Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 20. Today I went to Jollibee along with fellow Jaycee friends Karen and Jay. We went right after a HFJCC website meeting session at Jay’s office in Wahiawa. Our other fellow Jaycee friend Mary was supposed to come with us but she dug out early. After the session, Jay, Karen, and I all drove down to Jollibee with our own cars. Parking was smooth sailing and Jay got the best one out of all of us. When we arrived, Karen and I saw a fellow Katipunero friend Ruth. It was her first time there. I said congratulations. We also saw a fellow Jaycee Claire. It was also her first time there. I said congratulations, but I don’t think she heard me. She asked us how many times we came here. We said numerous times. She said oh my gosh I am such a slacker. I said to myself yes you are Claire yes you are. She was talking to another Jaycee friend of ours named Brandon. Sometimes he tries to give me challenges, Brandon that is, to see how far I will go and what I will do for Jollibee. We all came at a post lunch and pre dinner hour. Today I think I am going to get a yumburger and a halo halo. Karen couldn’t resist her craving for spaghetti even though she had it the day before. She asked the worker how much it costs for one piece of Chickenjoy. We found out if costs like a buck 69, something like that. She had trouble figuring out what she wanted to order. She ended up ordering a 3 piece chickenjoy meal with fries and a yumburger. We took some slices of chickenjoy and added it to our yumburger thus making a chickenjoy yumburger. It was really yummy. The line was the usual length. So I came to the conclusion that the only time that there is hardly a line is the mornings and near closing time at night. Out of the many times I went here I have only seen or recognized one customer twice. I see different people each time I come. The dining area was about 70 percent full.

The video that they show next to the menu is enlarged to show texture to the fullest. It reminds me of going to Dennys with my co-workers and looking at the food menus. The food on the menu is enlarged to show texture. It makes you hungrier while you stand in line. Standing in a Jollibee line is also like standing in a carnival ride line. Ordering your food and getting your food and eating your food represents you riding the ride. I also found out that there are 36 toys to collect rather than 6 toys for the Jollibee kids meals. I was like oh my goodness this is gonna be a journey for real.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 12. Today is my favorite holiday. It’s Christmas! My how time flies by so fast. So for today’s Jollibee adventure we went straight there without even opening our presents first?! WOW. Out of my years of living my sisters and I always open up our Christmas gifts when we wake up. However, instead we went to Jollibee first to get food. My sister Heide hasn’t gone to Jollibee yet so I was excited to take her. Jollibee for Christmas lunch is just as good as Jollibee for Birthday lunch. So when we went there, there was a line but it wasn’t so bad. We ordered a family pack of Spaghetti, 12 piece bucket of Chickenjoy, and a family pack of Palabok fiesta. We also ordered a halo-halo for Heide. As we were in line we observed a few things. In one of the big pictures in the restaurant, the back of one girl’s head eating a chickenjoy looks exactly like Riva’s back of head. That was pretty funny. It seems like they are running out of Jollibee cups because they also had Pepsi logo cups? It also seems like they just quit putting out the condiments by where they have the little Jollibee kiosk with extra straws and cup lids for drinks. It was pretty cool to see that Jollibee was open for Christmas. I guess it makes us Filipinos feel extra special to go to a place where we can still feel at home on a special holiday. I even saw the restaurant manager there observing and helping people to registers. In addition, I was eavesdropping on a conservation with a couple of workers while we were waiting for our food. They were talking about the beezyness of the restaurant during the day and what not. She said ho you don’t even know this is slow time for us. And yes she was right, even though there was quite a line it is nothing compared to what busy means to them. They are truly Jollibee pros. One of the staff crew workers asked us if we wanted plates and we said yes. We thought it would be Jollibee themed plates but it wasn’t. It was just some white generic paper plates. Another successful and pleasant visit to Jollibee on Christmas day.

One thing that I observed about those Spaghetti or Palabok Fiesta family pack bowl plate thingies is that you can actually save them and use them for tupperware. Only Jollibee can serve and easily hand out of such authentic dining materials.

