Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visit No. 113.  Today I came in the afternoon with my friend Randy.  We were getting food for the Filipino Fiesta committee.  Today we are preparing packets for the vendors for tomorrow’s orientation meeting at the FilCom.  Prior to driving to Jollibee from FilCom we took everyone’s orders on paper.  When we got there I told myself and Randy that we should have made a call order! So at the parking next to Jollibee we made a phone call in order.  I wanted to do it because I wanted to get another stamp on my card and we were ordering above 15 dollars.  It was a big order too.  So I made the order and waited 10 minutes at the parking lot in the car before we went in.  While we were waiting we saw some of our fellow former Katipunero friends Joel and Kayla.  They were already leaving Jollibee so Randy called them.  When we went inside, Ma’am Angie was there and she liked my Manny Pacquiao shirt I was wearing.  She told me that she went to his last fight in Dallas with Margartio.  She asked if we were ready for Fiesta and told her that we will be.  Out of the huge order we made, I just ordered a halo-halo because I had already eaten earlier.  The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent.  There was a small line even though we weren’t in it since we made a phone order call.  Prior to going to Jollibee, I was trying to introduce Ysabel, who is the baby daughter of fellow Jaycee Ryan, to Jollibee.  I gave her my lucky pocket Jollibee menu to her to look at and play with and told her that one day she will eat Jollibee and like it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Visit No. 112.  Today I came in at around brunch time.  I came mainly to see Rachele before she leaves to go back to the Philippines.  She has been the Jollibee Kid’s bestest and one of my top servers who served me 12 times out of the 112 time visits.  She quit working at Jollibee last week but she will come back again.  For a parting gift, I gave her one of my limited edition Jollibee shirts.  When I stepped in she introduced me to some more staff workers who I haven’t officially met yet.  It was nice to finally meet them.  We all took pictures together which was nice.  They all liked the shirt I gave Rachele and asked me where I got it.  I told them I made it somewhere.  Rachele could tell that one of them, Jestoni, really liked the shirt.  I asked him if he could fit a size small.  He said yes so I figured what the hay I might as well give it to him since it’s the last shirt I have.  She also said she likes the shirt design that Ryan did and wants to wear that.  I think the staff should wear custom Jollibee shirts on one day like Monday, just like how they wear Aloha shirts on Friday.  I think that would be cool.

The dine in beezyness was about 40 percent.  There was hardly a line.  They updated their menu at the store with new signs showing the breakfast joys, kid’s meals, and others.  I ordered a breakfast joy Tocino with a drink which I have been craving since lent began.  It was my first time using the other gift card that Angie and Philip gave me.  It felt good finally eating the Jollibee garlic rice again.  It was really hard giving up rice for lent.  I want to do it again.  Speaking of lent, I kind of wished I would have gone to Jollibee on Easter Sunday since they had the egg hunt just to see what it was like but oh well.  I also saw Sandy and she was sick.  Maybe she got it from Rachele since she was sick.  But Rachele is already better.  I also saw Merle who sounded sick too.  Maybe she got it from Sandy who got it from Rachele.  She mentioned that she will be at the Fiesta.  I think Sandy said she will bee there too.  Speaking of Fiesta, it’s too bad that Rachele will miss it.  She told me to take pictures that day.  Hopefully I will not bee too beezy.  One of the crew workers Fred asked me what my height is.  I beelieve, it was for regarding the Jollibee mascot.  I asked if there was a height requirement but according to them, there is none.  I found out that Fred and Rachele’s brother who also works at Jollibee wear the Jollibee mascot suit.  Rachele is going to refer me to be the dancing Jollibee mascot since they are going to start having the Kid’s parties happening soon.  Sandy mentioned that they already have bookings for parties.  I am excited about it because this would entail that the Jollibee Kid will become the Jollibee which is pretty epic.  I would volunteer to be the mascot at Fiesta if I was not already involved in the Fiesta as the Entertainment coordinator.

