Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ala Moana visit.  Happy Halloween! It has been a while since I went down to the Ala Moana location but I just so happened to websling on by with the beautiful Masquerade for Halloween.  I was kind of surprised that Ala Moana mall was not that busy as we were walking around the center with our costumes on.  I kind of feel bad for the businesses.  Anyways, you can’t have a jolly Halloween without Jollibee that is for sure.  The sectional beezyness was about 30 percent and there was a small line.  We originally wanted to get vanilla twirls but their ice cream machine was already done for the night.  For some reason that always happens but we just got one peach mango pie to share.   Nonetheless, Jollibee is more jollier than without Jollibee at all.

IMG_7956 IMG_7957 IMG_7959 IMG_7961