But wait there is more. While I was running Christmas errands, my mother called me and said to go pick up 3 more spaghetti family packs. I was like what the. But I was ecstatic because I got another excuse to go to Jollibee again. What a treat. So when I came back to Jollibee it wasn’t busy at all. The dine in beezyness is about 55%.  In addition to the 3 spaghetti family packs I also got a ube pear cooler to cool off. They asked me if I wanted paper plates again and I said yes. This time it was black generic paper plates. This was the 2nd Saturday that I went to Jollibee 2 times. Last time I went there 2 times in one day was my birthday on December 18.

Happy Birthday baby Jesus and Merry Christma and fellow Jaycee Mary!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 19. First and foremost. HAPPY NEW YEAR! When I started this diary entry I wanted to put 2010 but it’s 2011 already. My how time flies by soo damn fast. Now we have to get used to writing 2011 and not forgetting it’s a new year now. So today I went during the peak of dinner time. Earlier in the day, I woke up to Karen’s text that Jollibee was closed due to electrical problems and I was like no freaking way that this is happening in the start of a new day for the new year. Hell nah this is happening and Jollibee never closes. I had faith that we will reopen during the day because that is very uncharacteristic of Jollibee. They would not do that to true and blue loyal customers such as myself. At the same time I was super scared because my streak will be over before it reaches it’s prime it will be over before the new year even started if they closed for good today. It would also be a bad start to my new year especially if I don’t have any Jollibee in the first day of the new year. It would also destroy my new years resolution of coming here everyday for one year since they opened. I called them several times to see if they are going to open and sure enough they will open today. I was like oh hells yes. I think I spoke with the manager and she said that they were not supposed to open because of the power problem but they will do so anyway and go back to business once everything is good to go and fixed. So after hearing that news I was super duper stoked. My new years will not be ruined. I had my Jollibee faith and hopes alive. I was going to go over there before going over to my fellow Jaycee Jeoffrey’s place because today is his birthday. He is a New Year’s baby. So when I went there I saw my sister’s friend and dorm-mate Zyrah. I was kinda talking story with her about Jollibee. It was her first time there along with the rest of her family that she was with. I told her that she should experience the whole Jollibee experience by standing in line, ordering, dining in, using the restroom, and taking a picture with the Bee. But I think they were only going to do take out. She mentioned that she reads my diary which is awesome to hear. I also say my fellow Jaycee Pat along with his mother who was taking some Jollibee to go. A few moments later I saw Karen who had some Jollibee in her hand. She said that Pat had gotten some Jollibee for her. We were going to go to Jeoffrey’s place together so she waited for me and started eating her Chickenjoy spaghetti. I was just going to get an ube pearl cooler. A few moments later I saw another fellow Jaycee Rufino. It was really nice seeing him. I congratulated him for his graduation and his accomplishments with his work in Washington DC with Senator Dan Inouye. He also mentioned that he is keeping up with my diary which was great to hear too. He came to Jollibee all the way from Waimanalo to check out what all the hype is about. He flies out to the mainland for work the next day. It is a good thing he gets to experience some Jollibee before he leaves.  The dine in beezyness was about 70%.

