Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kalihi visit.  Today I came in with my girlfriend Nichelle before going to our gig that we had later in the evening for a wedding.  We came by for some merienda which was specifically ice cream sundaes.  The dine in beezyness was about 70 percent.  The drive thru beezyness was about 30 percent.  We got a chocolate sundae and caramel sundae.  I had the caramel sundae and Nichelle had the chocolate sundae.  It seems that things have been pretty much the same without too much change.  They now are giving out a free butter mammon (via Red Ribbon) for every 10 dollars purchased.

IMG_6802 IMG_6808

UYE (Unofficial Yelp Event): FIL 102 – Jollibee Edition



So my friend Raelyn and I (who are both on the Yelp platform as Yelpers and as Yelp Elites) started and created an UYE (Unoffical Yelp Event) at Jollibee.  Usually who these events work is that they get a group (mostly Yelpers) together in an informal setting (usually a food establishment like a restaurant or cafe) and just socialize and eat and stuff. I feel that since my 5 years of me being a Jollibee Kid and a Yelper and being involved in the Yelp community, this UYE was somewhat long overdue.  So we set it on a random summer Wednesday night in mid-August and there was a good 11 of us that enjoyed a jolly evening together.  We ordered and had most of the key jolly menu items to start which where: chickenjoy, jolly spaghetti, yumburger, and peach mango pie.  I always felt that Jollibee is known for three top things… again that is the fried chicken, spaghetti, and burgers.  I also feel that their main and stable dessert is the peach mango pie.  Some people think it is halo halo but when you think of it, how many other many Filipino food places have halo halo!? Anyways, after having all of that, I also ordered a family pack of palabok, ube pearl coolers (I also wanted to get the buko pandan one but it was not working), and jolly hotdogs.  I had everyone sample a bit of everything which I think they all enjoyed.  Afterwards, my awesome co-host Raelyn pulled out the winners from our icebreaker that we had earlier with Filipino/Jollibee trivia.  Congratulations to Christine, Cathy, and Mary’s husband for winning Jollibee dolls and to Doug for winning my exclusive “Jollibee Knows” t-shirt.  It was jolly fun.  A big mahalohalo to Jollibee Hawaii and Ma’am Sandy for getting us a bucket of chickenjoy, peach mango pies, and Jollibee dolls (as prizes).  We were also able to secure the back room for our event.  I would say that it ran very successfully and was glad I finally got the Jollibee UYE off! It was also my first UYE that I hosted with the great help of my co-host Raelyn.  I could not have not done it without her.  The dine in beezyness was about 30 percent.  There was hardly a line at Jollibee or Red Ribbon.  There was other things I also wanted to talk about in regards to Jollibee and Red Ribbon and the Philippines and Filipino stuff.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Waipahu visit.  Today I came in during the dinner time night time mainly because of a particular reason.  I came over to pretty much to double check prices of the food menu items and the space that Jollibee has for an informal event/gathering that I am going to have to a group of friends and guests.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent.  There was no line for Jollibee or Red Ribbon.  Since it is almost closing time, the service crew has already started mopping the floors and moving the tables and chairs and stuff.  Tonight, I just had a crunchy chicken sandwich and Jolly crispy fries.

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