Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Visit No. 112.  Today I came in at around brunch time.  I came mainly to see Rachele before she leaves to go back to the Philippines.  She has been the Jollibee Kid’s bestest and one of my top servers who served me 12 times out of the 112 time visits.  She quit working at Jollibee last week but she will come back again.  For a parting gift, I gave her one of my limited edition Jollibee shirts.  When I stepped in she introduced me to some more staff workers who I haven’t officially met yet.  It was nice to finally meet them.  We all took pictures together which was nice.  They all liked the shirt I gave Rachele and asked me where I got it.  I told them I made it somewhere.  Rachele could tell that one of them, Jestoni, really liked the shirt.  I asked him if he could fit a size small.  He said yes so I figured what the hay I might as well give it to him since it’s the last shirt I have.  She also said she likes the shirt design that Ryan did and wants to wear that.  I think the staff should wear custom Jollibee shirts on one day like Monday, just like how they wear Aloha shirts on Friday.  I think that would be cool.

The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent.  There was hardly a line.  They updated their menu at the store with new signs showing the breakfast joys, kid’s meals, and others.  I ordered a breakfast joy Tocino with a drink which I have been craving since lent began.  It was my first time using the other gift card that Angie and Philip gave me.  It felt good finally eating the Jollibee garlic rice again.  It was really hard giving up rice for lent.  I want to do it again.  Speaking of lent, I kind of wished I would have gone to Jollibee on Easter Sunday since they had the egg hunt just to see what it was like but oh well.  I also saw Sandy and she was sick.  Maybe she got it from Rachele since she was sick.  But Rachele is already better.  I also saw Merle who sounded sick too.  Maybe she got it from Sandy who got it from Rachele.  She mentioned that she will be at the Fiesta.  I think Sandy said she will bee there too.  Speaking of Fiesta, it’s too bad that Rachele will miss it.  She told me to take pictures that day.  Hopefully I will not bee too beezy.  One of the crew workers Fred asked me what my height is.  I beelieve, it was for regarding the Jollibee mascot.  I asked if there was a height requirement but according to them, there is none.  I found out that Fred and Rachele’s brother who also works at Jollibee wear the Jollibee mascot suit.  Rachele is going to refer me to be the dancing Jollibee mascot since they are going to start having the Kid’s parties happening soon.  Sandy mentioned that they already have bookings for parties.  I am excited about it because this would entail that the Jollibee Kid will become the Jollibee which is pretty epic.  I would volunteer to be the mascot at Fiesta if I was not already involved in the Fiesta as the Entertainment coordinator.

I stayed at Jollibee for about an hour talking story with Rachele.  She shared some interesting Jollibee stories.  First, I asked her if there are any regular die-hard customers other than myself that come into the store all the time.  She said yes, I think she mentioned that there are 5 that she remembers who always come into the store.  Those 5 regular customers she knows are also non-Filipino.  We had a discussion about how Jollibee not only attracts Filipinos but non-Filipinos as well.  We have made the conclusion that Jollibee has already established a solid customer base, meaning customers who come in regularly.  She mentioned that there was a guy who flew in from Maui just to visit Jollibee.  I think he ordered every menu from the item so he could taste everything.  That is pretty crazy.  Second, she shared with me how they use the terms “Ma’am” and “Sir” in the Jollibee workplace.  It is pretty much a respectable particle when addressing someone who is higher than you.  To me, it is a unique Filipino based custom similar to the Tagalog language where you would address someone older than you with the word “Po.” Third, she mentioned that the next Jollibee location will possibly bee at Ala Moana and of course Kalihi along with some other places.  I can only imagine how much more success Jollibee can bring having a store in Ala Moana.  If Jollibee Waipahu can break a grand opening record, I think Jollibee Ala Moana has the potential of doing it as well.  Fourth, I asked her if she knew when exactly Red Ribbon was going to open and she said probably not till 2 months from now.  According to her, they keep on delaying the opening for some reason.  I showed her my lucky beat up Jollibee pocket menu that I keep in my wallet.  She said she has one too and ended up giving me an expired Jollibee Tipid Card from the Philippines.  I think you get special deals with that card in the Philippines.  Last but not least, I also asked Sandy how much is the average amount of customers the store attracts everyday and she said 800 which was exactly my guess.  However, she said that there needs to bee a push to raise the average spending amount per customer.  That is why they push the counter to ask if customers want anything else such as a peach mango pie or halo-halo.  As I was leaving the store, Jestoni reminded me about the shirt haha hopefully I don’t forget the next time I come.  Overall, it was quite a pleasant Jolli visit today at Jollibee.

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