When Karen and I arrived at Jeoffrey’s place for the party, we had a nice conversation about Jollibee. My fellow Jaycees Rowena and Jay told me I should start keeping a record of my weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. All just for the heck of it. I was also thinking about having to accept whatever the cashier server worker person offers me whenever I order something just like the movie “Super Size Me,” when the guy has to say yes whenever they ask do you want to Super Size your meal. But the Jolibee peeps usually ask if you want a peach mango pie, pearl cooler, or halo halo with your order.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Jeoffrey. Hope you had a Jolli one and have a Jolli one.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 18. Today is New Year’s Eve. I came during lunch time to buy lunch before going over to my sister Riva’s place again to play video games again. There was choke traffic and I parked on the other side of the street again. The line wasn’t that bad. I thought it would be worse because it was lunch time and it was New Year’s Eve. The dine in beezyness was about 60%.  Outside there was a worker cleaning the windows. Another worker offered me a menu. I don’t think he remembers me yet. I am starting to see a lot more non Ethnic Filipino husband or wives coming in with their Filipino husband or wives along with their families. I was standing next to a non Filipino wife who was talking about Jollibee where she lives in the Bay Area San Francisco. She mentioned that it was HELLA cheaper there. Well obviously it is cheaper there woman because that is the mainland and we are here in Hawaii woman. She said it is like 5 bucks cheaper for a combo meal there than here. She was also talking about the food and she was trying to talk like how she knows everything and all but she really doesn’t know. I would actually like to visit one of the Jollibees in the mainland one day. It is too bad that they do not have gift cards yet here for Jollibee. They have gift cards and certificates in the mainland and I am wondering if they would accept that here in the Hawaii location. So today I ordered a yumburger kids meal with apple juice, palabok fiesta, 2 TLC yumburgers, and a Buko Pandan Pearl Cooler. I got food for Riva and Maika too. Happy New Years!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 17. Today I went after playing video games at my sister’s Riva’s place. I was playing my 2 games Michael Jackson: The Experience and Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. It was awesome. So I arrived at the start of dinner time like 6. There was choke traffic around the area. I had to park on the other side of the street. I was standing next to an Ilocano Manang saying how they are going to open up another Jollibee location in Kalihi. When they do open up in Kalihi it is going to be busier than the Waipahu location guarantee. She was saying that if they open up one there than they will put Popeye’s Chicken out of business which is pretty much true. I predict the next location will be in Iwliei next to Costco around Max’s of Manila area. So the reason why I am coming around this time is because I have a meeting with my Jaycee boss for next year in 2011 who is Jay. I also noticed that they moved the Jollibee condiment cart thing to free up more dine in room. I think the small move looks better too. I also noticed that the worker who was taking paper orders skipped me. I think it is because he recognized me and I probably don’t need my order taken down because I know what I want and I don’t need to look at the brochure menu and I am a Jollibee pro like that. When I ordered I had a brand spanking new server cashier worker. She looked pure Haole but I think she may have some Pinay blood in her. You never know you know. She didn’t talk like a true Jollibee worker but she tried her best and I gave her some slack. I sense that she is still a rookie. Jay was gonna be hecka late so I ordered some food for him. He wanted a yumburger, peach mango pie, and a drink. I got a spaghetti kids meal. They gave me a toy I already had but that is OK. I asked them if they can do a Palabok Fiesta Kids meal but they couldn’t. So after I ordered Jay was still not here so I saved some seats for us. I think Karen had a meeting with him earlier in the day so I kinda felt bad but Karen just had to copy me.

So it was pretty much a packed house with Jolli families. It was full in the front and full in the back. The dine in beezyness was about 90%. I was damn lucky. So I also stood next to an another Haole who was with the Ilocano family. He kept on bumping into me and I had my backpack on. People these days do not have a sense of personal space. I also noticed that the Kids meal costs just as much as regular adult combo meals. Maybe it is because of the toy which adds to the extra cost but it should still be cheaper. Jay and I had a really good conversation about our organization this year and our hopes for next year. About an hour later I saw a group of friends one was Black, one White, and one Oriental. No Racial. I was like wow out of the many groups of people I think this group is like 1 out of 500 where the group does not consist of a Filipino. Every time I step into Jollibee I feel like I am in the Philippines. Today I saw the workers provide the kind of service that Jollibee excels in that beats all food restaurants world wide. I saw workers clean out tables right after customers, took customers food out of their hand when they were done, the manager helping and serving food to the customers, and just so much more. It was a very warm feeling to see.

Happy Birthday to my friend Rizza! Hope she had a Jolli-riffic one!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 16. Today I went over to Jollibee in the morning time which I haven’t gone during that time for a while. When I got there it was empty. I was in shock. I had to rub my eyes and blink a few times to see if that was really true. I was I had a camera to take a picture of it. Really the restaurant was empty. I looked in the back to see if there were any dine in customers but there was nobody. This was a rare moment indeed. So I was in and out in less than 3 minutes. It was just me and the Jollibee crew workers. I got a yumburger with fries and apple juice kids meal. This time I got a different toy. So I need about 4 more to collect the whole collection. I still can’t believe the restaurant was empty when I went there. I had the meal for breakfast.

