Friday, July 18, 2014

Kalihi Day 94. Today I came in on my usual after work time in the late evening. The drive thru beezyness was about 10 percent. The dine in beezyness was about 30 percent. Today I asked for a vanilla twirl bit they didn’t have anymore. I think there was another girl that also wanted to get ice cream but was bummed to find out that there was no more. Anyways since they still had toys and stuff, I got a yumburger kiddie meal. As I was dining in, Don popped up and said what’s up. He said that they are thinking of making another Jollibee in waipahu and I was like what really? He also mentioned about a red ribbon opening up somewhere near Jollibee Kalihi. 6 more days to go!

IMG_8187 IMG_8186 IMG_8185 IMG_8184 IMG_8183 IMG_8182 IMG_8181 IMG_8180

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