Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 99.  Today I came in before almost lunch time.  Today is the day before the final day of the streak.  There was a super small line.  In fact, it was hardly a line.  When I entered, there was this one elderly manang woman who was there with her grandchild I believe.  In the past blog posts especially the older ones, I used Tagalog terms “Tita” to address an older woman.  “Manang” is for Illocano, which I am not.  I figure I use the term in respect to the high population of Illocanos here in Hawaii.  There was also a table full of kids next to where I was standing who were happy eating their Jollibee meal.  They seemed very well behaved.  I was somewhat surprised because I did not see any parental supervision with those kids.  Maybe they were using the restroom and just trusted the kids.  I got my paper order taken and ordered a Jolli hotdog to go.  The staff worker who took my order, I did not see before so he must be new.

I got Rachele as my server today who I just found out has read my diary blog posts since day one.  I was quite surprised.  I never knew a Jollibee staff worker who has started reading since the beginning.  I only thought they would have started halfway or so or only just started reading.  She was sad that tomorrow is the last day.  100 days is really a short run but it is still quite an accomplishment nonetheless.  She mentioned that she won’t be there when I come in tomorrow because I guess she works the day time shifts.  Angie, one of the managers was also sad.  She asked me what when I was coming in tomorrow and told her night time.  She told me when I come in to ask for a manager because apparently they have something for me.  As I left, Rachele added a peach mango pie for me on the side which was nice of her to do and thanked her.  Talking to them feels like this is going to be the end of the world or something like that, talking about my last day and stuff.  I think this is more of a beginning than an end.  I will continue to support Jollibee, just not everyday anymore haha.

When I entered the office, my co-workers asked if today was day 100.  I told them no it is tomorrow.  They were sad too.  Carolina really encouraged me to write a book about my 100 day diary of a Jollibee Kid experience which really did encourage me.  She told me I have all the resources available for help and guidance since I work for Read Aloud America.  As Charlie Sheen would say, Duh, Winning! She was right.  I think it might be a project for me in the works in the near future right after I heal my mental wounds after the death of the streak.  Iz now wants to try the Jolli hotdog after seeing me eating it.  He asked me if they have the special Jollibee yumburger dressing in it.  I told him yes along with other dressings like ketchup, cheese, etc.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Joy! Hope she has a Jolliful one!

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