Happy Birthday to my friends Josh and Jovanie. I hope they had a Jolli birthday!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 15. So today I went to Jollibee straight after work. I was going to go in the morning but most of my time took up me having to pick up my father from the airport. My father was coming back home after a Christmas vacation in the Philippines. I also had to go straight to work right after. So after work there was mild traffic which was good. The drive was ok. However, I couldn’t wait to get to Jollibee. My friend Randy texted me earlier in the day at work saying that he was at Jollibee. I guess he was having lunch with his gf. So today’s afternoon line was slightly mild. I guess I can compare a Jollibee line to Hawaii traffic, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I was standing next to a guy who kept on coughing. Dude cover your cough I thought to myself. The dine in beezyness was about 60 percent.  I was also standing next to a bunch of Ilocano speakers. I also saw this Haole dude which tripped me out. I think that’s like the 3rd Haole I say since I started coming to Jollibee from day 1. The Ilocano Manangs had trouble choosing what to pick and eat. I would have helped them out but I cannot speak Ilocano. I am starting to see more new workers. The dining area was about 70% beezy with Jolli families. So today I figure I get a kids meal because I want to collect all the toys now. So I got a chickenjoy kids meal with rice and apple juice. I also got a mac salad and buttered corn on the side. I am also going to start organizing my receipts by putting it in a binder with sheet protectors. When I came home my mother is starting to worry about me because I go and eat at Jollibee too much. Eating a kids meal is like eating a regular adult meal because of the size of the take out plate.

On a side note a couple of entries ago I wrote about my sister Riva looking like one of the girls in the picture eating a friend chicken while looking at the guy who is playing the guitar. So I also noticed the guy playing on the guitar looks also like my friend Samuel. He likes to play guitar and stuff and looks exactly like him but he’s not Filipino.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 14. Today was a pretty crazy drive to Jollibee. It was hecka raining thunda, lightning, cats, dogs, and flying lechons. So I think today is the first time I am going to Jollibee at night because I have a board meeting with the Jaycees at Max’s of Manila which was like sssoooo perfect because Jollibee is right next door. I gave my friend Mary a ride after picking her up at the mall. This time the line wasn’t so bad compared to during the day time. So this marks me going to Jollibee at all times of the day, during the morning, noon, and night. The dining areas seem semi packed but it sounds packed because of all the dine in noise. The dine in beezyness seems to be about 80 percent.  Even though I was supposed to be at Max’s of Manila for the meeting I jetted down to Jollibee. It felt weird going through the day without any Jollibee in my system. During the line, I saw many Pinoys and Pinays wearing 3 Stars and a Sun T-shirts which was awesome to see. My friend Louise would have a lot of pictures in her facebook album. I have a whole facebook album dedicated to 3 stars and a sun car decals and tattoos. Standing in a line is also cool because you will always have kids running around you as if they were your little nephews or nieces.

I just overheard a guy saying that a yumburger tastes like Wendys burgers what the fuck man you don’t even know how dare you say that shet in Jollibee what the fuck are you even doing here man get the fuckj out if you are going to say shet like that you don’t even deserve to be in Jollibee and this line don’t you ever fucking compare Jollibee to another fucking restaurant because Jollibee is THE PEOPLES FOOD. You know why I call it “The People’s Food,” it’s because you see the lines, you see the customers, and you see the workers. Jollibee is like the Disneyland of Food. This is Food Heaven. There is always a damn line everyday. People come here everyday from the East West South and North to eat and be Jolli and relive memories of good times of Philippines and stuff so yeah.

So during the line, I also called my friend Karen if she wanted anything from Jollibee to eat and if anybody else wanted something. They ended up wanting 3 yumburgers (1 for Karen and 1 for Randy and I also got 1 more yumburger for myself) 1 spaghetti, and 1 buko pandan pearl cooler. In total my order was 3 yumburgers, 1 spaghetti, and 1 buko pandan pearl cooler. Their ube pearl cooler was broken again.

