Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visit No. 117.  Today I came in at night after church.  Before we stepped in, I saw a group of white people.  No racial.  It reminded me of the time when Rachele and I were talking about how Jollibee attracts all types and kinds of people other than Filipinos.  There was a line that went almost to the door so I would consider it a long line.  I guess it was a busy day due to Mother’s Day.  Speaking of Mother’s Day, I came in with my Mother and my sisters.  She agreed to go to Jollibee on Mother’s Day so therefore we went to Jollibee as mentioned.  My sister Heide wanted to go somewhere else at Ala Moana.  I told her to go call that place just in case they have reservations and a wait line.  We found out that place has a 2 hour wait line.  I was like aahhh Hell to the No.  Reservations are key on Mother’s Day.  So when in doubt… Jollibee.  The dine in beezyness was about 85 percent.  I also noticed that they now have wait numbers when you have a pending order when you dine in.  Here’s what we ordered today… number 10 chickenjoy palabok mean, side order rice, 2 cripsy bangus meal with side order of 2 drinks, 2 shanghai lumpia rolls, 2 peach mango pies, number 11 spaghetti meal, Jolli Hotdog, and Halo-Halo.

So when we ordered Sandy came up to the rescue again to handle a another gift card situation.  I found out that I already went over my limit on the card so I had to pay more.  Since I had to pay more it is that time again to reload the card.  Actually Sandy gave me a new card and let me keep my old card for remembrance.  This card has Jolli Crispy Fries on the card.  Afterwards I noticed that we never got a Mother’s day novelty item since we ordered over 20 plus a Jolli Hotdog so I notified the server.  I got a Jollibee coaster.  I am curious to see how Jollibee’s participation at the Filipino Fiesta parade went.  I asked Sandy if she went and she didn’t.  I came with a nice plastic wrap and everything.  So my Mother was very hungry today.  She ate all her meal plus some of Riva’s lumpia rolls plus she ordered another palabok meal which she made Heide fetch.

Coincidentally, we sat next to the picture wallpaper with the guy playing guitar and random chickenjoy girl closest to the drink dispensers.  The same wallpaper where the girl holding the chickenjoy looks like my sister Riva.  So this was the perfect chance to take a picture of her next to the wallpaper.  We didn’t have anymore chickenjoy so she used a peach mango pie instead.  However, later on when my mom ordered a chickenjoy palabok, we took another picture with Riva holding a chickenjoy just like the wallpaper.  If only she wore yellow it would have been perfect! So afterwards we critically analyzed the whole wallpaper picture.  First, the girl holding the chickenjoy is totally random because the other girls in the picture are eating desserts.  Second, the girls and one boy are all looking at the guy plying the guitar.  Third, you cannot guess what the girl’s expression holding the chickenjoy, she is a total unknown she is probably looking at the group of friends instead of the guitar playing guy.

Happy Birthday to my fellow tekkie Josh! Hope he has a Jolli one! Happy Mother’s day to all the loving mothers out there

Mothers – Whose love and guidance have been the foundation for our lives.  Whose loving hands and hearts have touched, healed, and nurtured us all.

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