Thursday, March 24, 2011 (Day 0)

I did not go to Jollibee and eat Jollibee food today.  The first thing that I wrote when writing this next diary blog post was Day 101.  Today would have been Day 101 but it is not.  I have survived and went through a full day, a full 24 hours without Jollibee.  I do not have a receipt for today’s visit.  It has been a full day since I did not go to Waipahu today.  It has been a full day since I did not drive to and park at the Waipahu Shopping Plaza.  It has been a full day since I did not go inside the Jollibee store and order food.  It was a weird feeling.  Something was missing today and that was Jollibee.  I feel empty.  The streak is officially over.  The last time I did not have Jollibee was Monday, December 13, 2010.  Today marks Day 0.

I woke up this morning knowing what I had to do and that was not go to Jollibee today.  Though, it was still something that I could do.  I already announced it to everyone that I have ended my streak yesterday on the 100th day.  As the Jollibee Kid, it’s like the bible where I have written in the Jollibee scriptures that I end my streak on the 100th day.  As I got ready for work, I had the mind set of getting ready early and leaving a little bit earlier to go to Jollibee for lunch.  We had a Read Aloud Program at Kalakaua Middle School today I did not start work till noonish.  However, I did not have to get ready and leave early.  I could go to Jollibee but I wanted to but I can’t and forced myself not wanting to go.  I ate lunch at home.  I had a tuna sandwich.  My crew and I were performing at tonight’s program so that made it a little easier to kinda switch my focus for the day.

During the day Louise offered me a Cheeseburger from McDonalds.  I denied her two times before deciding to take it.  She offered it to me the third time and took it.  I took it because maybe it would help me taste something different and somewhat help me through the withdrawal process.  As I took a couple of bites of the burger, I was expecting a yumburger taste.  The McDo cheeseburger was a foreign taste to me.  My mind was thinking yumburger as I took a couple of more bites.  I looked at the wrapper and it wasn’t a Jollibee burger wrapper.  About 3/5ths into the burger I gave up and gave the it back to Louise and told her I couldn’t finish it.  I apologized to her.  Thankfully, another crew member friend who met us along the way accepted the burger on my behalf and finished it off.  There was still time to go to Jollibee but my friends told me to let go and not go.  My co-worker Tricia told me I can still go but I made a promise and it has already been established to the people and all my supporters out there.  My boss Laurelle also mentioned about how it was not going today yet.  Iz reminded me that I can still go too.  At the time there was still about 3 hours left till the store closes.  After the program and I was dropping off Ariel home, there was still time about 2 hours left.  I could have went but instead traveled straight home.  When I arrived at home and after taking a shower, there was one hour left and put it as my facebook status when I went on facebook.  I told my mother what happened yesterday on the 100th day.  I showed her the gifts that the Jollibee staff and management gave to me.  She was happy and proud of me for the accomplishment that I have done as the Jollibee Kid and for completing an impressive streak.  She told me she wants to read my diary one day.  Despite her support for me now that I am done with the streak, I still don’t think she would have supported me for as long as a year.

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  1. so sad that you did not go to our Jollibee store..but I will still continue to read your blogs everyday… hope your doing fine…God bless…

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