Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 21. Today I came after work instead of before work. I also have a meeting to attend but I went to Jollibee first. Traffic wasn’t so bad because today is the last day before the public K-12 school semester starts. The dine in area was about 70 percent busy. There was no worker taking paper orders. The food here must be soo good that I saw one worker person from California Pizza Kitchen in line. It also reminds me of the first grand opening day when a McDonalds manger came in to check out the competition. Sometimes I see more saving seats and tables rather than eating on them. I also noticed one of the workers looks like one my friends, Sonya who lives in Maui. Everytime I see that worker it reminds me of her. Today I got a spaghetti Kids Meal. I think I need like 30 more to collect the whole collection.

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