Friday, December 28, 2017

Seattle Tukwila visit. Today I visited Seattle, Washington for the first time and I visited their only Jollibee in the morning time. I was very excited. It’s not everyday that I get to go to another state and visit a Jollibee at another state. I arrived in Seattle from home in Honolulu in the early morning. I traveled with Jollibae who was born and raised in Washington to take a new years getaway for the weekend. The very first stop was of course Jollibee. It is located at the Westfield South Center mall. It is not too far from the airport. It is only about 10 minutes or so if you are traveling by car from the airport. The Jollibee is connected with other Filipino American shops such as Red Ribbon, ChowKing, and Seafood City Supermarket. The Jollibee store is actually not too big. I would say it might be the same size as Jollibee Kalihi or something. Anyways we went there to also surprise Jollibae’s family specifically her youngest brother that we are coming to hang out for the weekend. He was really surprised. He loves Jollibee and everything about it such as the toys, Jollitown characters, and of course Chickenjoy! We all got a bunch of breakfastJoys tocinos and others. They have a decent amount of table and seating areas. The dine in beezyness was about 30 percent. It is always nice seeing and visiting another Jollibee USA store from another state. It revives and makes the Jollibeekid spirit fresh.

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