Monday, November 6, 2017

Seafood City Waipahu Visit.  Today I came over to the Seafood City Waipahu location after a long break from Jollibee since August! I came over with Jollibae.  I was telling her that it has actually been a long time since I visited Jollibee.  The last time I went was with my Jolly niece, Hazel.  Anyways, we came over for a late lunch around the mid afternoon time.  The dine in  beezyness was about 70 percent.  It was actually quite beezy around the time that we went.  We both got ultimate burger steak meals after a long run workout and it was very satisfying and filling and of course very Jolly in a Jolly way.  They have some new toys which was tempting to get.  The kiddie meal toys were of course Jollitown with a music theme.  They also brought back the cheddar cheese Jolly fries.  I can’t wait until they open the new Jollibee in Kapolei at the Ka Makana Ali’i mall.  To do another Jollibee Kid run of 100 days or not to do and stay retired? That is the Jolly question.

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