Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 44.  Today I came in an hour before lunch time before work to eat some Jollibee lunch.  I thought there was not going to be a line but there was a very very mild one.  The dine in area was about 10 percent occupied.  As I was standing in line one of the workers took my paper order.  I got a spaghetti kids meal with a drink (for the first time not apple juice).  As I was looking at the paper order menu, there are many traditional items that they don’t have still yet on the real menu such as Bangus, lumpia rolls, flan delight, Tocino, garlic rice, lonnganisa, and many more.  As I was near the front of the line, there was this one lady in front of me who was already heading towards the register to take her order without even being called upon yet.  I was like woman you have to wait until they call you then that is your cue.  But she just assumed she can go already take her order just because a customer left the counter.  When they called me they noticed that she was not served yet so they served her first.  I was fine with it but I was disappointed with the woman.  She was before me anyway.  So today I dined in and it was great.  I got another different picture frame toy color which was yellow and if I order another kiddie meal and get green then that means I would have collected the whole collection twice oh yeah.  They also gave me free macaroni salad today.  They said would you like to try our free mac salad today sir and I was like oh for sure.  That was awesome.

As I was sitting down in my lone table in the back, a worker was about to sit down right next to me  and I was like what the.  Then she realized she was about to sit next to me so she sat to the table next over.  She looked fatigued.  I think she seems like she works in the back.  The cups for the kiddie meals have pepsi logos on them.  It makes me think why not have Jollibee logos in them too? They also moved the new “now hiring” sign over to a more visible are in the front.  I think they want to get Red Ribbon up and running soon.

I also used the restroom right after my meal.  Sometimes when taking a deuce, it is kind of intimating sitting on the throne with another person doing the same thing to the next stall over.  I think the wood on the stalls are new because I can smell the fresh wood furnishing which kinda cancels out the smell of the detoxification process.

As I was leaving, I saw a lady who asked me to take a picture of them next to the Jollibee statue mascot by the entrance so I was like of course.  I came to find out that she remembered me from the Jaycees.  Her daughter was one of the recipients of our scholarship awards from last year.  I felt really good to know that the money we awarded her for them was really helpful.  She also remembered our tekniqlingz performance too.  I found out that it was also her first time at Jollibee Hawaii location and I congratulated them.  She was there with another person.

Happy Birthday to my fellow A-towner Nick and the world’s greatest juggler and hypnotist Greg Gabaylo haha! Hope they have a Jollitastic one!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 43.  Today I went after work at night.  Today I just got an ube pearl cooler.  There was no line.  The dine in area was about 30 percent occupied.  There was a new “now hiring” sign and it looks like Red Ribbon is going to be in business soon.  They are looking for Red Ribbon workers.  I thought it was going to open next year but it might just open next month.  It also looks like they are still hiring Jollibee workers too.  I just want them to open up the kids parties so that I can be the next Jollibee mascot.  Right after I ordered, as I was getting my change I so the staff worker mess up my receipt with the machine so the top part is kinda shredded.  I was afraid the machine was going to eat up my receipt.  The staff worker asked me if I still wanted my receipt and I said yes please.  She probably thought to herself wtf why does this dude still want his receipt when it is all buss up like this.  She kindly gave it to me anyway.  The Jollibee receipts are key to my streak and living proof of my everyday visits to Jollibee.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 42.  Today I went in the morning before work.  There was a big group that was ordering a big meal and they were going to dine in.  They must be pretty hungry for breakfast because I saw they left their receipts by the counter and looked at it.  It was about 50 bucks worth of palabok fiesta and chickenjoy.  Today I only got a buko pandan pearl cooler. Today I also found out that my fellow tek friend Nikki did not go to Jollibee Hawaii location so I gave her a menu.  She did mention, however, she went to the ones in her hometown of Los Angeles so I gave her slack.

