Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ala Moana Visit 126.  Today I came in the lunch time with my friend Calvin.  He was visiting home for a little while before heading over to his other home in San Francisco.  I got a chickenjoy strip meal with honey mustard sauce, and a yum cheeseburger on the side.  The sectional beezyness was about 5 percent.  The line was pretty empty.  However, after I started ordering more people started making orders.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Waipahu Visit 201.  Today I came in during the early afternoon time for lunch with the crew.  The dance crew turns 5 today as we mark our fifth anniversary performing.  It was fitting that we spend a partial of our day at the one and only Jollibee.  The dine in beezyness was about 50 percent.  There was a medium sized line for Jollibee and none for Red Ribbon.  We had to get take out since we had another function to go to afterwards.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Waipahu Visit 200.  Today I came in during the late morning time after teaching Filipino at IPA.  I just got a breakfastjoy beef tapa/tenders.  The dine in beezyness was about 15 percent.  There was hardly a line for both Jollibee and Red Ribbon.  The promo that they have now for the mid-week meals is now extended till the end of the month (February 28, 2013).


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ala Moana Visit 125.  It’s been a while since I came over to the Ala Moana location.  I came during lunch time after taking an accounting test for my MBA class.  There was hardly a line and the sectional beezyness was about 20 percent.  I used my fee drink coupon for an Amazing Aloha burger.  I still miss Jollibee Philippines and the menu that they have.  I think I like their menu more than the Hawaii/USA franchise menu.  Jollibee also has a pretty big advertisement out in the Makai Market Food court.  It is highly visible and right in between the pathway right around where the Fat Greek food stand is located at.

On Tuesday, I went over to Red Ribbon down by Don Quijote during lunch time also.  It wasn’t so busy when I went.  I just got a beef empanada, chicken empanada, and topped it off with a butter mammon.