Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 23. Today I went in the morning before work again. I also got the same thing as the day before which was a yumburger kids meal with apple juice. I ate it for breakfast. Today there were about 5 customers. There were 2 dine in customers eating. This time I had a different cashier server worker person. She let me pick out my own toy for the kids meal. I picked a green one which I never had yet plus it is also my favorite color. That was cool.

I came up with the percentage chart for the full Jollibee experience thanks to my Tek crew fellow members and friends Nico, Josh, Shelby, and Ariel while eating at Curry House so here it is…

30% interaction with the real Jollibee mascot
20% waiting in line
10% ordering your food
10% using the restroom
10% dining in
10% beeing at Jollibee
10% taking a picture next to the Jollibee statue mascot

Happy Birthday to my friend Brenda! Hope she had a Jolli-tastic one!?

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