Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ala Moana Day 6.  Today I came in at lunch time for lunch during lunch break from work.  There was a small line.  It kinda got bigger along the way after I ordered.  I feel kinda bad for Curry House right across from Jollibee.  If I were them I would feel kinda salty having to stare at Jollibee and the patrons/lines that they are attracting every damn day… since they have opened.  Today I was served by Keshiah, who is an original from Jollibee Waipahu.  The sectional beezyness was about 40 percent.  I used my free drink coupon for an Amazing Aloha burger.  94 more days to go.

Waipahu Visit 172.  Today I came in at night time after a dance rehearsal with my fellow Jaycee officers for our Night of Honor banquet coming soon.  I used the restroom first.  There was no line for Jollibee or Red Ribbon.  I got palabok and a mango bar pack from Red Ribbon.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent.  I was thinking about ordering palabok from Jollibee but I figure I go to the other side instead and give Red Ribbon some love.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ala Moana Day 5.  Today I came in at lunch time for lunch during lunch break from work.  At work I posted a Jollibee poster (the one for the coupons) on my cubby hole.  This will remind me more to go to Jollibee everyday for the next 95 days.  There was a small line.  The sectional beezyness was about 65 percent.  There were 2 guys behind me in the line who mentioned about Jollibee Waipahu and reminiscing about how the lines were when they first opened during their blockbuster days.  I remember standing in those lines and how awesome it was.  That would be crazy if the Filipino community here in town would be like that.  There were Filipino employees from McDonalds getting a taste of home too.  Today I used my free drink coupon for the Dip ‘n Strips with honey mustard.  I think whenever I order the the Dip ‘n Strips, I should ask for extra sauce because it is never enough.  Ma’am Jill introduced a couple new staff workers to me who served me today.  95 more days to go.

Happy Birthday to my Phiten Boss, Pomaika’i! Hope she has a Jolli one!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ala Moana Day 4.  Today I came in at lunch time for lunch during lunch break from work.  I was super excited to use the new coupons.  I used the 2 piece chickenjoy with rice one for a free drink.  There was a small line today but the area was still poppin’.  On my way down to the food court, I saw Ma’am Jill and she introduced me to Sir Thomas and the area operations manager.  It was a pleasure to meet all of them.  She asked if I was doing the 100 days thing again.  The sectional beezyness was about 55 percent.  The homie, Daniel, called me up as soon as I was done with Jollibee when heading back to work.  He saw my check-in via FB/Foursquare.  Perhaps, next time I can have a Jolli buddy to tag along.  My sister Riva went over for the first time during night time.  She texted me that she had a sucky first experience at Jollibee Ala Moana.  The reasons were, first, they never had palabok.  Josh’s sister was also mad because they never had palabok.  There’s actually a lot of demand for palabok and hopefully they can bring that in soon so that Jollibee Ala Moana can legitimately distinguish themselves as a Fil-Am establishment there.  Second, they ran out of chickenjoy and she was not willing to wait 10 minutes.  Lastly, third, they ran out of pepsi.  I was saddened by the text, but to look at it in a good way, you know they are definitely killing it if for any food place to run out of food or stuff for that matter but it’s still bad because hungry customers equals to bad times most of the time.  Anyways, can’t wait for tomorrow’s lunch.  96 days more to go.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Waipahu Visit 171.  Today I came in at around the mid afternoon time with the Tek crew.  We came back after a performance for a wedding down at the Ko’olina Ihilani Hotel.  The last time we were there, we also performed for a wedding.  Anyways, there was no line for Red Ribbon or Jollibee.  The dine in beezyness was about 35 percent.  I saw Marvin and Ma’am Sandy in front of the counter.  They are starting to read my new blog posts for Jollibee Ala Moana.  I think doing the streak action there would be easier than doing it in Waipahu because it is closer to my working place.  I can take lunch breaks there all the time.  Marvin showed me a paper which promotes Jollibee Ala Moana as well as coupons that are attached to it for a free drink with an order of either a 2 piece chickenjoy with rice, Amazing Aloha, or Dip ‘n Strip with fries.  I thought that was a great way to get people interested in going to Jollibee Ala Moana which I was going to do right after we are done with our dine in here.  I got a dip ‘n strip meal with ranch sauce.  So far, I have tasted the din ‘n strips with every sauce, technically, including the gravy too if you count eating the chickenjoy with gravy because essentially, the chickenjoy strips is the chickenjoy just without the bones/drum stick.  My ranking for eating the strips with chickenjoy is honey mustard, ranch, banana ketchup, and gravy.  The ranch sauce is super good with the chickenjoy strips.  I was eating it with fries too.  It was great spending time with the Tekniqlingz Family at Jollibee.  It’s been a while.  Two of my most favorite things! Josh and I were talking about how the prices for both Jollibees are the same.  Compared to other restaurants and food places at Ala Moana, Jollibee is one of the cheapest and you also get a decent fill for the food.  Better yet, it is the only Filipino food place at Ala Moana.  Filipinos are finally represented at the Makai Market Food Court! It is about time and long overdue.  Agaton mentioned about the TV show, “Man vs. Food,” as Jaimie was having a hard time finishing her Jollibee meal.  I think she just ordered too much.  She had spaghetti, plus some Jolli Cripsy Fries, plus some other stuff.  If Jollibee had a food challenge, Agaton suggested that it would be one of everything on the menu.  My suggestion for the Jollibee food challenge is a yumburger, big yumburger, Amazing Aloha, a plate of spaghetti, a plate of palabok fiesta, a halo-halo, an ube pearl cooler, and a peach mango pie.  After eating, I took more of the Jollibee Ala Moana coupons so that it would fulfill my streak whenever I eat a meal.

