Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visit No. 125.  Today I came in early in the morning before jury duty.  There was no line nor beezyness.  There was one customer before me who dined in all by himself.  Near the kiddie kiosk, there’s a wall full of pictures from the Kid’s club coloring contest thing.  I would imagine it to be pictures of Jollibee but the pictures contained other cartoon characters on it.  Today I just got a burger steak to eat later for lunch.

Happy Birthday to my sister Riva! Also to fellow Tekkie Louise who had hers the day before! Hope they both have a Jolli one!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Visit No. 124.  Today I came in early in the morning before Jury Duty.  There was no line.  I got a Tocino breakfast joy for breakfast and spaghetti kiddie meal with apple juice for lunch.  I saw Ma’am Angie.  She asked me when I will make more Jollibee shirts because they are high in demand, I guess amongst the staff.  I guess it’s also a sign that I should really make more.  I mentioned to hear that I lead a dance crew.  She told me that her daughter likes dancing too.  I told her about our next gig at 50th State Fair.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Katipunero Bernard and fellow Jaycee Rufino Dan! Hope they had a Jolli one!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Visit No. 123.  Today I went early in the morning not before work but before jury duty.  Today I had to report for jury duty selection for the federal government.  I have never served on jury duty before so it was going to be an interesting day.  So today I just got a spam breakfast joy.  There was a small line and the dine in beezyness is about 5 percent.  I saw Fred and was surprised because I didn’t know that was going to be working today.  I was going to come back tomorrow to try and catch him but today sounds good too.  He gave me money for the shirt.   During the past weekend, I debuted myself as the Jolllibee Kid as my battle name for an All Styles Dance Battle.  I didn’t get to battle anybody because I never got past the preliminarily but hopefully next time.

Today is also Oprah Winfrey’s last episode.  As a man, I will step up and truly say that I will miss her shows.  She has been a television icon for the past 25 years/seasons.

“All life is energy, and we are transmitting it at every moment.” – Oprah Winfrey, Final Show

Long live the Oprah Show… subconsciously listening and watching episodes whenever Mother tunes in here and there has taught me many important things about our culture, community, society, and life.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Visit No. 122.  Today I came in the afternoon with my sister Riva and friend Maika.  Today we were on the adventure for looking for a storage place for our stuff since my other sister Heide came back from the dorms and our house is packed.  The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent.  There was no line.  I got a burger steak and I also had Jollibee yesterday when fellow Tekkie Nico picked up a Chicken Sotanghon Soup and a yumburger during practice.  The new chicken soup was good.  It was still warm after an hour.  It reminded me of chicken noodle soup because of the chicken long rice.  I saw Ma’am Merle and Jill who introduced me to Ma’am Mila.  I think I now officially met all of the managers.  I also noticed this new promotion thing just for kids (Ages 3 to 10) called “Color my World with Jollibee.” To summarize it, it’s basically a coloring contest for kids similar to what they do during the Jollibee Kid’s Days.  There was also a new poster up for all of the featured breakfast joy menu items.

RIP. Randy “Macho Man” Savage.  Beef Jerky and Wrestling will never be the same…

“I walk by faith and not by sight” – Tight Eyes, ABDC Season 6

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visit No. 121.  Today I came in early in the morning before work.  Since it was early morning there was no line nor dine in beezyness.  I ordered a Spam breakfast Joy.  There was another promotion kind of thing since it was graduation season.  When you buy a 2 Jolli catering platters you get a free hug me Jollibee doll or something like that.  There was also another poster up for a new food item called Chicken Sotanghon soup for $2.45.  It looks interesting.  I should try it next time.  I was expecting to see Fred who owes me money for the Jollibee shirt but I never saw him.  Perhaps next time.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Visit No. 120.  Today I came in the morning with my fellow tekkie Ariel.  The dine in beezyness was about 10 percent.  There was a small line.  When we stepped in, I noticed they moved the line again from the middle of the store to the right side of the store.  I guess it is that time again to change things up and update the look of Jollibee a little.  The line has now moved to all sides of the store which is pretty cool.  I wonder how the switch will effect traffic flow especially those who are used to the middle line and who are regulars at Jollibee.  Ariel and I both got a breakfast joy longganisa.  Sandy came by and asked if I can fill out a customer survey for Jollibee.  I wasn’t the only one, she was passing them out to others as well.   The survey was interesting because in the back it asks questions like were you have been and were you are going before and after Jollibee.  I think the surveys are good for Jollibee becuase it serves to better understand customer relations dynamic to Jollibee.  In the front, it says you get a token in exchange for doing the survey.  The survey was both in English and Spanish.  I was puzzled, isn’t it suppose to be in English and Filipino/Tagalog? Maybe it is a survey they do for all global markets of Jollibee and Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.  Sandy gave us 2 Jolli Crispy Fries.  I gave it to Louise after as a going away present because she was leaving today to go back home in the mainland.  Fellow tekkie Chino also came by and met up with us to go to our gig after at Hickam.

