Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visit No. 103.  Today I went in the afternoon during work before heading down to the Read Aloud Program at Leihoku Elementary School in Waianae.  As soon as I came in I had a quick chat with Ryan about the Jollibee t-shirt design.  He has some pretty good designs lined up and hopefully we can get them printed soon.  After that I quickly used the restroom.  The dine in beezyness was about 15 percent.  There was hardly a line.  I ordered a quick ube pearl cooler to go.  I also notice they now removed the kiddie toy kiosk to the other side of the store where it used to be by the soda machine dispenser right next to the sign that indicates the “130 person” maximum capacity notice.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visit No. 102.  Today I came in before work again around lunch time.  There was a small line.  The dine in beezyness is about 20 percent.  Today I am just going to get a Jolli Hotdog.  There was a lot of traffic on Farrington Highway because of stupid construction, especially near the Waipahu Shopping Plaza.  There is a road closure on Waipahu Street.  Maybe it was a sign that I should not have gone to Jollibee today.  It really screwed up my drive today.  I had the same staff server as last night when I went.  It was kinda awkward and cool at the same time.  I saw Sandy and a lot of the stuff seemed busy and working hard.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 (The Aftermath)

So it’s been days since I haven’t gone to Jollibee since my 100 day streak ended.  During the past few days I have been getting over my Jollibee withdrawals.  I have been reading my past diary blog posts and reminisced about good times at Jollibee.  I still can’t believe it.  Life has almost never been the same.  Well it’s now time to get over it and live life to the fullest.

On Friday, I did nothing but watch and listen to Rebecca Black’s music video and song “Friday.” Just joking.  I am kidding.  That’s one song that I love to hate.  Beiber fever watch out for the Blackheads.  I can’t believe the amount of success that she is getting because of that damn song.  It’s ridiculous.  Anyway all I did on this day was reading blogs and doing some modifications and updates on the website and facebook page.  I was also pretty much on facebook the whole day.

On Saturday, I did the same thing as Friday.  At night, I went to a karaoke event with my fellow Honolulu Filipino Jaycee friends.  They could tell I was having Jollibee withdrawals.

On Sunday, I went to church in the morning.  Included in my prayer was thanking God and the good Lord for guiding me and helping do such an accomplishment at Jollibee and also everyone’s support.  At night, mother took my blood pressure.  It was 106 over 59.  My friends tell me how I remain soo skinny.  I them them it’s the Jollibee.  Just jokes.  I dance a lot which keeps me somewhat fit.  They tell me I would make a great Jollibee spokesperson.

On Monday, I went to Max’s of Manila for dinner with my fellow Jaycee officers.  Karen had receipts from her Jollibee visit on Sunday.  I got it from her and she gave it to me.  I am going to put it in my underground undocumented archive stash.

Visit No. 101.  So today is Visit No. 101.  I am not going to put ” Day 101″ because the streak is no longer active.  I am just going to start my blogs with “Visit No. __” I came in the morning today almost around lunch time.  It was the first day I came since the 100th day.  I was debating if I should go to Jollibee since I was at Walmart Pearl City prior to the time.  I decided to go and get some burgers for Josh, Ariel, and I since we were performing today for UH Manoa’s Filipino Law Student Association’s Adobo Cook Off event.  Right after that I have to go to work.  As I was walking to the store, I felt like I haven’t gone in forevers.  5 days to be exact since last week Wednesday.  The feeling today was different because the streak was over.  There wasn’t a sense of urgency anymore.  I used the restroom first.  I looked around and nothing has changed since then.  There was about 2 people in line when I went to the line.  The dine in beezyness was about 5 percent.  I ordered 3 yumburgers.  I also saw Rachele as she was eating her food at the time and not working.  I told her I haven’t gone since the 100th day.  She gave me a food magazine that looked like what I thought was a Jollibee newsletter but it only had an article about Jollibee in it.

To review the article about Jollibee in the Spring 2011 “Food service in Paradise” magazine, overall it was a good article.  As a Jollibee rookie, the author of the article summed up Jollibee’s contents pretty good in a nutshell.  She mentions that she has never been to Jollibee prior to her 1st visit at the Waipahu location.  I complement her on her complements of the store and food.  She mentioned that Jollibee opened at 4:00AM on Dec. 14, 2010 and there was a line that extended that wrapped around the building down to the corner.  I think that’s about 100 people’s worth.  I wished I went earlier that day to witness it and to have been a part of the first 100 people.  A pretty interesting statistic is that the first day brought in 2,000 customers without advertisements.  I think they have to thank all the Filipinos who told other Filipinos via phone, text, twitter, and facebook for that amount of people who came in that day.  She mentioned that the numbers have died down to about 1,500 a day.  If you ask me, I would say about 1,000 a day.  The article mentions that, “there are plans, to expand the Hawaii market to better serve our customers.” I still say that the next Jollibee will be located in Iwilei/Kalihi, by Max’s of Manila and Costco.  If you think about it that area is already prepared because they recently expanded their parking.  I am sure that area can handle a Jollibee invasion.  It will probably be located by L&L or somewhere around there.  I am calling it right now and that is my prediction.  When another Jollibee opens up in Oahu, another streak will be born.  The article also mentions, “For more information visit” She obviously assumed that was Jollibee’s website without researching first.  I think she meant to put or  She also put the store hours as 6:00AM to 11:00PM daily, which are the hours for Friday and Saturday only I believe.  The rest of the days of the week are only till 10:00PM.