Ala Moana Day 3.  So I came here during the late afternoon/early evening time with just 2 of my crew friends Josh and Ariel.  Everyone else from the crew went home or did some other stuff.  After parking my car, makai (ocean) side of the ground level at the mall, I noticed a guy holding a Jollibee plastic bag full of food.  Next, I saw a couple staring a the Jollibee menu posted on the window outside of Jollibee.  After that I saw a line for Jollibee.  It was a medium sized line.  Since I already ate a meal at Waipahu, I figure I try their Banana Jackfruit (Banana Langka) which appears on their menu next to the Peach Mango Pie.  The sectional beezyness was about 70 percent.  It was quite busy for them by the time I came over.  By the time I ordered, they mentioned that they do not have the banana jackfruit pie yet.  I was bummed so I just ordered a peach mango pie.  Josh also took some coupons.  He will start to frequent Jollibee Ala Moana since he works there too.  A hui hou, until next time.  97 days more to go.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ala Moana Day 2.  Today I came in at lunch time.  There was a small line which was awesome.  I love standing in Jollibee lines.  If I were to go to Jollibee Waipahu right now, I bet this one would be longer.  Anyways, it was great to see an Ala Moana Jollibee line and even greater to experience standing in one.  They also have their own pocket menus too.  The prices at Ala Moana are actually just a bit more than Waipahu for certain foods like the Yumburger and chickenjoy meals.  Here’s another one to add to my wallet along with my beat up old one for Waipahu.  The look of the menu is different then the Waipahu one.  This one is all orange.  My friends Randy and Ruth spotted me in line.  Randy said OMG you have been to Jollibee 2 days in a row now.  He decided not to get something from Jollibee and went somewhere else.  I should beat him up for doing that.  I ordered a burger steak meal.  The sectional beezyness was about 35 percent.  As I was cruising around the mall after eating while sipping on my Jollibee cup, a couple workers from Ala Moana one from the customer service office and another one from Champs, asked me about Jollibee.  I gave them a pocket menu to look at.  That’s how the Jollibee Kid rolls.  98 more days to go.

Friday, November 25, 2011 – Ala Moana’s Opens!

