Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 22. Today I went in early in the morning before work which I haven’t done in a while. There was no line. It was empty. Only like 5 customers where there. I noticed that the amount of morning staff drastically changed from a couple weeks ago till now. There are no more extra workers out there early to greet you anymore. That’s ok because Jollibee is still the bomb like that. There were only like 2 cashier server worker people open. Today I ordered a yumburger kids meal with apple juice for breakfast. It filled me up pretty good. My friend Louise texted me during the day telling me it was my friend Lowella’s Birthday today. She also mentioned to me that she was going to Jollibee to celebrate and it was going to be her first time. I was ecstatic. I think I was more excited for her than she was.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Lowella. Happy Birthday to my sister’s best friend Kanani and also to Yvonne! Hope they all had a Jollified one.

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