I stayed at Jollibee for about an hour talking story with Rachele.  She shared some interesting Jollibee stories.  First, I asked her if there are any regular die-hard customers other than myself that come into the store all the time.  She said yes, I think she mentioned that there are 5 that she remembers who always come into the store.  Those 5 regular customers she knows are also non-Filipino.  We had a discussion about how Jollibee not only attracts Filipinos but non-Filipinos as well.  We have made the conclusion that Jollibee has already established a solid customer base, meaning customers who come in regularly.  She mentioned that there was a guy who flew in from Maui just to visit Jollibee.  I think he ordered every menu from the item so he could taste everything.  That is pretty crazy.  Second, she shared with me how they use the terms “Ma’am” and “Sir” in the Jollibee workplace.  It is pretty much a respectable particle when addressing someone who is higher than you.  To me, it is a unique Filipino based custom similar to the Tagalog language where you would address someone older than you with the word “Po.” Third, she mentioned that the next Jollibee location will possibly bee at Ala Moana and of course Kalihi along with some other places.  I can only imagine how much more success Jollibee can bring having a store in Ala Moana.  If Jollibee Waipahu can break a grand opening record, I think Jollibee Ala Moana has the potential of doing it as well.  Fourth, I asked her if she knew when exactly Red Ribbon was going to open and she said probably not till 2 months from now.  According to her, they keep on delaying the opening for some reason.  I showed her my lucky beat up Jollibee pocket menu that I keep in my wallet.  She said she has one too and ended up giving me an expired Jollibee Tipid Card from the Philippines.  I think you get special deals with that card in the Philippines.  Last but not least, I also asked Sandy how much is the average amount of customers the store attracts everyday and she said 800 which was exactly my guess.  However, she said that there needs to bee a push to raise the average spending amount per customer.  That is why they push the counter to ask if customers want anything else such as a peach mango pie or halo-halo.  As I was leaving the store, Jestoni reminded me about the shirt haha hopefully I don’t forget the next time I come.  Overall, it was quite a pleasant Jolli visit today at Jollibee.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visit No. 111.  Today I came in at night time after work.  Before I stepped into the building, there was dis Hawaiian family who was taking pictures next to da Jollibee statue mascot. ..

Ho get choke keiki lahdat.  Da keiki stay crawling undaneat Jollibee and dey even stay ontop of da buggah too.  Dey was all on Jollibee and dey keep on moving him ladat.  Ho good tink da wings stay off.  Da keiki treat him like he one toy or somting.  I stay feeling sorry for da mascot.

