Jollibee Kid’s 2020!


Oh boy, it has been quite a jolly and not so jolly year! I am sure you know. And this will be a major jolly update for sure! The last time I did a post was back in the beginning of 2020!! Man, you would have thought that I would have more time to do blog posts right? Moreover, who would have thought that all of us would have experienced a year that we all hoped to live to the fullest PIVOT to a year that we are hopeful to live to the fullest!!

Just like in 2019, I took a MAJOR break from posting Jollibee stuff within the past year in 2020 due to my transitioned status as an engaged Jollibee Kid that headed into the sacrament of marriage with my Jolli Fiancee! Now, she is my jolly wife! However, we still kept 2020 very Jolly and tried our best as a couple and as individuals to remind everyone that good things are still happening during the year. Just to go off-topic for a bit, a lot of my time from Spring to Summer 2020, was wedding planning with my fiancee. And long story short, our wedding rehearsal turned into the real thing on August 19, 2020. Now, we are enjoying our life as newly jollied husband and wife 🙂

In 2020, I continued to visit and eat at Jollibee. However, one of the most devastating things that started the dreadful year took place when I decided to take a stroll to the original Jollibee location within the Waipahu Shopping Plaza area. I believe, it was a January 2, 2020, when I decided to take a visit to the original store in Waipahu, HI. I must have swing by the nearby Savers store to donate some items. When I pulled into the parking area, I noticed that the store was kind of covered up with brown wallpaper and stuff. I thought to myself, maybe they were doing a renovation project or something. When I pulled out of my car and walked further in, I started to read the signage that was on the door. I further thought to myself, it is probably an update on when they are going to re-open and how long they will take to do it. As I read the sign, I could not believe what I was reading and what I was comprehending. I had to read it a second time and then a third time. I kept on re-reading the sign to make sure I understood what it said. I kept on reading the bolded text, “It’s been a pleasure to serve you.” It finally crossed my mind that it was regretful message from the store that the restaurant location has permanently closed, effective January 1, 2020. And then the sign goes on to say to visit their other O’ahu, Hawaii locations.

Right then and there, I started to tear up a bit and took a few steps back. As I was processing, a few other people stopped by the store and started to read the sign. A few others were also in disbelief. One person said they were looking forward to ordering a chickenjoy. Another elderly person wanted some spaghetti. I think we all in that moment, started feeling a sense of grief as well. I took a few more minutes to further process and somewhat reflect on my JollibeeKid journey. This was the store that started it all for the presence of Jollibee in Hawaii. I remembered that I was the 101st customer at this location when it had it’s blockbuster opening on Tuesday, December 14, 2010. And then from that day, created the Jollibee Kid and the 100 day journey of everyday joy and happiness at a place where that feels like home. I started to reflect on the many memories, the many adventures, and the many times where I enjoyed good company with family and friends. Iintroduced many people to the wonders and joy of Jollibee at this very store location. Anyways, I told my jolly fiancee about it at the time and she also could not believe it. I had to take her and show her about two days later on January 4, 2020, and she indeed could not believe it as well. Although, she was Ok overall, I still took several moments again to mourn and grief about real closure of this store location.

Anyways, despite the closure of the original Jollibee Hawaii location in Waipahu, HI, I continued (of course) visit Jollibee in 2020. I believe my visits where still geared mostly at the Kapolei, HI location, which is the closest restaurant location to my point of residence. On February 14, 2020, my wife and I had a Valentines’ day date at the beach and of course we had Jollibee. We had ordered a chickenjoy and spaghettijoy meal with pineapple quencher drink. It was of course a jolly one. In March 2020, I heard about raving news about the much anticipated open of the new Jollibee Hawaii location on the island of Maui, HI. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to visit the new restaurant store location due to the devastating and unfortunate occurrence of the COVID19/Coronavirus pandemic hitting and impacting the U.S. Once control of the pandemic settles down and is safer or the safest to travel, I will plan to visit and eat there one day for sure.

Throughout 2020, I was glad that Jollibee USA did not totally shut down it’s operations in response to the COVID19 pandemic. I would have been even more devastated if that were to have occurred and 2020 would totally not have been so jolly at all! For most of my Jollibee visits throughout the pandemic, I went to the Kapolei location where they did not have dining. However, like most food places, there was only take out and drive through options. Throughout 2020. I did not notice much new Jollibee USA foods that came out. Surprisingly and unfortunately, I did not get to try the ube pie that came out. Based out of online and social media reviews, I heard that it was good but still not as great and comparable towards the famous peach mango pie! Even without eating and tasting the ube pie, I would definitely have to agree with that.

On April 2, 2020, I decided to try to do a vlog of some sorts by doing a “Jollibee Mukbang.” With this particular attempt, the plan was to do a series of Jollibee Mukbang over my social media/Instagram” @jollibeekid . The series would entail me ordering a batch of Jollibee food items and just talking about it while I was live on my social media. Unfortunately, this was the only one and done attempt for 2020. I ordered a Jollibee burgers because it was a while since I had burgers. The Mukbang series would have entailed highlighting and talking about the three main Jollibee foods of burgers, chicken, and noodles/spaghetti. Anyways, on this day, I ordered the yumburger, the yumburger TLC, and Amazing Aloha burger. I ate and provided jolly commentary over the burgers. I also ordered a pineapple juice quencher and peach mango pie drink. To summarize, I talked about, if I were to order a burger, my go-to choice would be the original yumburger because I just like classic burgers. In regards to what to drink when having a Jollibee meal, the pineapple quencher drink is what makes a Jollibee meal, jolly. And of course, the best dessert from Jollibee, is the famous peach mango pie. I think that was pretty much it in a nutshell.

More Jollibee adventures continued through Summer 2020, when I did another visit on May 15, 2020. I went on an early evening time just to go and get some Jollibee halo halo for dessert. My wife and I had two of them when we went on a nice picnic type of date for the two of us. During the Summer, we also continued to go to Jollibee for random jolly drive through cravings, whether it was for chickenjoy or spaghettijoy. Prior to my wife and I’s marriage on on August 19, 2020, our last meal before we go married was actually a bucket of chickenjoy to share with my in-laws so that was awesome. During the Fall, we also continued to go to Jollibee for random jolly drive through cravings, whether it was for chickenjoy or spaghettijoy.

More Jollibee eats continued in late 2020, when my wife and I find out that God has blessed us with the expectation of our first jolly child together! JollibeeKid’s Kid coming soon! Unfortunately, as far a pregnancy craving goes, the only thing that she would like a crave is spaghettijoy. Through the thanksgiving and Christmas season, we also continued to go to Jollibee for random jolly drive through cravings, whether it was for chickenjoy or spaghettijoy.

And that pretty much wrapped up my brief Jollibee visits, adventures, eats, and experiences from this past 2020. What a year it has been. Thank God that Jollibee still kept 2020 Jolly.

Jollibee Kid Gabe