Ala Moana Day 1.  Today is Black Friday.  The busiest shopping day of the year.  The day/aftermath of Thanksgiving.  And best of all, the opening of Jollibee Ala Moana.  So the day has finally come when the 2nd Jollibee in the state of Hawaii has officially opened.  It was an exciting day indeed.  It hasn’t been a year yet when Jollibee Waipahu first opened and now their are officially 2 on the island state! What a better day to open than on Black Friday to get things poppin’ at Jollibee Ala Moana.  Prior to their opening, I have been checking this place out.  I remember my friends and I would try to guess where they would open and predict when they would open.  I was thinking of doing a Diary of a Jollibee Kid comeback by attempting to go there 100 days in a row just like how I did in Waipahu.  I asked my facebook friends and did a poll of whether or not I should do it again.  100 percent of the votes said I should.  The people have spoken and I will do it for them.  This will be another fun journey and adventure in life.  So they are located right across of Curry House and some other shops.  I am sure they are going to do really good because of their unique location.  So I came here while doing some Black Friday shopping with fellow Tekkie the big homie Armand.  They were going to open at 6AM but we walked by an hour early just in case there was going to be a line or something.  It’s ridiculous because since it is Black Friday, there is a line for every store even though they don’t have any sales.  People are too much into the Black Friday hype that they just want to be there before a store opens hoping they can get a deal on something.  So we though that this is going to be the case for Jollibee Ala Moana.  However, there was no line.  We figure that it makes sense that there would be no line because they didn’t really promote their opening and they are already going to do good customer and sales wise because it’s Jollibee and they are in Ala Moana and people will eat there no matter what.  So we were going to come back later right when it opens at 6AM.  The big homie Armand was hecka tired and so was I.  We stayed up the whole night doing Black Friday shopping and will stay up the whole day having to go to work later on.  I let him sleep in my car.  I cruised around the mall for a bit.  I was suppose to go back and wake up Armand to go to Jollibee but I went there already by myself because I wanted to be there first.  So when I went over, surprisingly enough I was the first one.  I saw Ma’am Jill and Angie and a couple Waipahu staff workers I recognized.  It was very cool to see.  They were setting up and getting ready to go.  A group of security guards passed by and they were excited too.  So when they opened up, being the first one there, I got to be their first customer and was the first one to get their order taken even though it was I was the 3rd order in the receipt.  It was an honor indeed.  Ma’am Jill and Angie was very appreciative of the visit.  It was really cool to see the big shiny lit up Jollibee head in front of the store.  The front counter looks almost exactly like Waipahu’s from the bottom to the top.  The receipts look the same.  I got a number B1 yumburger meal.  The same order that I got when Jollibee first opened in Waipahu back in December.  I ordered to go and went back to the car to wake Armand up.  When we came back, he ordered a number B4 Amazing Aloha burger meal.  He loves the Amazing Aloha burger.  Some people say its gross to put a pineapple in a burger but listen up people, this burger is unique not only for a unique Fil-Am fast food joint like Jollibee but especially unique for Hawaii and it’s diversity.  As we sat there eating our lovely breakfast in this glorious Black Friday morning, I couldn’t help but be amazed by how many people where quickly ordering from the store.  I was starting to see more and more Jollibee red cups around the Makai Market Food Court.  From my observation just sitting there, I feel that probably a majority of their customer base is going to be from the youth and from young adults, even more so than tourists.  Nonetheless, here is the first page of the beginning of the sequel, Diary of a Jollibee Kid 2: The 100 Day Jollibee Ala Moana Experience.  1 day down, 99 more days to go.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vist No. 170.  Today I came in the morning time before work.  It’s been a while since I came pretty early in the morning.  The dine in beezyness was about 10 percent.  There was no line for Jollibee and Red Ribbon.  Today I just got a spaghetti family pack to go and some mango bars.  The food was all for my co-workers since we were having a pre-Thanksgiving potluck lunch together.  While ordering I noticed that they changed up their look on the menu for Jollibee.  It looks more like the menu in the Philippines the way how the design and style looks and also how the food looks as well.  I like that sort of style and design rather than the mainland USA one because it does really feel like you are ordering from a Philippines based Jollibee just by looking at the menu.  What I like best is now they have the “Cheeseburger” as the “Yumburger” how it is supposed to be.  Moreover, all of the combos are not labeled simply as No. 1 or No. 2, but they are all numbered uniquely like No. N1 or No. N2 just like in the Philippines.  They also brought back their Buy one get one Pearl Cooler deal that they had a few months ago.  Last but not least, tomorrow on Thanksgiving day they are only open from 6AM to 7PM.