So I came in again for the second time before visiting my friend Micah who is having a graduation get-together.  This time I got a gift card to buy and give as a present to one of my other peeps who graduated today.  I was with my friend Matt.  He hasn’t heard of Jollibee before so I showed him the ropes.  After showing him the food, he automatically fell in love with Jollibee and he is not Filipino.  We didn’t have time to eat or anything so one day we are going to come back and grind later.  The dine in beezyness this time was about 30 percent.  There was a small line.  So they took a while again to handle the gift card situation I had.  I was used to it already so I really do not mind the wait.  Jing came up and did the transaction.  She told me that they had problems with customers having no balance after getting gift cards and using them.  So they have to take the extra pre-caution to double check.  Ma’am Merle also popped up and told me she didn’t see me at the Filipino Fiesta.  I asked them if the parade went well for them and I guess it everything went fine.  Matt couldn’t stop looking at the Jollibee menu and the instant replying videos of spaghetti and chickenjoy.  He wanted the number 4 meal really bad (3 piece chickenjoy with 2 side dishes).  I gave him one of the Jollibee pocket menus.

Happy graduation and congratulations to all who graduated today specifically those from UH Manoa! Hope they all have a Jolli post-grad future!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Visit No. 119.  Today I came in real early in the morning.  It’s been a while since I came super early.  I went early because 76 Gas Station in collaboration with KCCN FM 100 were offering $4.19 gas plus they were giving out free gift cards for those who where participating in their facebook contest which I won.  They were at 76 gas station at Waipahu which was close to Jollibee.  I did a drive by winning.  I used the gift card to get gas too.  As soon as I stepped in I saw Fred working and finally gave him the Jollibee shirt before I forgot.  He didn’t have the dough today but will get it from him next time.  There was no beezyness and no line.  I got a spam breakfast joy to go.  Speaking of breakfast, my fellow Tekkie Ariel wants to come here on Saturday morning before our gig to get a breakfast joy.  He hasn’t had one yet and has been craving it for the longest time.  I managed to grab a pic of the new Jolli catering packs and got their prices… 1) Spaghetti $30.50 2) Chickenjoy $29.50 3) Palabok Fiesta $40. 50 4) $24.50 Burger Steak

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Visit No. 118.  Today I came in a little before lunch time with my co-worker Iz.  We had lunch here.  It was his first time dining in at Jollibee Waipahu Hawaii.  He was impressed with the store look.  He is now Jolli devirginized.  Congratulations to him.  I am glad I personally led him the way as we drove down to Waipahu Shopping Plaza.  The dine in beezyenss was about 10 percent.  There was hardly a line.  I noticed that they now have catering party packs.  I didn’t check the prices but it seems like it’s somewhere in the 20 dollar above range.  Iz got a burger steak meal.  He wanted the Jolli Cripsy Fries with his meal but got served rice instead.  He didn’t want rice but wanted the fries so I guess they misheard him.  It was unfortunate to witness being it his first time being and dining in at the store but I shared my fries with him.  They gave a lot of rice though.  I would have ate it if I hadn’t gotten a yumburger kids meal with apple juice.  I also saw Fred working and told him I will try bring the shirt he wanted next time.  I wonder how Jestoni feels now.  Sandy came along and introduced her to Iz.  She told me about the new party catering sets that they put out just today which was cool.  I also grabbed more of the kiddie party pamphlets and new pocket menu items just in case anybody asks me since I am the JBK.  Before we left I texted my other co-worker Carolina if she wanted anything.  She wanted 2 peach mango pies.  I have a feeling that’s her favorite thing at Jollibee now.

Happy Birthday to former Katipunero Jess and fellow soon to be former Katipunan President McDaniel! Hope they both have a Jollitacular one!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visit No. 117.  Today I came in at night after church.  Before we stepped in, I saw a group of white people.  No racial.  It reminded me of the time when Rachele and I were talking about how Jollibee attracts all types and kinds of people other than Filipinos.  There was a line that went almost to the door so I would consider it a long line.  I guess it was a busy day due to Mother’s Day.  Speaking of Mother’s Day, I came in with my Mother and my sisters.  She agreed to go to Jollibee on Mother’s Day so therefore we went to Jollibee as mentioned.  My sister Heide wanted to go somewhere else at Ala Moana.  I told her to go call that place just in case they have reservations and a wait line.  We found out that place has a 2 hour wait line.  I was like aahhh Hell to the No.  Reservations are key on Mother’s Day.  So when in doubt… Jollibee.  The dine in beezyness was about 85 percent.  I also noticed that they now have wait numbers when you have a pending order when you dine in.  Here’s what we ordered today… number 10 chickenjoy palabok mean, side order rice, 2 cripsy bangus meal with side order of 2 drinks, 2 shanghai lumpia rolls, 2 peach mango pies, number 11 spaghetti meal, Jolli Hotdog, and Halo-Halo.

