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Boy it has been quite a jolly year! And this will be a major jolly update for sure indeed! As a I mentioned and posted in my last post back in 2018, I took a MAJOR break from posting Jollibee stuff within the past year in 2019 due to my status as a newly engaged Jollibee Kid heading into the sacrament of marriage with my Jolli Fiancee. However, we still kept 2019 Jolly – Yesssahhh Blesssaahhh.

In 2019, I continued to visit and eat at Jollibee, mostly at the Kapolei, HI location. To kind of roll it back a little though – Late December 2018, was when the ever famous and popular Jollibee Funko Pop toy showed up at limited and selected Jollibee USA stores! One of them included the Kapolei Jollibee store! My jolly Fiancee and I were super jolly excited! My fiancee and I copped one as we were one of the first few to get it on December 5, 2018. She actually got it as one of my early birthday / Christmas present which I love her for. However, I would say Jollibee USA made a pretty shady deal in order to get it. You had to spend $30 in food in order to by the $40 Jollibee funko pop. So in actuality, you had to spend about $70 at Jollibee just to get the toy. However, being the Jollibee kid that I am of course that was no problem. It is always on display at home. During that same month in December 2018, my fiancee and I also visited a Jollibee during a holiday trip to her home state in Washington. We visited and ate at the Seattle, WA location with jolly family.

On February 23, 2019, I tried that Jollibee tuna pie which came out in Jollibee USA stores for a limited amount of time. I observed a ton of criticism and negative feedback online and on social media about how nasty the tuna pie is. But I was like O’COME ON PEOPLE. If you love Jolliee, you will try it and be open minded to it. HOWEVER, I tried to emphasize and told people to give it a chance! When I tried it the first time, it was GOOD! It was like having chicken pot pie but tuna style!!! But that’s just the Jollibee in me. Others can believe and feel what they want.

More Jollibee adventures continued through Summer 2019 when the Jollibee pineapple float came around! It was one of my favorites and go-tos for sure during the summer time! I think the only thing that made it not so jolly was the amount of ice that they usually put in when I ordered the pineapple float. But al the same time, it kept the ice cream that was inside the float intact! It is pretty much the Jollibee pineapple quencher drink with ice cream! So GOOD! Also with real cut/sliced pineapples inside! So Good! The price was so jolly Good too!

More Jollibee eats continued in Fall 2019, with some stops to other Jollibee locations such as Ala Moana Center mall and Kalihi. Meals consisted of mostly Jollibee yumburger, chickenjoy, and jolly spaghetti kids meals. I always got the kids meals because not only am I a Jollibeekid/Thee Jollibeekid but I got it for the novelty toys. One day, I will give it to my own kids. During a visit to Jollibee Ala Moana in September/ October 2019, I noticed that they have a pretty cool Jollibee video in front of the store where it shows animated Jollibee dancing and being typical loving jolly Jollibee! The animation is pretty cool because it really attracts the kids and kids love it. It makes people (I can imagine especially the Japanese tourists) really stop and try to check out and see when Jollibee food is all about!

And that pretty much wrapped up my brief Jollibee visits, adventures, eats, and experiences from this past 2019

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