Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 97.  Today I came in after a performance with my fellow dance crew members for a 1st birthday party down at the Pagoda Hotel.  We came in during the afternoon for Jollibee Kids Day.  When we arrived, we saw glimpses of the Jollibee until it left when we got to the line.  There was a small line.  The dine in beezyness is about 70 percent.  As we walked in I heard the Jollibee theme song “Beeda ang saya,” the one that goes “Dito tayo, dito tayo,” which I haven’t heard for a while.  Today I got a spaghetti kiddie meal.  We sat in the back by the wall where they posted up the kids coloring papers.  I saw Sandy and introduced her to my friends Josh, Ariel, Shelby, and Chino.  She mentioned that Jing is not here today unfortunately due to an emergency leave.  I hope everything is ok with her.  With that said, Sandy had to do double duty taking her place.  She also mentioned she might need me to step in as a Jollibee mascot sometime soon as backup.  I asked her if she can give Chino a coloring paper because he wanted to color.  She also asked when will the 100th day and end of streak be for me and told her this Wednesday.

During our dine in experience, I was hearing different versions of the Jollibee song which was interesting to hear.  Ariel pointed to the picture with the two little boys eating a sundae and ice cream cone and asked when they are going to serve that.  It was tempting her to go and buy it because she loves her sweets and chocolate.  We were helping Chino with his picture for a bit.  I was proud of him for coloring and finishing his picture.  We waited for Jollibee’s second appearance until 4PM so we just sat there and tried to kill time the best we can.  Chino was soo proud of his artwork that he did not want to give it up and post it up on the wall.  We were looking at the other colored pictures and noticed the oldest person who did one was 50 years old.  On the paper they also asked your age.  The youngest child we saw was 28 months old.  Chino should not feel ashamed to do one because I did two on the first Jollibee Kid’s Day.  His completed drawing consists of the theme “Love da HI life JB style.” He drew a nice Hawaiian background setting with sand, beach, mountains, a lei on Jollibee, ocean, coconut tree, etc.

While we were waiting Josh, Ariel, and Shelby went off to Pacific Supermarket to buy some stuff and kill time.  A customer came by and asked if we were using the seats that we had and I said yes we are using it but then all of a sudden she just took the seat anyway as if I said yes.  Sometimes old people can disrespect young people too.  I just let her take it because there were other chairs but still I can’t believe she just took ours instead.  There was a customer who ate and sat by himself.  After he was done eating, he helped himself to the coloring paper and crayons what is on the table next to us.  I guess he saw another big kid like Chino coloring too which probably influenced him to do so.  Little kids were also helping homeless to the coloring paper which we sat by.  When Josh and Ariel came back, they said Shelby bought Golden Coin next door and was eating outside.  I was glad she stayed there and learned her lesson last time not to bring forgein food like Golden Coin even though it is Filipino into the sanctuary.  There are some exceptions to the rule though such as Orange Tru-Royale, etc.  It is kinda hard to explain.  So we waited for Jollibee to come out at 4PM and he did not.  Although it was somewhat of a disappointment it was ok.  I wanted  them to fulfill the Jollibee experience by meeting JB and taking a picture with him.  There is always next time though.  At least they saw a glimpse of him as we entered the store.  As we left, the last thing that I did was take a picture by the Jollibee banner on Farrington Highway next to the bus stop.  This was something I never did yet.  I want it to be my next facebook profile picture by doing some sort of bboy pose next to it.  I ended doing an L-kick, yay.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Katipunero Vince and fellow Jaycee Julie! Hope they have a Jollimazing one!

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