So after the meeting everyone was excited about Jollibee because I went there and maybe because I brought JBee to them. It was weird bringing Jollibee to a Max’s of Manila restaurant but I didn’t care, I was proud. Randy wanted to go back there again to get some more Jollibee even though I already got him a yumburger earlier. That was our appetizer. I also got my fellow Jaycees friends Jay, Karen, Ronelyne, Niccolo, and Mary to go to Jollibee too. So after the meeting all 7 of us total went over to Jollibee. It is like we were all high schoolers again. As we headed towards the meal line Randy got shut down and the worker told him to go around. I guess the worker was preparing to expect another huge line coming up. It seemed like we started a even longer line after because it was a small line to begin with. So it was Randy’s first time at the new Jollibee Waipahu location. He was a Jollibee Virgin so the girls kept on telling him to go in front to order first but he refused. Eventually he went ahead anyway. It was really cool and nice to see my Jaycee family coming to and eating together at Jollibee. It was also a December Birthday Celebration with Rachel, Karen, Niccolo, Mary, and I. This time I only ordered a peach mango pie which I had Karen fetch for me. Everyone else got buko pandan pearl coolers, halo halo, and peach mango pies. During the dine in, Karen and Randy were really innovative with their halo halos. Randy dipped his peach mango pie in his halo halo. Karen mixed her buko pandan pearl cooler with her halo halo. I was really jealous. I should have done that a long time ago but I am proud of them for being Jollibee innovators. It was a Jolli night indeed. Karen also asked if she can have some of Randy’s balls (from his buko pandan pearl cooler). She wanted him to share his balls with her. That was hilarious. He replied he doesn’t share his balls so easily. She wanted his buko pandan balls really bad. “Pakibigay ang balls mo,” says Karen. More than one said Karen. She wants the really big ones exclaimed Karen. More than one she said. Dining in at Jollibee at night was an interesting experience. It was a lot more homie and maybe because there wasn’t so many people. We stayed there past 10PM and they still had doors open. There were more customers trickling in.
Afterwards we took pictures with the lifeless Jollibee statue outside and spent a good half hour there. It was mostly the girls fault because they were in love with JBee. I think I got them to become Jolliholics like me too.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 13. Today is the day after Christmas. The aftermath of the culmination of what everyone has prepared for during the past month. I headed down to JBEE during the lunch time and there was of course a line. Obviously there was a line because it was lunch time. Even though I just wanted to get a yumburger and pearl cooler ube drink, I didn’t care for the line. The line means nothing to me even if I have to wait more than an hour. I made sure I had nothing to do while I was standing in line for Jollibee. To pass the time I figure I write my diary entry to on my iTouch and transfer it over to facebook later. Some people are on their phones (probably on facebook updating their statuses that they are at Jollibee), some on their iPods, and some just having conversations with family and friends. The dining area seemed pretty packed obviously because it was lunch time. Out of the many times I went to Jollibee I would say 1 out of 100 customers coming in are non-Filipino. It is an interesting dynamic to see where Jollibee can hold it’s on purely on the Filipino population. Standing in a Jollibee line is kinda like riding the bus with a bunch of nanas and tatas speaking in their native tongue. And then you got the younger generation of Fil-Ams talking about whatever they got going on in their young lives whether it’s Katy Perry’s new album or the speculation of the iPad2 coming out next year. I also see some workers that I usually see in the mornings working. Something I also noticed was the different work attire girls and guys have. The girls got yellow and the guys got blue. I am also starting to see some new workers which reflects the company’s new hires.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 11. Today is Christmas Eve and Jollibee is open! They are going to be open on Christmas and New Years Day too! How is Awesome is that. Only Jollibee I tell ya. The one week that they have been open must have brought them one months worth of good business already. They are running strong indeed. I always wonder if they will run out of food during those endless and unlimited amounts of lines. Anyways today I went slightly later in the morning because I had no work. However, I was scheduled to work at the UH Football Hawaii Bowl game vs. Tulsa. I had 4 tickets to the game which I gave away to my sisters and my friend Mary. I got a Pearl Cooler Buko Pandan and 3 Yumburgers. I got the 3 yumburgers for my friends Josh, Ariel, and myself for the game that we will be working.