Saturday, April 4, 2015

National City Visit. Today is Holy Saturday and I ran into another Jollibee in San Diego! I guess it was an unexpected visit and ran into it out of the blue when we were going to Goldilocks bakery. After getting some pasalubongs there, I saw Jollibee at the other side of the street so I just had to go and run there and make a visit and stop and order! Unlike the Chula Vista location where it is attached to Seafood City Supermarket , this was a stand-alone Jollibee with a drive-thru! The inside is actually kind of small but it was still pretty poppin’ nonetheless. The dine in beezyness was about 30 percent. There was a small line actually. I just ordered two tuna little big bites because they didn’t have any other different menu items like the Chula Vista one had. After getting some food, I ran back to the others to go grab some real dinner with our friend Brandon later on. The location actually kinda reminded me of Jollibee Kalihi.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Chula Vista San Diego Visit. Today is Good Friday and today is the first day that the crew and I are in the mainland specifically in California for a performance in San Diego. It is our first trip to the mainland in our first mainland performance to San Diego’s Filipino Sun Festival in Mira Mesa. We landed in Los Angeles to travel all the way down San Diego and made a pit stop at Chula Vista Seafood City where Jollibee is located. It was awesome to experience my first Jollibee mainland encounter outside of home in Hawaii as well as in the Philippines. It was truly a groundbreaking moment for the Jollibee Kid. Even though all of the Jollibee USA branches are the same with the same food and same look, what makes the experience and visit new and fresh is the location and community! Today I got a mango sundae which I do not think Jollibee Hawaii has so I just had to small kine sample and get it! It was good! Jollibee Hawaii should have it! There was also Chowking! Unfortunately, I did not order from there. Red Ribbon was of course a part of that. There was also some other Filipino food shoppes like boba tea, Filipino pastries, and even Valerio’s bakeshop. It was an epic moment for me especially. There was no line in Jollibee and the dine in beezyness was about 10 percent. It was a pretty mellow early evening when we went.

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