Happy Birthday to my friends Jackie and Sandie! Hope they have a Jollitactic one!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 41.  Today I came in right after watching the AFC championship games with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets.  I came in right before the start of the official dinner time hour.  The drive down to Jollibee was smooth sailing on a pleasant Sunday late afternoon day.  The line today was mild.  The dine in area was about 75 percent beezy.  There was choke kids today in the store and you can hear them so much.  I noticed there were a couple more new staff workers today.  Today I am going to the Palabok Fiesta which I have not had for a while.  My friend Randy was going to go with me but he was busy.  I even tried rallying a couple more Jaycee members from the Filipino chapter to come with me.  I guess most people are tired from the Hawaii Jaycees Year End Convention that occurred this weekend.  I did a banzai toast yesterday at the party and most of the Filipino Jaycees did Jollibee ones which was just awesome to hear.  I am hoping a lot of the other chapters get to know more about the wonderful world of Jollibee.  I wanted today’s visit at Jollibee to be the unofficial post convention after party.  I also overheard someone say this place makes you feel like you are in the Philippines.  Looks like it was his first visit at Jollibee (here in Hawaii).  I wanted to congratulate him but I did not know him and I would feel weird and awkward.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Jaycee friend JR! And also to my Ate Jona! Hope they all have a Jolliesome day!

Congratulations to the AFC Champs Pittsburgh Steelers and NFC Champs Green Bay Packers for their win today and making it to SuperBowl  XVL!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 40. Today I went in the morning before doing anything. I came in and did my thing. It was quite a while since I came in the morning during a weekend. I noticed the usual weekday morning staff was not there so I guess they have a different weekend morning staff work the weekends. Anyway today I just a buko pandan pearl cooler and peach mango pie. The dine in area was 10 percent occupied with customers and obviously no line at all.

Happy Birthday to my friends Evette and Janilee! Also to my Ate Mercy! Hope they all have a blessed Jollitacular day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 39. Today I went early in the morning again before work. There was no line and some people ordering food. I got a yumburger kids meal with apple juice for breakfast. They asked me what color picture frame toy I wanted. This time I choose blue. I guess I will do a second collection of the picture frame toys.

Way later on the day, my tek crew friends Josh, Chino, Shelby, Nico, and I went to McDonalds after a Jaycee convention social night gathering at Pearl night club. We dined in at McDo, however, this time I brought in my Jollibee cup that I saved and used it to get soda from McDo’s store. I also brought in a Jollibee menu and left it at McDo as we left.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 38. Today I went in the morning during work. On may way onto doing a delivery I went down to Jollibee because it was on the way. There was no line. The dine in area was about 15 percent occupied with customers. Today I got an ube pearl cooler and peach mango pie.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 37. Today I went in the morning before work and it was the first time I was the first customer at Jollibee for the day. I noticed they got new cup lid holders for the cup lids for the drinks which was pretty cool. No one else was in the store expect for me during that period of time. I got a yumburger kids meal with apple juice for breakfast. Even though I got the whole collection already, they let me choose what color picture frame toy I wanted. Today I choose red.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 36. Today I went at night right after a meeting that I had with the Jaycees regarding this year’s Adopt-A-School Day that will occur in October 2011. During the meeting, Pat brought and bought some Jollibee Chickenjoy for dinner. I was ecstatic. I was like omg I love you Pat. This has got to be the best Jaycee refreshment/dinner/food in a Jaycee meeting. I also got to share my Jollibee story to the rest of the committee members. During the meeting I got really scared. It was about 2 hours before official closing time for Jollibee and I haven’t went yet today. I do not count the Jollibee chickenjoy meal because I have to physically be there at Jollibee in order for me to consider my visit for today. Plus, I needed to get my own receipt and buy something. Pat and Karen were reminding me on how they might possibly close early like during Christmas when they closed early. So I went down there and just got a ube pearl cooler. The place was about 30 percent beezy. There was no line. The staff workers were also starting to clean up.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 35. Today I came in right at the smack dab in the middle of the afternoon tine frame after buying some stuff at Costco. The line was very mild. When I entered, I already saw 2 people leave the store because it was long. I was like omg she does not know what a long Jollibee line looks like. I would consider this line a short line. The dine in area was about 70 percent beezy. I saw a guy on the table with a golden coin bag next to him while eating halo halo. It reminded me of Shelby and how she violated the unofficial Jollibee code of conduct. One of the staff workers offered me a menu to look at. He must still not recognize me as the Jollibee Kid along with the rest of the staff. I really thought it would be a bit busier because it is a holiday. A little girl in the line was playing Justin Beiber’s Baby. It reminded me of the Jollibee mascot and how much I want to be able to bee it and dance inside of it. I also recognized some Katipunan people today already ordering when I stepped into the line. Today all I am going to get is a ube pearl cooler. It was pretty hot outside today.

Happy Birthday to my friend Kris! Hope he has a Jollitactic one!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.