Thursday, May 12, 2011

Visit No. 119.  Today I came in real early in the morning.  It’s been a while since I came super early.  I went early because 76 Gas Station in collaboration with KCCN FM 100 were offering $4.19 gas plus they were giving out free gift cards for those who where participating in their facebook contest which I won.  They were at 76 gas station at Waipahu which was close to Jollibee.  I did a drive by winning.  I used the gift card to get gas too.  As soon as I stepped in I saw Fred working and finally gave him the Jollibee shirt before I forgot.  He didn’t have the dough today but will get it from him next time.  There was no beezyness and no line.  I got a spam breakfast joy to go.  Speaking of breakfast, my fellow Tekkie Ariel wants to come here on Saturday morning before our gig to get a breakfast joy.  He hasn’t had one yet and has been craving it for the longest time.  I managed to grab a pic of the new Jolli catering packs and got their prices… 1) Spaghetti $30.50 2) Chickenjoy $29.50 3) Palabok Fiesta $40. 50 4) $24.50 Burger Steak

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