today my birthday but it was UH Manoa’s 100th Graduation Commencement Ceremony. First thing I did when I got up was go to Jollibee. I had the Ube Pearl Cooler and peach mango pie for breakfast. I had to pee so I used their restroom for the very first time like a Virgin. The restroom was really nice. My favorite thing in their was the hand air dryer. It was the most powerful hand air dryer I had ever experienced. Afterwards I went to Longs Drugs to get some leis for my friends that were graduating.

After the ceremony and leiing my friends, my sister Riva, Louise, and I headed over to Jollibee. This was my 1st time going to Jollibee 2 times in one day. As we were going down there, we had a full van rise over there by picking up a few more friends, Maika, Shelby, and Chino. When we got there, there was of course a line that wrapped around the place. But we didn’t care, we were at Jollibee. So we stood in line. I had to pee really bad and I already knew where the restroom was so I went. My friends stood in line. The wait wasn’t that bad. It was actually very exciting. When I got back, one of my friends asked me ho you just went in their and they never stop you? And I was like no I had to use the restroom and yeah. So we stood in line. We had the menus out. I keep a menu in my wallet for good luck. Riva started taking orders for everyone. Shelby started talking with this one dude who was a father and had two kids. We told him about our dance crew and stuff and he was pretty interested. We gave business cards to him and his kids. His kids were cool too. Then we all just started talking about Jollibee and stuff and how it reminds us of the Philippines and stuff. As we got closer within the line we finally reached the worker before going onto the other line inside the store. He took our orders on their pre-order menu. We gave him our paper so that it was easier for him. As we were on the other inside line, Riva and I somewhat changed the our order menu. Good thing she carried a pen. Maika, Riva, and I stood in line. The rest of the gang looked for seats which they did. Louise was excited because she was at Jollibee again. She took more pictures with herself and the Jollibee pictures that were on the restaurant. When we finally got to the cashier server person worker, we ended up talking about the menu again and tried to fix our order some more. I left it all to Riva. At the end we all got what we wanted and ordered. We sat in the back portion of the restaurant. And enjoyed our meal. I had the Amazing Aloha with halo halo, Maika had the Champ Yumburger with fries and a drink, Riva had the spaghetti chickenjoy and palabok fiesta, Louise had the chickenjoy palabok meal, Shelby had the chickenjoy spaghetti meal, and Chino had the Chickenjoy Palabok with ube peark cooler.

It was great. I felt like having a kids party at Jollibee for my birthday and wished I had a reservation and stuff. But I think it is too early in the game for Jollibee to do that. I would say we had 70% of the Jollibee Hawaii Waipahu experience. We stood in line, we ordered, we ate, we took pictures, and we used their restroom.

Happy Birthday also to my twin from another mother Lauren and Tita Ime’s daughter Olivia.  Hope they have a Jollitastic one!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 4. Today I ordered a chickenjoy with palabok with no drink and a yumburger. I ate the yumburger for breakfast. I had the chickenjoy palabok for lunch. Today was my good friend Karen’s birthday. I would have given her some of my chickenjoy if I saw her.  So far I went there everyday in the morning before going to work.

At work, my co-worker Israel said what the you are having that again you are addicted to that stuff or something like that. He asked me where the other locations are at. I told him that there is only one in Waipahu. Before I had my lunch, Israel told me that there is going to be a staff meeting. So I was like OK, I didn’t hear about it but OK. So I quickly warmed up my chickenjoy palabok and rushed over to the tablle. I was wondering why I was the only one on the table eating by myself. I come to find out that my co-workers surprised me with a pre-birthday birthday cake and gift. I was really surprised. I felt kinda weird because I think everyone had their lunch already. While I was finishing my lunch everyone else was eating my cake. We had red velvet cake which was super yummy.

Happy Birthday to Karen! Hope she had a Jolli one!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 3. Today I got 6 Yumburgers and a Burger Steak plate. I got the 6 yumburgers for the crew during practice. I had the burger steak with mashed potatoes for lunch. I think my co-worker Iz is starting to wonder why I am having Jollibee again. So far everytime I ordered I had a different server serve me.

