Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Visit No. 115.  Today I came in at night time almost closing time.  Before I stepped into the store I saw a Mother’s Day special.  From Friday May 6 to Sunday May 8 which is Mother’s Day, for a minimum of a $20 purchase along with a Jolli Hotdog, you can get free Jollibee novelty items.  Speaking of mother’s day, I think mother wants to go to Jollibee that day.  Guarentee we are going to spend $20 and I will make sure to get a Jolli Hotdog.  Anyways so today I ordered a yumburger kiddie meal with apple juice.  I got a different toy yay.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent.  There was a super small line.  I noticed that the back looked pimped out with even more party decorations.  They also have new novelty toys set up such as the Jolli green water bottle.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Visit No. 114.  Today I went at lunch time with Randy again for the 2nd back to back day in a row.  We were also with our other fellow Jaycee friend Mary.  We ate at Jollibee before doing some serious grocery shopping for cooking for our Filipino Fiesta orientation meeting later on during the day at the Filipino Community Center.  The dine in beezyness was about 75 percent.  There was a mild line.  Randy and I just ordered a Halo-Halo while Mary ordered a spaghettijoy meal and a Halo-Halo.  Mary told me that her new job at Central Pacific Bank is 5 minutes walking distance of Jollibee.  That made me quite jealous indeed.  Today was also Rachele’s departure to go back to the Philippines.  Hope she has a safe and good trip back home.  I am going to miss hanging out with her and her service at Jollibee.   Today wasn’t the only day Randy and I had back to back visits to Jollibee.  I also noticed that Joel visited Jollibee again via Facebook status update.  In other Jolli News today was the official announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  His death is probably one of the most highlighted since Hitler and Hussein.  It took almost a decade for us to finally find that terrorist bastard.  It just goes to show you that karma and “bachi” is indeed a female dog.