Monday, October 24, 2016

Seafood City visit.  So on a Monday evening, I came over to the Seafood City Supermarket location in Waipahu aka Jollibee Waipahu #2 location.  I went there to get dinner for the Jollibae and I.  It was near closing time so there was hardly anyone there at the store.  I got a chickenjoy kids meal mainly because of the Jollibee tumbler because I love Jollibee novelties like that.  Jollibae already got me two, one to rock and one to cop previously but I wanted to get another for my baby niece too! I got Jollibae a C1 meal.

In other news, there is a new mall that has been opened up in the Kapolei area called “Makana Ali’i” and they are expected to have a new Jollibee location over there.  It will be Jollibee #5 for Hawaii and again for the island of O’ahu.  I really do feel bad for the other islands because there is a ton more of Filipinos down over there.  I think Maui has been wanting Jollibee so badly ever since the first one for Hawaii in 2010.  Anyways, I will definitely keep on the look out for this location and best bee I will be one of the first to check it out!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kalihi Visit.  Today I visited the Kalihi location with my co-worker Daniel.  We did a take out because we had a meeting at the office.  The dine in beezyness was about 30 percent.  He is new to Jollibee so I had to kind of give him the whole spiel about Jollibee.  I did not tell him that I was the Jollibee Kid and the story behind that.  I think that will be saved for another time.  Anyways, he likes southern food and soul food and stuff because he is from the south.  I highly suggested the chickenjoy because you know it’s fried chicken and all. I believe he got the C3 combo meal.  I just got a chicken dippers meal.  There was hardly a line over there.  He really liked the chickenjoy and compared it to Popeye’s.  I was not offended.  But overall he liked the meal.