There was a small line.  The dine in beezyness was about 10 percent.  When I came in they were already starting to clean up about an hour before closing time.  They now have the breakfast joys on top of the menu at the store officially up and also the shanghai lumpia rolls and crispy bangus.  It’s interesting that the Jolli Hotdog is not up on the menu since that item came first before the lumpia and bangus.  They have relocated the kiddie toy kiosk thing back to the left side of the store along with the table that has it’s Easter stuff.  You can also see that they have the kiddie meal selections up by the kiosk to look at.  I have to make sure I get a decent amount of food to eat tonight because tomorrow I plan on fasting for Good Friday.  Tonight I am going to get a yumburger kids meal and shanghai lumpia rolls.  With the kids meal, I also got a flashlight type of toy.  There’s 5 of them to collect so I am going to try to collect all of the toys in that series just like how I did for all the other toys that Jollibee had so far.  Today I paid in cash since my gift card amount was low and I forgot to swap cards to the one that Angie and Philip gave me that I did not use yet.  I looked in the back as I waited for my shanghai lumpia rolls and noticed some birthday decorations posted up.  Looks like they have their birthday party packages all set up and starting already.  As I walked out of the store, there was this guy who always solicits donations for a charity in the Philippines.  I think he always stands around by Jollibee and frequents the Waipahu Shopping Plaza area.  I always tell him I donated haha.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visit No. 110.  Today I came in during work for a lunch stop.  While I was on the road there wasn’t as much fast drivers that I experience, drive by, and witness on a daily basis most likely because today is “420.”  People started early or in fact the whole day.  As I stepped into the building I noticed more new food items and posters as Jollibee.  First, there was a banner indicating that Red Ribbon will open up soon.  I bet that is getting a lot of people hyped and excited.  I must be there on the grand opening.  Maybe start a streak for Red Ribbon? They now have shanghai lumpia rolls and Crispy Bangus (milkfish) finally.  I was stoked.  The shanghai rolls are $2.85 and come with 6 rolls.  They have 2 versions of the Crispy Bangus.  You can order it like a regular meal which comes with rice, Crispy Bangus, and tomatoes for $5.35.  And you can order it as a breakfast meal which scrambled eggs is included along with garlic rice for $5.65.  The decision on what to order was no longer a difficult issue for me today.  I couldn’t wait to try it.  I used the restroom first.  The dine in beezyness was about 75 percent.  There was a medium line.  After walking out of the restroom in the back, I saw Jing and she was eating the new crispy bangus with garlic rice and tomato.  I also saw Merle and she told me to try the new foods.  She told me that they now have the crispy bangus just in time for the lenten season.  But in the back of my mind I was thinking it was about time because lent is already almost over with Easter coming up this Sunday.  With all of these new foods at Jollibee including the Jolli Hotdog, I noticed that people are still loyal and always get the signature Jollibee food menu items like the unbeatable chickenjoy and spaghett.  They also removed the kiddie toy kiosk back to the other left side corner of the store and there is also a nice little table with an Easter egg basket in preparation for Easter and an Easter egg hunt with Jollibee.

While I was in line I saw Sandy and she took my paper order.  Of course, I got the crispy bangus with scrambled eggs with side order of mashed potatoes, 2 sets of shanghai lumpia rolls, and a peach mango pie for my co-worker Carolina.  I ordered the meal take out and ate it back in the office at work.  I thought it was funny how they put the shanghai lumpia rolls in the Crispy Jolli Fries wrapper.  But it looked good because the rolls fit perfectly in it.  Maybe later on they will have a separate thing for the lumpia rolls.

On Easter Sunday, Jollibee is inviting all the kids this Sunday and they will have an Easter egg hunt with Jollibee.  It sounds very exciting because exciting prizes await the winners! The egg hunt schedule that day is 9AM to 10AM, 1PM to 2PM, and 3PM to 4PM.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Katipunero Luci! Happy 420 to all the… yeah… out there lol!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Visit No. 109.  It’s Aloha Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.  We so excited.  Fun. Fun. Fun.  Well today was pretty epic.  Today I came in the early evening time along with my fellow tek crew friends Don, Shelby, and Ariel.  When we got there, we went to Pacific Supermarket to kill time and buy some snacks.  We were killing time to wait for the other peeps Nico, Louise, Josh, and Lowella.  We all came back from our first place performance victory for the second year at Hawaii Pacific University’s Intercultural Day.  We went to Jollibee as a post celebration.  I noticed that they had posted up the Filipino Fiesta poster I gave them by the entrance door.  I was happy.  Earlier Rachel texted saying that Jollibee is confirmed to participate in the Fiesta.  I was surprised because I was wondering if they are participating as a food vendor or in the parade.  I remember them telling me that they can’t participate as a food vendor because of logistical reasons.  The dine in beezyness was about 60 percent.  There was hardly a line.  Louise made me take a picture with herself and the empty line but because she was too overexcited as she always is, as she handed me her phone she dropped it before I could fully grasp on to it therefore the phone dropped on the ground.  In football, it’s like a wide receiver running his route before catching the ball thus causing the quarterback to make an incomplete pass.

