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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kapolei Day 22. Today I came in during the evening time after working out at Jollibae at the nearby 24 hour fitness at the Ka Makana Ali’i shopping center mall. We went through the drive thru area. The drive thru beezyness was about 20 percent. There was hardly any people in it which is good. We came around 7:30pmish which would be a prime time dinner hour based out off other visits. Anyways the dine in beezyness was about 40 percent. Jollibee also has a new menu item which is a new chicken sandwich. It seems very promising and good. I’m sure it will be different from their crispy chicken sandwich. The sandwich goes for about 4.99. I’ll try it tomorrow since tonight I just got a regular jolly crispy fries.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Kapolei Day 21.  Today I came in during the afternoon time.  I just got a Jollibee crispy fries as a merienda afternoon time snack.   I went through the drive thru, which was not so busy.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent.  The dine in beezyness seemed to be about 30 percent.  As I was going through the drive thru, I noticed that they exposed a Jollibee mascot bee wing through one of the doors that they have through the delivery.  It was pretty interesting.

Monday, January 8, 2017

Kapolei Day 20. Today I came in with Jollibae during the afternoon time for an afternoon snack. Jollibae got a peach mango pie, meanwhile, I got a vanilla twirl again. Back to back vanilla twirls for me. While eating the vanilla twirl, I pondered what it what be like if the ice cream had a waffle cone. That would be awesome. The dine in beezyness was about 50 percent. The drive thru beezyness was about 50 percent.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kapolei Day 19.  Today I came in during the late afternoon time for a little snack.  I went in and got a vanilla twirl.  The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent.  The drive thru beezyness was about 30 percent.  The vanilla twirl today tastes like coffee for some reason.  Maybe it is because I was drinking coffee beforehand.  That would make sense.  Actually coffee with a vanilla twirl makes a good combination.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Kapolei Day 18. Today I came over during the afternoon time. Technically it was going to be a late lunch for me. I went in to get a yumburger kids meal. After ordering, I noticed that the crew member who took my order asked me if I wanted a toy. Of course I said yes and she gave me the Jollibee one which was cool. The dine in beezyness was about 50 percent. The drive thru beezyness was about 40 percent. I dined in and sat to eat my food.  It’s been a while since I did that.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Kapolei Day 17. Today I came over in the evening time after working out at the 24 hour fitness nearby. I actually just came over to buy a side order of mash potatoes and buttered corn to supplement dinner tonight. Another part of saving money as a young adult is to be creative with what you got. The dine in beezyness was about 50 percent. The drive thru beezyness was about 40 percent. There was one person in line when I went in.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Kapolei Day 16. Today is the marks my first visit back to Jollibee Kapolei for the new year starting off 2018 to a jolly start. I took a decent break of not going to the Kapolei store for a few days because I took a new years trip to Seattle, Washington. I did get to visit Seattle’s only Jollibee though it was awesome. Today, I stopped over during the noon time lunch time hour. I just got a jolly crispy fries to go along with another thing that I have for food for lunch later. The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent. There was actually a line when I came in with a few people ahead that kinda started right at the entrance of the door. The drive thru beezyness I would saw was about 40 percent as well.

Friday, December 28, 2017

Seattle Tukwila visit. Today I visited Seattle, Washington for the first time and I visited their only Jollibee in the morning time. I was very excited. It’s not everyday that I get to go to another state and visit a Jollibee at another state. I arrived in Seattle from home in Honolulu in the early morning. I traveled with Jollibae who was born and raised in Washington to take a new years getaway for the weekend. The very first stop was of course Jollibee. It is located at the Westfield South Center mall. It is not too far from the airport. It is only about 10 minutes or so if you are traveling by car from the airport. The Jollibee is connected with other Filipino American shops such as Red Ribbon, ChowKing, and Seafood City Supermarket. The Jollibee store is actually not too big. I would say it might be the same size as Jollibee Kalihi or something. Anyways we went there to also surprise Jollibae’s family specifically her youngest brother that we are coming to hang out for the weekend. He was really surprised. He loves Jollibee and everything about it such as the toys, Jollitown characters, and of course Chickenjoy! We all got a bunch of breakfastJoys tocinos and others. They have a decent amount of table and seating areas. The dine in beezyness was about 30 percent. It is always nice seeing and visiting another Jollibee USA store from another state. It revives and makes the Jollibeekid spirit fresh.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kapolei Day 15. Today I came in during the evening time. I went through the drive-thru area just to buy two side orders of rice. I got it for it to go along some leftovers that Jollibae and I had from Christmas. The drive-thru beezyness was about 30 percent. The dine-in beezyness was about 30 percent.  We made sure we got our Jollibee fix before heading over to Seattle, Washington for my first time for a new years weekend trip.  Speaking about Jollibee, our first time will actually be Seattle’s only Jollibee there.  It is something that I am really excited about because it will be a Jollibee USA store, new one for me other than home in Hawaii.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Kapolei Day 14.  Today I came in during the late afternoon/ early evening time.  Just as I predicted, I was not able to come yesterday (Christmas Day) due to the holiday of spending the jollyest time of the year with family.  However, it would have been jollier indeed by visiting Jollibee.  Anyway, when I came in today, there was a line to order.  The dine in beezyness I would say is 60 percent.  There was a decent amount of people ordering and dining in.  The drive thru beezyness is about 30 percent.  Today, I just got a vanilla twirl for myself and a peach mango pie for Jollibae.  She saw my instagram story video and saw that I was at Jollibee.  In other news, Jollibee has posted it’s holiday hours in front of it’s door.  They still need to post their regular business hours somewhere in the store too.  Since today is one of the most busiest shopping days of the year with the day after Christmas, the mall itself was busy but not too busy.