Wednesday, March 23, 2011 (The Amazing Aloha – End of 100 Day Streak)

Day 100.  Happy 100 business days to Jollibee Waipahu Hawaii.  It has been 100 days since Jollibee has opened.  Today is my last consecutive day of Jollibee visits (every day they’ve been open in Hawaii a 100 days ago).  I woke up this morning feeling a sense of uneasiness knowing that I have to finally put out the fire that I have lit a 100 days ago.  I had a dream about my streak a couple days ago with me still continuing the streak.  I knew exactly what to wear today and that is my Jollibee t-shirt.  When I came into work, my co-worker Iz asked if they gave it to my as a farewell gift but I said no I made it myself.  They asked if I went to Jollibee already and I said no, I am going on later tonight.  Everyone in the office thought the same way.  When the work day ended, my co-workers wished me for a strong and successful visit.  I had to make sure all the emotional tears went out before I made the visit today.

When I left work, I made a pit stop home to use the restroom and print something out for our Jaycees meeting.  I requested my friend Randy to have our Filipino Fiesta meeting at Jollibee tonight in respects for my 100th day.  I remember there were a couple of times when Randy and others who would contact me saying if I was at Jollibee and if I was eating or going there or are there.  I will miss those times.  I will no longer be able to fulfill those questions anymore on a daily basis.  While I was driving, I traveled H1 freeway west bound and took the Waipahu Farrington Highway cutoff exit.  Out of the 100 days I went, this was the most frequent route I took.  If you put me anywhere on the island I know how to get to Jollibee; North, South, East, or West, it does not matter.  Even though most of the time I took the longer routes, I took them because sometimes I would have to prepare myself like thinking of what to order, thinking about which staff workers I will see, if I want to use the restroom that day, if there will be a new food menu item up, etc.  As I was driving, I took my time.  Even though the weather today was blue with strong winds and moderate rain, it made me think and flashback to good memories of my 100 days of visits.  It made me think about what where the best days.

When I arrived at Waipahu Shopping Plaza and parked I took a deep breath before I exited my car.  I had my Jollibee cup in my cupholder.  I did not park next to the store as it was already kind of full already.  I took my time walking to the store.  There was yet another promotional post posted up in the store.  The deal is if you buy 4 buckets of chickenjoy you can get a free Hug Me Jollibee doll for a limited time offer.  I believe this is the same doll they gave out to the first 100 customers of Jollibee on opening day.  It is the same one that Louise has.  I was the first one out of my group to come before the meeting to save and reserve a table for us.  I sat in the back, waited, and started writing my blog post already.  I already knew today is going to be a long one.  Randy along with my fellow crew peeps Josh, Ariel, Nico, and Louise were the first ones to come after me.  Ryan came shortly.  I was hoping Louise would wear her Jollibee t-shirt I gave her but she did not which was OK with me.  There was a Filipino Doctors Medical type of organization that was also having a meeting in the back by the restrooms.  After they left we took their spot which was in the middle of the back area.  I think this is also the first time that we had an official meeting at Jollibee.   We made a paper and had everyone write down their orders.

I escorted Randy to the line and went to order with him.  The dine in beezyness was about 50 percent.  The line was small.  In the line Randy started to ask me questions regarding my beginning pursuit of the Jollibee Kid idea and the streak and what not.  I felt like I was getting mini interviewed.  I ordered an Amazing Aloha meal because it was “Aloha” for me for the end of my streak on the 100th day.  While I was ordering, a staff worker came up to me and asked if I can help them with an upcoming t-shirt design for Jollibee.  I guess they looked at my shirt and got the idea.  They mentioned it might be promotional at first and eventually sell it to the customers later on.  I gave them my contact info later on.  We had a big order.  Rachel, Karen, Mary, Bryan, and Pat eventually came down later on.  Philip also came up and gave me a nice gift basket from the management as a parting gift.  I was very appreciative and thankful for it because it included a chickenjoy bucket full of 3 Hug Me Jollibee Dolls and a $50 gift card from Philip and Angie.  I told Louise that I finally got the doll after 100 days.  I remember I was the 101st customer on the first day and just missed on getting a doll.  I did not even get the face mask too but that is Ok.  I thanked Philip sincerely and asked if I can take a picture with some staff before I left.  We we got our meal, they mistaken-ed the yumburgers for heavyweight big yumburgers instead of regular cheeseburgers.   We did not change the order because everyone in the group was satisfied plus it was not our money that we spent the food on, it was the organizations, specifically the Filipino Community Center.