I ordered a palabok fiesta meal without pork because of lent.  It still tasted langhap sarap good.  So today I was with Shelby and whenever I am with her at Jollibee, she goes to Golden Coin and orders something there and eats it outside the store.  I think it’s because she craves the pandesal and unfortunately Jollibee does not have that… yet.  Red Ribbon is opening up soon though.  She did not do that today.  So while we were eating, they mentioned that the Jollibee’s wings were off outside.  I was like what in the blue hell no way.  I guess they took it off for the good reason of  less tampering actually no tampering at all of the wings since it got broken last time.  To me it looks naked.  Jollibee without wings is like chickenjoy without the skin.  One of the highlights of today’s visit was when this one Jolli kid who entered the store.  Immediately when he stepped it he shouted JOLLIBEE as joyfully as a Jolli kid could be.  It was very Jolliful to see.  He was definitely stoked to be at Jollibee.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visit No. 108.  Today I came in during lunch time before going to work.  There was a medium line.  The dine in beezyness was about 10 percent.  I stood in line and got my paper order taken.  I just got a Palabok Fiesta to go.  I saw Rachele and gave her my Diary of a Jollibee Kid Book Diary/Book prototype.  For the past 2 weeks, I have compiled all my receipts and all my diary posts/entries for those days/receipts, made copies of them, and put them all together in a binder.  I made a special copy for the Jollibee staff.  I have a master copy myself.  So I texted Rachele earlier so I can give it to her to and share it with the rest of the staff.  When I saw her I gave it to her.  As I was about to leave, she called up the two head operating managers Angie and Merle.  It was my first time officially meeting Merle.  I think deep inside I was more excited to meet her than her finally meeting me.  It was great to finally meet her myself.  We ended up taking a picture all together which was cool along with the Diary I gave them.  As I was walking out, there was a family who was taking a picture in front of the whole Jollibee store.  They seemed very excited to be at Jollibee.  I think it was their first time visiting.  It is always good to see first timers come to the store.  Hope they had a great experience.

Happy Birthday to my fellow SF homies Luigi and Sebastian! Hope they had a Jolli-zing one!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Visit No. 107.  Today I came I for a lunch break during work while making an errand.  The dine in beezyness was about 80 percent.  There was a small line.  I ordered a yumburger, Jolli hotdog, and kidde apple juice.  The bread bun of the yumburger tasted kinda different.  It had more of a wheat flavor which was still good.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visit No. 106.  Today I came in at just a little past lunch time.  I went with Ariel after having practice, going to Katipunan’s car wash in Kalihi, and picking something up at the Post office.  I haven’t gone to Jollibe for about 3 days and I felt like I haven’t gone in forevers.  The dine in beezyness was about 80 percent.  The line was super short.  I ordered a number 11 spaghetti meal.  We dined in and sat in the back by the restrooms.  Ariel ordered a spaghetti and Jolli hotdog.  I noticed that the hotdog container has a new look.  It actually looks sexier to me.  It is so much smaller than the old cover container and it fits within the hotdog’s size.  We waited for Randy to come by and meet us because he was at the Filipino Community Center doing some Filipino Fiesta stuff.  He was going to join us.  Speaking of Fiesta, I think I plan on giving out Jollibee gift cards for winners of the Manny Pacquiao look alike contest I am thinking of holding.  I think that would be a good prize for the winners.  While we were eating, there was this one kid eating his Jolli Hotdog and only eating the hotdog wiener.  He was holding it and eating it without the hotdog bun and all that good Jolli ketchup and dressing.  He left everything that makes the Jolli hotdog good off.  I thought it was funny.  Randy came over ordering a spaghetti and only now he realizes the yummyness and authentic Jolliness flavor of the spaghetti after eating it for about 6 times already.  It is only now that he has reached Jollibee enlightenment.  It was sad and a disappointment but I guess his taste buds were not working at the time.  During our stay I saw a couple of managers moving some tables and chairs around.  I thought they were helping in setting up for a big group of customers.  I came to find out that they were having a managers/supervisors meeting.  It was really cool to see all of the top guys/gals of Jollibee Waipahu there all together.  It was my first time seeing all of them together.  I was quite overwhelmed by their presence during that time knowing that they were thee management team and I am pretty sure all of them have read my diary.  It is a good Jolli feeling.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Chaminader Will! Hope he has a Jolli one!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Visit No. 105.  Today I came in the morning before work a little before lunch time.  I planned to go today because I drafted an article for Rachele that she wanted me to write.  I was working on it for a little under a week.  In the article, I just kinda just summed up a summary of what’s it’s like at Jollibee Waipahu Hawaii from opening day till today.  She texted me earlier in the morning before I went telling me that Jill, the Business Development Director/head operations, wanted to meet and talk to me.  She also wanted to read the article.  The dine in beezyness was about 35 percent.  There was not much of a line.  When I came in, I went to go see Rachele first to give her my article.  When I saw her she introduced me to another staff member.  She went to the back to get Jill.  While I was coming in I saw a fellow Jaycee Ryan from Honolulu Chinese Jaycees.  He told me that it was his first time at Jollibee.  It was cool to see him there.  So when I met Jill for the first time we sat down and had a wonderful chat.  I think I was more excited to meet her than her meeting me even though she expressed so much anticipated excitement to finally meet me.  It was very interesting to hear about her past and current involvement within Jollibee.  She mentioned that she set up the first international Jollibee in 1987… so according to…


