The 100 Day Jollibee Experience

Aloha and Mabuhay!

For those of you who are wondering what kind of page this is, I created this because I decided to make an anthology of my daily experience at the recently opened Jollibee fast food restaurant that is located at the Waipahu Shopping Plaza. As just a few of you and now eventually all of you know, I have been going to Jollibee ever since it’s grand opening on Tuesday, December 14, 2010. I do not know if there is anyone else out there that currently has the same streak as I but I figure I make a record or some sort of documentation now that I have started going to Jollibee on a daily basis. Now you are probably all thinking I am crazy for going to Jollibee every single day but hey it’s Jollibee! If you are Filipino you should know! I got this idea of doing this thanks to Pat and Karen. Their conversation about the documentary “Super Size Me,” makes me want to do this. No, this isn’t about weight or health nor will it be able criticizing the food. This personal anthology is all about the joy of eating everyday at a special place that makes you feel at home. Jollibee brings Joy. Hey, who knows, if I keep this up then maybe I’ll make the paper or news LOL. But once I started eating Jollibee, I couldn’t stop.

To better understand the cultural hype and phenomenon of Jollibee, please refer to…

I am sure tons of you have the same story but I remember Jollibee when I visited the Philippines along with my sisters in 2000. I remember the spaghetti and the tasty chicken that made me wanting to go back to the Philippines one day again when we left to go back home. There was something about the food, the marketing, and atmosphere of Jollibee that made it special, especially to the Philippines and especially to Filipinos worldwide. I couldn’t wait to go back and taste Jollibee in the Philippines again. 9 years later to 2009, I went back to the Philippines after I graduated college to visit family and have a post-graduation vacation. After getting picked up from the airport the first thing that my cousins asked me where to go I said, “I want to go to Jollibee.” I had Jollibee often during my 21 day stay.

After hearing stories of Jollibees in the mainland, it was so nice to hear Jollibee finally in
to Hawaii! At first I heard about it during the Summer. My friend Louise kept on reminding me and telling me about it. She is a huge Jollibee fan and so am I. Many people including myself have been waiting for this for a very long long time and it is sooo good to see that Jollibee is finally here in the islands! Jollibee is my most favorite food place in the world whether it is in the Philippines or in the USA! Even though I don’t live in Waipahu I have been going there everyday for mostly in the mornings. I never expected myself to do such a hardcore thing but I think this is something I can keep up just to see how long I can keep it going. I hope to see more Jollibee locations open up in the future! I hope you enjoy my daily blog about Jollibee. I hope to keep it updated daily. I have receipts proving about my daily visits there so I can remember what I ordered! LOL!

I hope this facebook diary will not lead you to a source of annoyance and I understand if you think I am weird for being a hardcore Jollibee eater person. Hopefully you can find it amusing and be a source of reading material as I talk about my daily adventures to Jollibee. Thanks and Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form am I a representative of Jollibee incorporated corporations.

JBK Stats

Here is a statistic of how much I have eaten at Jollibee ever since it’s grand opening on 12/14/1210.

Note: After going through my receipts, this is about a 95% accurate estimation.

Money Spent – $791.23

**Weight Gain – 0
**Weight Loss – 0

Yumburger – 37
Yumburger TLC – 1
Jolli Crispy Fries – 14 (combination of both kiddie size, regular, and large)
Palabok Fiesta – 5
Spaghetti – 14
Burger Steak – 3
Mashed Potatoes – 4 (both in meals and side orders)
Chickenjoy – 18 (pieces)
Ube Pearl Cooler – 22
Peach Mango Pie – 25
Amazing Aloha – 3
Buko Pandan Pearl Cooler – 11
HaloHalo – 3
Steamed Rice – 13 (as a part of meals)
Macaroni Salad – 2
Buttered Corn – 1
Kiddie Apple Juice – 26
Soda Soft Drink – 8 (as a part of meals)
Heavyweight Big Yumburger – 2
Soda Kiddie Soft Drink – 6 (as a part of meals)
Bottled Water – 1
Jolli Hotdog – 4
Bottled Orange Juice – 2
Breakfast Joy Tocino – 1
Breakfast Joy Tapa – 1
Breakfast Joy Longganisa – 1
Breakfast Joy Spam – 1

**Prior to going to Jollibee I did not weigh myself because that is not the intention of “Diary of Jollibee Kid” so I do not have an accurate estimation of tracking weight.

