Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 39. Today I went early in the morning again before work. There was no line and some people ordering food. I got a yumburger kids meal with apple juice for breakfast. They asked me what color picture frame toy I wanted. This time I choose blue. I guess I will do a second collection of the picture frame toys.

Way later on the day, my tek crew friends Josh, Chino, Shelby, Nico, and I went to McDonalds after a Jaycee convention social night gathering at Pearl night club. We dined in at McDo, however, this time I brought in my Jollibee cup that I saved and used it to get soda from McDo’s store. I also brought in a Jollibee menu and left it at McDo as we left.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 38. Today I went in the morning during work. On may way onto doing a delivery I went down to Jollibee because it was on the way. There was no line. The dine in area was about 15 percent occupied with customers. Today I got an ube pearl cooler and peach mango pie.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 37. Today I went in the morning before work and it was the first time I was the first customer at Jollibee for the day. I noticed they got new cup lid holders for the cup lids for the drinks which was pretty cool. No one else was in the store expect for me during that period of time. I got a yumburger kids meal with apple juice for breakfast. Even though I got the whole collection already, they let me choose what color picture frame toy I wanted. Today I choose red.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 36. Today I went at night right after a meeting that I had with the Jaycees regarding this year’s Adopt-A-School Day that will occur in October 2011. During the meeting, Pat brought and bought some Jollibee Chickenjoy for dinner. I was ecstatic. I was like omg I love you Pat. This has got to be the best Jaycee refreshment/dinner/food in a Jaycee meeting. I also got to share my Jollibee story to the rest of the committee members. During the meeting I got really scared. It was about 2 hours before official closing time for Jollibee and I haven’t went yet today. I do not count the Jollibee chickenjoy meal because I have to physically be there at Jollibee in order for me to consider my visit for today. Plus, I needed to get my own receipt and buy something. Pat and Karen were reminding me on how they might possibly close early like during Christmas when they closed early. So I went down there and just got a ube pearl cooler. The place was about 30 percent beezy. There was no line. The staff workers were also starting to clean up.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 35. Today I came in right at the smack dab in the middle of the afternoon tine frame after buying some stuff at Costco. The line was very mild. When I entered, I already saw 2 people leave the store because it was long. I was like omg she does not know what a long Jollibee line looks like. I would consider this line a short line. The dine in area was about 70 percent beezy. I saw a guy on the table with a golden coin bag next to him while eating halo halo. It reminded me of Shelby and how she violated the unofficial Jollibee code of conduct. One of the staff workers offered me a menu to look at. He must still not recognize me as the Jollibee Kid along with the rest of the staff. I really thought it would be a bit busier because it is a holiday. A little girl in the line was playing Justin Beiber’s Baby. It reminded me of the Jollibee mascot and how much I want to be able to bee it and dance inside of it. I also recognized some Katipunan people today already ordering when I stepped into the line. Today all I am going to get is a ube pearl cooler. It was pretty hot outside today.

Happy Birthday to my friend Kris! Hope he has a Jollitactic one!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 34. Today I came after church. It was the usual beezyness. The dine in area was about 75 percent busy. The line was not moving so smoothly. As soon as I got into the line, I saw this one dude filming the store with his flip camera. He looked Chinese. No racial. I was also standing next to this one chick who was small kine blasting her music out of her digital device. I didn’t directly look at her so I don’t know if it’s a mp3 or phone. She came in with her family so she stood in line while the others went to Pacific Supermarket. Today I am going to get a chickenjoy kids meal with apple juice. While standing in line, I decided to start studying the Jollibee menu just in case. I also saw another same guy that I saw the other Sunday ago. I think he comes here every Sunday after church because he dresses in nice clothes. As I got closer to ordering, I saw this one kid eating a can of Pringles with Pacific Supermarket bag. I thought to myself, damn boy you better have room for some Jollibee. I have a feeling he will finish the can halfway through the line. Today was the first tine I saw someone ditch the line after waiting. There was these 2 kids who looked like they were in their late teens or early twenties and they just gave up and walked out of the line to go somewhere else I guess. I took offense to that.

The cashier staff server worker today let me choose what color toy picture frame I wanted. She showed me all the colors. I picked blue because that was the only one I was missing from my collection. I now have all the collection. Hooray for me. On to the next Jollibee menu challenge.

Happy Birthday to a fellow Katipunero Joanne! Hope she has a Jolli-ous one!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 33. Today I came, I mean we came at dinner time at night with the Tek crew. Earlier in the day I was eating a Jack in the Box Chicken Burger and I picked up my Louise from her failed Disney audition. She was like omg the Jollibee Kid is eating a non Jollibee burger has the world turned upside down? We had practice today and came back from ala moana after picking up some peeps. So the drive there was pretty rough because we had choke people in the back of my car. The line was at its usual length. The dine in area was about 80 percent busy. I got to talk to a cool Tita who asked me about Jollibee and gave her the 411 all about it. I got to share with her my good luck menu that I keep in my wallet. Although it was old and beat up, she still looked at it. It felt really good to know that I got to help her out in the decision making process on what to order. She ended up getting come chickenjoy buckets and spaghetti family packs to go. I also saw a fellow Katipunero/Timpuyog friend Roxy who was eating and dined in with her BF. She also mentioned that she loved my shirt which was awesome to hear. I was representing my custom made Jollibee shirt today. Today I got a jolly spaghetti meal with a yumburger. While we were eating I heard the 3 words of the day from Josh which was I love Jollibee. I am so proud of him. I am also proud of my Jollipeeps gang who dine in with me at Jollibee. Karen also texted me during the dine in saying that Jay was coming to Jollibee. It was too bad she couldn’t come. Karen is soo lucky to live close to Jollibee. If I could I would sleep over her house.

