Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 95.  Today I went in the morning again before work.  The store was empty when I went.  I just got a peach mango pie and kiddie apple juice.  One of the crew staff workers was also aware of the situation regarding the comment that I felt a couple days and posts ago.  I think she said they have it posted on their staff bulletin.  She too apologized and mentioned that it was just an expression.  I did not really understand what she meant by expression but I still forgave, accepted, and thanked her for the concern.

As the end gets closer, I decided to make a facebook invite on my Diary of a Jollibee Kid facebook page.  I made this after my closest Jollibee Kid followers and supports, Pat, Karen, and Louise, mentioned that they want to be there on my 100th day.  I was also thinking how often should I go after the 100 day mark.  I was thinking of going at least once a week so I can change it to “My life as a weekly Jollibee visitor at Waipahu, Hawaii.” I can go there at least 4 times a month.  Maybe I should do that so that I can stay on top of the latest Jollibee news and views.

One thought on “Friday, March 18, 2011”

  1. hi Gabe…Let me introduce myself… I’m of the crew staff worker at Jollibee Waipahu… The one who made the video with ma’am Sandy…Hope you like the cd that we gave you…and also the one whose always your counter when you buy food at Jollibee…I once talked to you and I hope you remember it…BTW I red about your blogs and I was so sad about it… on behalf of my crew members I apologize about the word you heard to them…I wasn’t there when that happen because I call and sick that day… I hope you will stll be “Our JOLLIBEEKID”… I just wanna say thank you and I’m proud of you…Don’t worry I will talk to my co-workers and it won’t happen again… if you do have a fb account you can add me ok then see you around… God bless and more power on your website… you will always be a jollibee family to us=) Itsumo kyoskite kudasai ne? (take care always ok?)…

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