Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 25. Today I came in at night. I was somewhat panicky because I haven’t had Jollibee for the whole day yet. Earlier in the day in the morning I had Mcdonalds for breakfast. In the Philippines they call it Mcdo and they prefer Jollibee over it any day even though it is bigger internationally. The dine in area was pretty busy about 80 percent, probably because it is a Friday night. There was these 3 super hyper kids happy for Jollibee I guess, which was awesome to see. The line was slightly mild. I also see different Jollibee staff member workers in the night crew. Most of them seem all new to me. Today I ordered a Jolly Spaghetti kids meal with apple juice. I also got another different toy this time. As I ordered I think I heard one of the workers recognizing me being the Jollibee kid with the online blogs and what not. I think this is also the first time I feel that I am really starting to be noticed now. ?

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