Today we were supposed to be at a party for a bumch of HPU kids before they go to school. It was a preschool bash. However, they informed us we cannot go anymore because there are too much people in the party. But you know what the real party is happening at Jollibee. Props to Lowella for being the only HPU kid to hang out with us UH kids partying it up at Jollibee. Louise and Lowella started testing me on my knowledge of the Jollibee menu. I told them I would ace it but I found out that I failed after them asking me the first few questions. I guess I was too confident but I did not thoroughly study the menu. I was just going by my jolli instincts. Shelby also bought something from Golden Coin next door to Jollibee. Moments after purchasing her item she had the nerve of bringing inside of the store and I was like what the how dare you bring that to the holy sanctuary. She quickly put it in Ariel’s bag. Shelby also started recording a video blog vlog for today’s experience with Ariel’s phone. I also saw a Thelma’s Filipino Restaurant worker coming in to Jollibee.

Remember a Yumburger a Day keeps the Headaches away!

Happy Birthday to my fellow Tekkie Christopher who is celebrating his 21st Birthday in his hometown in Las Vegas. I hope he had a Jolliesome one!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 32. Today I came after work. I didn’t go to Jollibee right away after though. I did a couple of errands before going there. I came right at the peak of dinner time. When I came I saw a sign that said on Sunday, January 16 their hours are 6AM to 9PM due to their employee Christmas party. I feel that they have been soo busy they deserve a party for themselves like that and I am not surprised they haven’t done any kind of celebration yet. The line was mild. The dine in area was about 30 percent occupied. What I did before coming to Jollibee was picking up some Jollibee shirts that I made from this one good t-shirt making printing place. I am going to rep the shirt that I made to the fullest. Hopefully I do not get in trouble because I am actually doing a good thing and helping out the company by promoting and marketing Jollibee free of charge for my services. Standing in line, I saw a lot of people holding menus like they don’t know what to order. I guess there are still a lot of newbies out there that Jollibee needs to touch. I kinda expected the dine in area to be more busy but more people were still coming in as I got closer to ordering. Today I was just gonna get a chickenjoy kids meal with apple juice. Usually in line, what I try to do to pass the time in line is try to get into Jollibee’s wifi system to access the internet without me even asking them for the password. So far no luck but it keeps me occupied while waiting, it’s a challenge. I heard one good thing while standing in line today which was from this one dude saying the the yumburgers here at Jollibee is better than double cheeseburgers at McDonalds. That was great. I also saw a Jollibee receipt for today and picked it up. It was folded into an origami hat of some sort. For the kids meal toy picture frame thing, I got a different color which was yellow. I thought I was gonna get a color that I already had but now I have the full on rasta colors.

Happy Birthday to my friend Samuel, Hope he had a Jolli one!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 31. Today I went in the morning before work. The drive there was a rainy one. I was the 2nd customer that ordered. You can tell what number customer you are during the day because they number your receipts. I think they average about 1000 customers a day. It is usually in between 1100 to 1500. Today I ordered a yumburger kids meal with apple juice. The staff cashier worker let me choose what picture frame toy I wanted and I chose green. She also knew that I wanted apple juice without even me saying. It’s a sign. I think there’s about 4 to collect which should be easier to do instead of those fish squirt gun toys that they had before.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 30. Today marks I guess a month since I have gone to Jollibee every single day since their grand opening last month. It feels like Jollibee opened yesterday, every time I go I feel good and it never gets old. Today I came after work. Traffic was the usual traffic driving down from town to Waipahu. When I arrived at the Waipahu Shopping Plaza, there was no traffic and I was able to find parking easily surprisingly. The line today was really mild. All I was going to get was a ube pearl cooler. The dine in area was about 30 percent beezy. It is not the peak of dinner time yet and still late late afternoon. I was standing next to this really dank and smelly guy. Either it was his cologne or natural scent.

The next paragraph contains some material that may disturb you in regards to using the restroom. If you already read through and skipped ahead, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So I used the restroom and If I didn’t already say this in a previous diary entry I will say it now… Jollibee restroom has the best and most powerful hand dryer in Hawaii unless someone else has found one better. So I made a number 2 for the first time in the restroom. Sitting in the toilet is almost like sitting in your own throne at home. First, the toilet itself is like a home toilet and second, they have all the utilities that you need to properly take a dump; toilet paper, seat cover, and mini trash can. This is if you are using the first stall and not the handi cap one.