Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visit No. 132. Today I came in around lunch time. Red Ribbon is opening up soon this week first Friday of the next month July. I am pretty excited to see how the new business will open up. I know my friend Karen can’t wait. There was a super small line. The dine in beezyness was about 90 percent. I ordered a burger steak meal to go. I noticed that they have this mini condiment section in between the 2 soda drink dispensers. They have everything from tobasco sauce to toothpicks.

Happy Birthday to fellow former RAP-er Tracey! Hope she has a Jolli one!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Visit No. 131.  Today I came in at lunch time after volunteering for the 2nd session of the Filipino for Kids Summer Program at the FilCom.  We watched a kid’s educational video featuring Jollibee and friends which got me excited.  Prior to going, I made a phone call in order for a yumburger meal, mango frizz bar, and 6 piece chickenjoy bucket.  There was a medium sized line.  The dine in beezyness is about 50 percent.  I proceeded to the front to pick up my order.  I saw Ma’am Jing and asked me if I wanted to become a Jollibee mascot for the kid’s parties.  She said every weekend they have a party.  Since I spent more than 15 bucks, today I got my last stamp for the phone call in order card.  Now I get to receive a free Amazing Aloha burger the next time I come.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s passing.  Long live MJ!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Visit No. 130.  Today I came in at lunch time after a job interview and running some other errands.  Before going in I saw my friend and fellow former Katipunero Evette.  I chatted with her for a bit.  She lives right by Jollibee which I am extremely jealous of.  There was a long line.  I noticed that they have a new item called the frizz bar for a dollar and 20 cents.  I think I shall get it.  I got my paper order taken and they were using the blank sheets again.  It’s been a while since I stood in a long line and had to wait.  The most irritating part of the wait was this one Manang who gradually cut in front of me and it looked like she was trying to cut in the people that were also in front of me.  I wanted to slap her but she was a Manang so I have to naturally respect her even though she showed disrespect.  I was like whatever.  If Shelby was here I would have let her take care of it since she is Japanese.  No racial.  It reminded me of the time when this one person who just completely bypassed the line as soon as she opened the entrance door.  How rude.  She didn’t even have a call in phone order.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent.  I got a spaghetti kiddie meal with apple juice and the new frizz bar coconut flavor.  They also have mango flavor.  The Jollibee kiddie kiosk has finally fallen into the lower right corner of the store near the entrance.  It has now officially traveled from all four corners of the store.  I also saw my friend Mary who off of work around the area afterwards.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visit No. 129.  Today I came in the mid afternoon after going to Costco.  I didn’t order anything.  I just went mainly to reload my Jollibee gift card with more funds.  Instead of using the same card they gave me another new one which happened the last time.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent and there was a small line.  While I was in line I heard a bunch of noise coming from the back area near the restrooms.  I thought it was a birthday party.  I think I remember hearing the staff workers singing the birthday song.  I was like cool I get to finally check out what a birthday party is like.  When I was at the counter, Ma’am Sandy came up to me and she said they were having a farewell party for Ma’am Merle.  She said she was transferring and moving to the mainland.  She along with the rest of the Jollibee staff family invited me over to the party.  I saw almost everyone there.  I guess I came at the right time.  I thought the food that they had was going to be Jollibee but it was different Filipino foods.  It was beeda ang sarap onolicious nonetheless.  It was nice seeing the little program that they had for Ma’am Merle.  They played Beiber’s Baby and had everyone sing and dance and the management team got to share their farewells to and for her.  I think Ma’am Jing was hosting the party.  Eating with the Jollibee staff really did make me feel I was a part of the family.   It was nice talking story with them for a while.  I got to meet a couple new people who got to learn about the story of the Jollibee Kid.  Ma’am Angie brought out the Diary book binder I gave to them a while ago to look at.  It is too bad that Rachele wasn’t there/here.  I think this was something that she would also especially enjoy seeing.  Overall today’s visit was a good one.  It was a great experience.  I really got to get a feel and taste of the Jollibee staff family atmosphere.  For me, I will miss Ma’am Merle’s welcoming presence everytime she sees me or I see at Jollibee.  You can tell that Jollibee Waipahu will truly miss one of their pioneering leaders. I guess it was Jolli destiny for me to come  today.

Happy Birthday to my fellow co-worker Rainbowtiquer and former Katipunero Nicole! Hope she has a Jollie one!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Visit No. 128.  Today I came in during the afternoon after cruising Waikele and attending the Filipino for Kids Summer Program Volunteer orientation meeting/workshop.  One of the head leads of the program Ate Cheryl showed me a CD which contained some interactive videos and songs with Jollibee.  I thought that was cool.  It made us think about how we can get Jollibee involved with the program since it would be perfect for the program.  Before going, I made a phone order ordering a bucket of 6 piece chickenjoy and a yumburger kids meal with apple juice to go.  I got the bucket of chickenjoy for my fellow former co-worker Brenda’s potluck later on.  The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent and there was no line even though I didn’t even have to fall in line.  As I was ordering they made me choose what kind of toy I wanted for the kids meal.  They showed me some action figures or a paper boat thing.  Jing encouraged me to get the boat since they didn’t know how to assemble it themselves.  She gave me two to take.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Visit No. 127.  Today I came in the morning before my eye appointment exam.   I got a spam breakfast joy.  The dine in beezyness was about 30 percent and there was hardly a line.  I noticed that I had no more funds in my card.  I would usually put some more funds in the card but I am just going to do it next time.  I went over by the kiddie kiosk thing and noticed that they have a table full of novelty items.  The special is if you buy $20 worth or more in addition to a peach mango pie then you get to take something out of the table.  There are many cool Jollibee items on the table such as Jollibee cups, water bottles, more notepads, etc.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Visit No. 126.  Today I came in with my fellow Tekkie Shelby straight at lunch time.  It feels like a while since I have been to Jollibee.  The last time I went was on Tuesday, which is about 3 days ago.  The dine in beezyness was about 90 percent.  There was a small line.  There was a staff worker taking our paper order and this time they didn’t have their Jollibee one.  They were just using plain blank cut up 4×4 paper squares.  Shelby got a spaghettijoy meal for lunch and a palabok meal for dinner later because she was working later on.  I got a yumburger with Tomato and Cheese meal.  We dined in and waited for other fellow Tekkies Chino and Don to meet us before practice.  We talked about how the kiddie kiosk has traveled from all 3 corners of the store.  The only place it hasn’t been placed yet is the bottom right corner where the trash bins are located.  Today I was with Shelby and that meant she just had to go to Golden Coin to buy some pandesal just because Jollibee doesn’t have it.  Chino had the audacity to pull a Shelby and go to Golden Coin and bring it and eat it at Jollibee.  At least he Jollified the food by spreading some gravy and spaghetti sauce over it.  Shelby gave me here lemon sauce/juice and gravy and used it to eat my burger.  It was jollicious.  I saw Ma’am Merle who asked me if I tried the newly modified Jollibee breakfast joys as well as the chicken sotanghon soup.  I didn’t realized that all of the breakfast joys now have the sunny side up eggs instead of scrambled eggs until Ma’am Merle pointed it out to me.  No wonder they have the new poster of the breakfast joys.  It is also no wonder why everytime I eat a breakfast joy it always has a sunny side up egg.  I think I remember one of the staff workers telling me that the breakfast joys now contain sunny side up eggs instead of scrambled eggs.  I kind of miss the scrambled eggs and makes me wonder why they did away with it to replace it with sunny side up eggs.  Last but not least, I also noticed the Jollibee wings are back on the stature mascot outside of the store.  Jollibee is alive again.

“Where to get fine food?” “Jollibee”