  • 2nd Taiwan store opens.
  • Sales of 570 million pushes Jollibee into the elite Top 100 Corporations
  • Jollibee opens 1st fast food outlet in Brunei, marking its entry into the global market.

I think I was a year old, almost turning 2 that year.  But anyway, she also mentioned that she is trying to set up a Jollibee Kid’s Club where Kids get to join and get benefits from it like birthday surprises via mail, parties, and other fun stuff that is exclusive to Jollibee Kid’s Club members.  Similar to what Jing had told me, she too along with many of the Jollibee top officials in the U.S. and Philippines thought I was a real Kid kid.  How can I a kid write such literature and writings? She also mentioned that things have already been written about me in the Philippines which was surprising to hear.  When I was conversing with her, I felt like I was in an interview because there were key questions she asked like, how did I decide to pursue to being a Jollibee Kid, how I chose the name Jollibee Kid and not Jollibee Fan or something else, etc.  I also got to share a little about where I work and my involvement within the community with her with Read Aloud America.  In the future she expressed a possible partnership or sponsorship that Jollibee can offer to our organization and programs if it’s within the budget.  That was also great news to hear as well.  She was going to take my article and edit it.  I was just glad and grateful they gave me an opportunity to write it and contribute to the Jollibee community.  I also have to thank Rachele to getting me a free meal which was a drink, yumburger, and some Jolli Crispy Fries.  She’s awesome.  I am going to miss her when she leaves.  She told me that she is leaving soon this month, going back home to the Philippines.  When I was heading out to work I noticed that I don’t have any documentation of today’s visit because I did not have a receipt! I didn’t buy anything! I planned to buy something but Rachele already got me some food and meeting Jill kept me off track (in a good way). Well I can always use Jill’s business card that she gave me to substitute it I guess.

Happy Birthday to fellow and Former Hawaii Jaycee State President Stan! Hope he has a Jolli one!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Visit No. 104.  Today is the real visit no. 104.  No joke haha.  Today I came in at night time.  I parked right in the front of the store and noticed that they have a new banner up for the double bucket promo deal.  It looks like now you can get 2 buckets of 6 chickenjoys each plus 2 peach mango pies all for $18.50.  I used the restroom first.  The dine in beezyness was about 20 percent.  There was a very small line.  While in line, there were 3 military men/women in uniform.  As I was listening to them talk, I think one or two of them said that it was their first time here and they were thinking of what to get.  Tonight I just got a Jolli spaghetti to go.

Listening to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song made me think about making my own song about Jollibee.  If Rebecca Black can do it then I can too.  It’s funny how “auto-tune” can practically make anyone make a hit-single.  There are so much “Friday” song parodies out there, it’s just too funny.  I should make lyrics like waking up in the morning, what I should eat, going to Jollibee, what to order, should I dine in or take out, should I get dessert to, which route to take to Jollibee, should I drive or take the bus, etc.