So when we ordered Sandy came up to the rescue again to handle a another gift card situation.  I found out that I already went over my limit on the card so I had to pay more.  Since I had to pay more it is that time again to reload the card.  Actually Sandy gave me a new card and let me keep my old card for remembrance.  This card has Jolli Crispy Fries on the card.  Afterwards I noticed that we never got a Mother’s day novelty item since we ordered over 20 plus a Jolli Hotdog so I notified the server.  I got a Jollibee coaster.  I am curious to see how Jollibee’s participation at the Filipino Fiesta parade went.  I asked Sandy if she went and she didn’t.  I came with a nice plastic wrap and everything.  So my Mother was very hungry today.  She ate all her meal plus some of Riva’s lumpia rolls plus she ordered another palabok meal which she made Heide fetch.

Coincidentally, we sat next to the picture wallpaper with the guy playing guitar and random chickenjoy girl closest to the drink dispensers.  The same wallpaper where the girl holding the chickenjoy looks like my sister Riva.  So this was the perfect chance to take a picture of her next to the wallpaper.  We didn’t have anymore chickenjoy so she used a peach mango pie instead.  However, later on when my mom ordered a chickenjoy palabok, we took another picture with Riva holding a chickenjoy just like the wallpaper.  If only she wore yellow it would have been perfect! So afterwards we critically analyzed the whole wallpaper picture.  First, the girl holding the chickenjoy is totally random because the other girls in the picture are eating desserts.  Second, the girls and one boy are all looking at the guy plying the guitar.  Third, you cannot guess what the girl’s expression holding the chickenjoy, she is a total unknown she is probably looking at the group of friends instead of the guitar playing guy.

Happy Birthday to my fellow tekkie Josh! Hope he has a Jolli one! Happy Mother’s day to all the loving mothers out there

Mothers – Whose love and guidance have been the foundation for our lives.  Whose loving hands and hearts have touched, healed, and nurtured us all.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Visit No. 116.  Today I came in during the late afternoon time.  It was quite a drive with the combination of rush hour traffic, local drivers, and rain.  As I was driving to Jollibee, Jing called me regarding a question about the Fiesta parade.  I didn’t know the answer to the question she had so I referred her to another committee member off the Fiesta parade.  Before I went in, the man who always solicits donations to me asked for a donation again and I told him I donated already.  He told me he liked me Manny Pacquiao shirt.  He also asked me where I was going to watch the fight.  I kinda just ignored him… So when I went in, I came in to get gift cards.  I was getting gift cards which I am going to use for the Manny Pacquiao Look A Like contest for tomorrow’s Filipino Fiesta.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent.  There was a small line.  It went pretty fast.  The staff worker who was taking paper orders bypassed me because I told her I am getting gift cards.  The menu that she showed me was cool because it was laminated.  I had to take a second look at it.  So when I ordered I asked to get gift cards.  Sandy came up to me and took the transaction.  I also saw Jing who I talked to earlier I think.  She told me that they have their 2nd party today.  They had their 1st party recently.  I would have stayed longer to check it out but I had more urgent things to do afterwards.  When she rang up the first card she misheard the amount on it so she had to void it but had trouble doing so.  It was a deja vu moment.  So I let her take her time in trying to fix the situation.  Since I used a credit card, it was hard, so she refunded me cash which was cool.  After getting all the gift cards in place she showed me their new mini pocket menu.  To compare it with the old menu….

1) The front cover has a close up on Jollibee and no longer has “Now Open”
2) When you look at the inner and outer flaps, the traditional items are still there with the same prices.
3) The new menu no longer has macaroni salad as a side order dish.  You can also upgrade $1 for white meat per piece.
4) The new menu has the new items on such as all the breakfast joys.  They also have lumpia rolls and and chicken sotanghon soup which are seasonal offering items.
5) The new menu has an updated and detailed information of the Jollibees across the USA.
6) One thing that the new menu doesn’t highlight is the famous Jolli Hotdog.
7) The new menu has one more page flap than the old menu.

So after I got my cards, Sandy positively forced me or highly encouraged me to buy something, so I got an ube pearl cooler for the road.  I looked at the birthday party set up in the back.  The party had all these Jollibee themed things like a pinata, party favors, decorations, etc.  It was somewhat festive and it twas very nice.  The sound coming out of the music was bumpin’ fo sho.  I saw some of the service crew staff members.  Jestoni asked me where his shirt was.  I told him where is Fred because he wants to buy your shirt.  I found out Fred was going to be Jollibee at the party and Fred is going to be Jollibee at the Filipino Fiesta parade.

Maligayang Kaarawan to my former Filipino Teacher and Advisor (ang dating guro ng Pilipino) Tita Ime!