As we were eating and having our meeting, it seemed like we kinda crashed someone’s planned party in the back.  We saw a family who brought their own cake and everything.  They made a table for their ownselves.  The family did the same thing by writing their orders on a piece of paper.  My other friend Daniel aka D-Rock/D-Money came to eat and meet up.  He came for the first time at Jollibee and supported my 100th day.  He is officially Jolli de-virginized.  I was proud of him.  I was glad I was here to witness it.  He traveled by bus to get here from home in Nuuanu to Waipahu just to come to Jollibee for the first time and meet up.  I was sad I was not able to fully guide him through the meal ans talk about the Jollibee experience as I was helping Mary to the bus stop to go home.  When I came back, my fellow Jaycee friends Jay and Rowena came by to support my 100th day and ate as well.  So after a while, Pat, Jay, Karen, Rowena, and I just chatted and talked story for small kine about Jollibee related stuff.  We also took some pictures.  It was good times.  I am really going to miss coming everyday.  There was also a little girl who was a part of the family party group who was running around and kept on banging into people which I thought was rude and disrespectful.  The relatives and family members did not even do anything about it like it is nothing to be ashamed and embarrassed about.  I took a picture next to the Jollibee coloring picture wall of fame next to my artworks and Pat took a picture next to the kids eating the ice-creams as if he is in the picture too which was funny.

Karen and I went back to the line to order some other stuff.  She was going to treat me on my 100th day.  We also found out that they have another promo which is 2 pearl coolers for $5.  I think that is the best deal they have at Jollibee right now.  I found out that Karen wants to be a Red Ribbon baker.  She can’t wait till Red Ribbon opens.  I told her she should be the Red Ribbon Kid.  I do not think I can switch from being a Jollibee Kid to a Red Ribbon Kid.  I also can’t be 2 kids at once.  I am a Jollibee Kid for life.  While Karen was eating a peach mango pie, she spilled some on her shirt which was funny.  She also almost spilled all of our pearl cooler drinks as she laid them on the table which was not funny.  I got a buko pandan pearl cooler.  Before we left, I asked Philip if I could take a picture with him and some of the crew staff.  Karen and Pat were taking most of the pictures.  As we were heading out, they put the Jollibee statue mascot inside the store and took a picture with it.  I also took another picture in front of the store where the mascot would be.  It’s so hard to say goodbye to the streak but I have to let it go.  Pat, Karen, and I were walking slowly away from the store.  I thought to myself it is going to feel weird not having Jollibee for an entire day tomorrow.  As we walked out, an empty Jollibee cup was circling around my leg in the parking lot as if the Jollibee Gods are telling to “come back.” As we approached my car, to our shock, there was an empty McDonalds Happy Meal case sitting right under the trunk next to the rear left wheel of the car.  It was as if the fast food Gods have been alarmed of my situation.  It’s like now that I am free from my streak McDo can now take advantage of me.  It was a funny sight to see.  As the wind started to blow and as rain drops started to pour, the McDo Happy Meal thing started moving closer by my leg.  As we were outside, Karen looked at the sky and noticed that the clouds were a little red.  It is almost Jollibee red.  She lives a couple blocks away from Jollibee in Waipahu and said the color of the sky and clouds is never like this.  It was scary, trippy, and freaky to see.  When I gave my farewells to Pat and Karen, the ones who were the first points of contact in establishing “Diary of Jollibee Kid,” I started to go on my way out and made my drive home.  When I backed up I crushed the McDo Happy Meal thing with my front left tire and headed home.

That is the end of “Diary of a Jollibee Kid: The 100 Day Jollibee Experience.” By Gabriel Torno.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Katipunero John! Hope he has a Jolli one!

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  1. It’s my off today…but I woke up early coz I wanna read your 100 day streak… you will always be the jollibeekid no matter what=) God bless…

  2. It’s my off today…but I woke up early coz I wanna read you 100 day streak… you will always be the jollibeekid no matter what…=) God bless…

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