Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Visit No. 118.  Today I came in a little before lunch time with my co-worker Iz.  We had lunch here.  It was his first time dining in at Jollibee Waipahu Hawaii.  He was impressed with the store look.  He is now Jolli devirginized.  Congratulations to him.  I am glad I personally led him the way as we drove down to Waipahu Shopping Plaza.  The dine in beezyenss was about 10 percent.  There was hardly a line.  I noticed that they now have catering party packs.  I didn’t check the prices but it seems like it’s somewhere in the 20 dollar above range.  Iz got a burger steak meal.  He wanted the Jolli Cripsy Fries with his meal but got served rice instead.  He didn’t want rice but wanted the fries so I guess they misheard him.  It was unfortunate to witness being it his first time being and dining in at the store but I shared my fries with him.  They gave a lot of rice though.  I would have ate it if I hadn’t gotten a yumburger kids meal with apple juice.  I also saw Fred working and told him I will try bring the shirt he wanted next time.  I wonder how Jestoni feels now.  Sandy came along and introduced her to Iz.  She told me about the new party catering sets that they put out just today which was cool.  I also grabbed more of the kiddie party pamphlets and new pocket menu items just in case anybody asks me since I am the JBK.  Before we left I texted my other co-worker Carolina if she wanted anything.  She wanted 2 peach mango pies.  I have a feeling that’s her favorite thing at Jollibee now.

Happy Birthday to former Katipunero Jess and fellow soon to be former Katipunan President McDaniel! Hope they both have a Jollitacular one!

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