Mabuhay Served Daily

Here is a statistic of how many crew staff worker Jolli-servers who served me ever since Jollibee’s grand opening on 12/14/2010.

*After going through my receipts, this is about a 95% accurate estimation.

Sheila Joy- 1 time
Jeralyn – 2 times
Mark Anthony – 2 times
Keshiah Mae – 5 times
Jeila – 2 times
Janine D. – 12 times
Aiena Jane – 8 times
Misha – 3 times
Rachele – 11 times
Steffi – 4 times
Jaennyn Marie – 1 time
Antonette – 1 time
Maila – 4 times
Kristyn – 3 times
Sharee Lei – 2 times
Ilonah Grace – 5 times
Ma. Eloisa – 2 times
Janine C. – 2 times
Elizabeth – 6 times
Sheila Jean – 1 time
Kryshell – 4 times
Joyce – 2 times
Mia Jeenma – 2 times
Fiona May – 2 times
Ann Marjorie – 2 times
Analene – 1 time
May Rose – 1 time
Jenievalyn – 4 times
Gelyn – 2 times
Dorotea Mayah – 1 time
Zosima – 1 time
Arvie Kim – 1 time
Hazel Jane – 1 time


100 Days of consecutive Jollibee visits ever since it’s grand opening on December 14, 2010 at it’s Waipahu, Hawaii location have come and gone.  As I review my advetures and journey… I would like to give thanks…

God – For the blessings he gives everyday.  For the power of his love and forgiveness.  I give him thanks for giving me the spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, and physical strength to fulfill this epic story in my life.

Jesus Christ – For being my personal Lord and Savior.  For the blessings he gives everyday.  For the power of his love and forgiveness.  I give him thanks for giving me the spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, and physical strength to fulfill this epic story in my life.

Mother – For being Mother and the unconditional love she gives everyday consciousnesly and subconsciousnesly.

Father – For not knowing about this period! LOL!

Riva – For her siblingly love and support.

Heide – For her siblingly love and support.

Victoria Louise – For being there for me and with me ever since day one.  You are truly a Jollibee Kid partner in crime.  I couldn’t ask for any better Lock and Key combination out there in the world.  I was able to accomplish what you hoped for on Day one.

Israel, Carolina, Laurelle, Tricia, and Marivel – For your co-workerly love and support.

Maika – For your support and helping me set up a foundation for online and web publicity via the web.

Joshua, Shelby, Niccolo, Ariel, Christopher, Shelby, and TiffanyNicole – For your love and support as a Tek crew fam.

Jay R., Randy, Ryan, Bryan, Ronelyne, Rachel, Angel, Daniel, Rowena, Jay K., etc. – For your love and support as a Jaycee fam.

Mary – For your JB love and support and for coming with me when I wanted to go during the weekends.

Patrick and Karen – For giving me the initial idea to continue and start a streak and for your love and support.  Also for being there with me during those extra special moments.

Agaton and Ajax – For your love and support in being avid JBK followers/readers/commenters.

Sandy, Jing, Philip, Angie, Rachele and the rest of the Jollibee Waipahu Hawaii management and staff – For you love and support and for being Jolli-riffic people to get to know and interact with on a daily basis (during the 100 days).

Ate Maritess – For your love and support all the way down in Vegas.

I am still currently working on this list haha…

One thought on “The 100 Day Jollibee Experience”

  1. Thank you for being a Jollibee fan! Your experiences with us brings us a renewed commitment to serve customers like you better. Dining in Jollibee is all about the food, the service and the fun atmosphere that everyone including customers like you create in our stores.

    I’m not in Hawaii anymore, being part of the Opening Team that helped open the store. However, if you have any problems or queries about the store (or Jollibee) in the future, don’t hesitate to e-mail me about it. We are so happy for the warm reception given by Hawaii to us we would like to make sure everything is ok.
    The store manager’s name is Merle Caleon, do tell her about your blog and my message to you.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you keep on writing. Great job!

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