Even though Red Ribbon is not expected to open till next year it seems like they have the Red Ribbon bakery stand out. It seems like it is taking a lot of wasted space because that space can be used for more customer to order their food and open up more servers and cashier people. But perhaps they are using that space for something else in the meantime like extra storage or what not.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 2. Today is the aftermath of the grand opening. I went over feeling worried about the devastation of the long lines that has been blowing up via text messages, tweets, and facebook status.   Surprisingly there was no line?! Maybe it is just a morning thing!? But I went there again today to get breakfast before work. Today I ordered a yumburger and spaghetti. I ate the yumburger for breakfast and had the Spaghetti for lunch. I had a new haircut thanks to my mother who works as Mastercuts. It was the return of “The Hawk.” My cashier server person said that he like my hair and thought it was really cool.

Louise mentioned that she wants to go to Jollibee so much that the workers will remember her and call her by her name and automatically know what she wants to order and stuff hhahahaha. But that’s gonna be me LOL.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 (The Grand Opening!)

Day 1. Today was the grand opening of the epic long awaited Jollibee in Hawaii! Not to mention the first Jollibee in Hawaii. Prior to this date, I have heard about the opening of Jollibee during the summer. However, I never knew it would come this fast. I thought it would open later onto the next year of 2011. But hey, it is finally here! My friend Louise kept on reminding me about the Jollibee in Hawaii grand opening in December for a very long time. She is also a hardcore Jollibee fan. I was skeptical about it’s opening at first but I found out that she was right. She along with another friend headed over to Waipahu and kinda semi-camped out there for it’s grand opening at 5AM. I agreed to meet her up early in the morning to go check it out and have some breakfast there right before going to work. As soon as I got there I was very impressed with it’s venue and look. It was truly Jollibee. I saw parking and security barricades and I knew that they were expecting some madness about to come pretty soon.

As I entered the premises, I noticed the Jollibee mascot. I was disappointed because it was not dancing. It was only taking pictures with many Jollibee families, kids, and fans and acting like a typical mascot that a mascot could be. I have seen youtube videos of dancing Jollibee mascots. I told myself that one day I would like to do the same. I guess they only dance at kid’s parties.

As I entered the premises, the worker automatically greeted me sir and showed me where to order but I looked for Louise and noticed that she was studying. I looked over to find out she had already ordered and ate her food. I took my time looking at the restaurant and menu and reminisced about Jollibees back home in the Philippines. I went over to the counter and ordered my first Jollibee Hawaii meal. I got a #5 Cheeseburger (Yumburger) meal with Fries and a drink. I took my first few bites and was Jollified. As I was eating I noticed that Louise had a Jollibee doll and mask and asked her where to get that. She said they only give it to the first 100 people. I found out that I was the 101st person. I blame Louise because she never told me about the first 100 people thing and I came early enough to order earlier. But thats OK. While we were eating we met up with the person that is in charge of all of the hamburger Jollibee patties of all the Jollibees in the mainland. We had a nice chat with him and showed us that Jollibee was in the morning paper. We also talked about it would be cool if Tekniqlingz can be the official dance crew of Jollibee LOL. After I was done eating, I figure I order another food for lunch. I ordered the Palabok Fiesta with no drink take out. The Palabok Fiesta is one of my favorite items on the menu.

While I was driving back to work with Louise I was wondering if Red Ribbon Bakery was opened too? I had Louise call Jollibee which I put on speed dial on my phone. She talked in heavy Filipino accent and asked them. Unfortunately, Red Ribbon isn’t going to open till next year. It was too bad because I wanted to buy a cake that day for my friend Maika.

At work, my co-worker Israel asked me what I was having for lunch. I briefly told him about Jollibee and that was the first day of many more coming days I was going to have Jollibee for lunch almost every single day haha…

During the work day, I got text messages from Louise on news about the long lines. Eventually hearing more about it through the news, facbook, word of mouth, etc. I was glad that I went there earlier. And so the Jollibee hype starts.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Tek and Katipunero Maika! Hope he has a Jolli one!