Happy Birthday to fellow A-Towner Jocelyn! Hope she has a Jolli one!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Visit No. 169.  Today I came in during lunch time after attending a dance rehearsal I led for my fellow officers of the Honolulu Filipino Jaycees for our upcoming Night of Honor banquet next month.  When I came in, I saw lil Gabriel and Gizelle, children of fellow Jaycees Daniel and Angel.  I saw Angel and Daniel ordering food at the counter and they hooked me up with a #8 Amazing Aloha Burger meal.  It was Daniels birthday today and it was awesome to see that he was spending a part of his day at Jollibee.  The dine in beezyness was about 60 percent.  There was a small line for Jollibee and none for Red Ribbon.  I came again a second time later on at night.  This time I came with fellow tekkies Armand and Jaimie at night for dinner.  It was Jaimies first time going to Jollibee.  Like most cases, I think I was more excited for her than her being excited for herself.  When we came in, there was a party finishing up.  Although Jaimie had already eaten a huge lunch prior, she still ordered.  She got a #9 spaghettijoy meal which is an excellent starter meal for anyone new to Jollibee in my opinion.  Marvin was working the party that night and asked if I wanted the Jollibee pinayata.  I was like are you for real, heck yeah! He also gave me the bottom piece which they use to detach the bottom and thats where all of the goodies and candies come out.  He said I can just tape it.  I also got 2 yumburgers for Randy and Ruth whom we are going to meet later on tonight.  The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent.  There was a small line for Jollibee and none for Red Ribbon.  As we were exciting, Jaimie also took a pic next to the Jollibee mascot statue which is a mandatory tradition for anyone new to Jollibee.

Happy Birthday to fellow Jaycee Daniel! I know he had a Jolli one!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Visit No. 168.  Today I came at lunch time as usual before work.  I used the restroom first.  Afterwards I made my order.  I noticed that their were some new faces at the register counter.  I didn’t recognize some of the faces except for just a few of the staff workers.  I ordered a Halo Halo, shanghai lumpia rolls, and a yumburger.  Ma’am Angie came up who was talking to one of the managers of Jollibee Ala Moana.  She told me that everyone at the counter are Jollibee Ala Moana workers and they are doing their dry run.  I remember Ma’am Sandy telling me that they were going to open sometime near Black Friday as the prospective date.  Ma’am Angie now hopes that they are to open on that Saturday, which is the day after.  Either way, I am really excited.  One of my new tekkie friends Jaimie says she hasn’t been to Jollibee.  I hope to bring her to the Waipahu one before Ala Moana opens.  Other than that, it felt good to eat a yumburger again.  The dine in beezyness was about 45 percent.  There was a small line for Jollibee and none for Red Ribbon.  In other JBK news, my boss, Pomaika’i brought me a Jollibee Los Angeles t-shirt from.  I was super stoked.  It’s probably one of the top pasalubongs I ever received.  Hopefully one day I can visit a mainland Jollibee soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2011

Visit No. 167.  Today should be a holiday, well at least for Filipinos because it’s a Pacquiao fight with Marquez for the third time.  I came in during the early afternoon time with my buddy Matt.  The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent.  There was a small line for Jollibee and none for Red Ribbon.  I went in to get a 6 piece chickenjoy bucket and a spaghetti family pack for the potluck I am organizing for the fight.  I was wearing my Pacman attire so obviously everyone knew what was going to go on later in the day.  At my place where I was showing the fight, everyone had already downed the chickenjoy within minutes.  I should have gotten more. After Pacquiao’s  unanimous victory, fellow Tekkie Louise send me the most awesomest Manny picture ever.