Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 78.  Today is the first of the month.  Brand new month and brand new stuff at Jollibee oooohhhh yyyeeeaaahhh.  Today I went in during pre lunch time ish before work and right after dropping my mother off to her doctor’s appointment in the Waipahu area.  There are some new banners up at the store today.  First, they have a brand new item which is the Jolli Hotdog for $2.95.  Second, they finally have gift cards available! Last but not least, third, they have a banner up by the kiddie toy kiosk which indicates for call and pick up orders, on your 5th order, you can get a free amazing Aloha burger.  Today I took advantage of 2 of the 3 brand new stuffs.  I still have sketchy feelings about the call in order because of the order requirements.  I am most happy about the gift cards.  I get to finally just use the Jollibee card and put money in it instead of using cash or my debit/credit cards.

There was a mild line at the time.  The dine in beezyness was about 35 percent.  The back area was closed off again.  I dined in today.  My order was a Jolli Hotdog and bottled water (which is $2.40).  I also got a gift card and put a $100 in it.  The Jolli hotdog is awesome.  A staff worker was taking paper orders and since the Jolli hotdog was ssooo new it was not even listed.  He had to write it down.  I asked him if they had a meal for it but they don’t so they only sell it individually for now.  However, I am sure you can just order a side dish and separate drink and BAM there you go you have meal.  The amount I put in the gift card should last me for a while… hopefully.  I sat right next to the kiddie toy kiosk thing in the front.  I texted my close Jolli friends about the good news.  My friend Ronelyne texted back, “That’s it lol.” I texted back, “Don’t be a Jolli hater.” She texted back, “I just sayin lol.” I texted back, “Ur just jealous haha.” Since it is a new month and Jollibee got some new stuff out I am going to start putting pictures along with my blog posts which I should have done a long time ago.

Happy Birthday to my fellow niece Selaica! I heard it is also Justin Beiber’s birthday today too… whatever.  Anyway hope they all have Jolli ones today.

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  1. The hotdog is one of my foavrite Jollibee foods, too. The float, I still haven’t tasted their version, but I think it will taste the same as McDonald’s.Thanks for linking up this week.

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