Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 26. Today I went in the morning. There was no line. Sometimes I feel like there should be a zipper lane for people whenever there is a line, for example, if you are a single customer, I mean if you are just alone and have no company with you, then they should make a separate lane/line for that. This will relieve traffic lines and problems for Jollibee. Nontheless, I feel like there is nothing wrong with the line. Today I tried ordering a yumburger kids meal but they ran out of toys. I was like wow there must be choke kids ordering then. So my backup order was an ube pearl cooler and peach mango pie. The dine in area was about 40 percent occupied. They put my ube pearl cooler and peach mango pie in separate on small plastic bags. I now notice that they have small, medium, and large plastic bags for take out stuff.

So that is not the end. I came back again to Jollibee again in the evening. This is the 3rd time coming twice in one day. When we arrived I got the best parking ever which was right in the front of the restuarant. I was coming with my tek crew friends Josh, Ariel, Louise, Shelby, and Nico. When we got there some people asked Louise to take a picture of them which she gladly did. While we were waiting for Josh, Ariel, Nico, and Shelby, we saw a fellow Jaycee friend Mr. Brandon. He told me that he came because he sensed that I would be here today. I am here everyday so obvioulsy he sensed right. It was Josh and Ariel’s first time coming to Jollibee today. I was so proud of them. They are now officially Jollibee de-virginized. I am happy to be there to witness it. Brandon started to film the first video blog for me today. He filmed me along with the rest of the crew. I was glad he did it because I think it was about time he did. We also met another Jaycee friend Jack. It was his 4th or 5th time at Jollibee I think. While we were in line Brandon asked one of the workers if they were selling the hat that he had on, which is attire only for the workers and staff. He said it was 1,000 dollars. Louise started busting out her wallet. She wished she had a 1,000 dollars. I wish I was a billionaire so that I can start my own Jollibee franchise. That would be epic. Today Brandon treated me to dinner. I was very thankful for him to do that. It feels good to know that I got people who have hope and faith in me in my journey to Jollibee everyday. They would even spot me if I ever go broke. I got a Big Yumbruger Heavyweight meal. Brandon also introduced me to one of the workers which was cool. He was looking for the manager but she wasn’t there. If I ever ask for a sponsorship, I would ask Brandon first because he supports the cause. My other Jaycee friends Rowena and Jay were also coming over. Rowena called me and asked what time Jollibee closes. I told her it closes at 10PM but they sometimes usually still open past the closing time and let more customers come in as they start to clean up. The Jollibee music came on and the girls gave me a great idea to use the music as a routine. I also used the restroom after finishing my meal. Prior to that, I saw one of the most terrible thing at Jollibee which was 2 almost full ube pearl coolers unfinished. I was really sad and disappointed that some people can do such a thing. How can somebody do that to a Jollibee product? It is almost unhuman. After we ate, Josh and Ariel had to finish their almost full Jollibee experience by taking pictures next to the Jollibee statue mascot. The girls took forever. Nico also mentioned that he wanted to use the Jollibee menu video as his screensaver. I thought that was just genius to hear.

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