The staff crew worker who served me today mentioned about me and Ryan’s collaboration about the t-shirt design.  Ryan is another staff worker at Jollibee who I met for the first time on the 100th day and talked about a possible shirt design for Jollibee.  We have been texting and exchanging ideas during the past weekend.  She said she wanted to buy one shirt already.  According to the comments on his facebook page, it seems that there is a high interest in his design and the shirt concept for Jollibee.  As I was walking out I noticed there are some missing photos from the Jollibee Kid’s Day collage.  It looked like someone took some pictures off of there.  Perhaps they were just jealous.

After our Tek performance at the UH Manoa FLSA event, the organizer Pearl and Hawaii Hip-Hop icon Creed Chameleon, who was a judge for the event, saw the yumburgers I stashed up for Josh and Ariel.  They mentioned that they have not been to Jollibee on this island yet.  I was like what the omg you guys have to go.  There was another person who was like, what’s Jollibee? Without hesitation, I busted out a pocket menu for the woman out of my bag.  One of my fellow diary readers, Agaton, who so happened to accidentally ran into us and watched us at the event, mentioned that the Jollibee Kid strikes again.  That was funny to hear.  The menus I have stashed up saves me a lot of time and effort in trying to explain people what Jollibee is.  All they have to do is look at the mascot, look at the food, look at the prices, and look at the information, and it’s all said and done.

So I came again the 2nd time at night after work.  I saw a new banner up that advertised the 2 pearl coolers for 5 bucks deal.  The dine in beezyness was about 10 percent.  The line was quite mild.  Tonight, I just got a halo-halo which I was craving for a while and they were out of it the last time I went on the 100th day that night.

Thursday, March 24, 2011 (Day 0)

I did not go to Jollibee and eat Jollibee food today.  The first thing that I wrote when writing this next diary blog post was Day 101.  Today would have been Day 101 but it is not.  I have survived and went through a full day, a full 24 hours without Jollibee.  I do not have a receipt for today’s visit.  It has been a full day since I did not go to Waipahu today.  It has been a full day since I did not drive to and park at the Waipahu Shopping Plaza.  It has been a full day since I did not go inside the Jollibee store and order food.  It was a weird feeling.  Something was missing today and that was Jollibee.  I feel empty.  The streak is officially over.  The last time I did not have Jollibee was Monday, December 13, 2010.  Today marks Day 0.

I woke up this morning knowing what I had to do and that was not go to Jollibee today.  Though, it was still something that I could do.  I already announced it to everyone that I have ended my streak yesterday on the 100th day.  As the Jollibee Kid, it’s like the bible where I have written in the Jollibee scriptures that I end my streak on the 100th day.  As I got ready for work, I had the mind set of getting ready early and leaving a little bit earlier to go to Jollibee for lunch.  We had a Read Aloud Program at Kalakaua Middle School today I did not start work till noonish.  However, I did not have to get ready and leave early.  I could go to Jollibee but I wanted to but I can’t and forced myself not wanting to go.  I ate lunch at home.  I had a tuna sandwich.  My crew and I were performing at tonight’s program so that made it a little easier to kinda switch my focus for the day.

During the day Louise offered me a Cheeseburger from McDonalds.  I denied her two times before deciding to take it.  She offered it to me the third time and took it.  I took it because maybe it would help me taste something different and somewhat help me through the withdrawal process.  As I took a couple of bites of the burger, I was expecting a yumburger taste.  The McDo cheeseburger was a foreign taste to me.  My mind was thinking yumburger as I took a couple of more bites.  I looked at the wrapper and it wasn’t a Jollibee burger wrapper.  About 3/5ths into the burger I gave up and gave the it back to Louise and told her I couldn’t finish it.  I apologized to her.  Thankfully, another crew member friend who met us along the way accepted the burger on my behalf and finished it off.  There was still time to go to Jollibee but my friends told me to let go and not go.  My co-worker Tricia told me I can still go but I made a promise and it has already been established to the people and all my supporters out there.  My boss Laurelle also mentioned about how it was not going today yet.  Iz reminded me that I can still go too.  At the time there was still about 3 hours left till the store closes.  After the program and I was dropping off Ariel home, there was still time about 2 hours left.  I could have went but instead traveled straight home.  When I arrived at home and after taking a shower, there was one hour left and put it as my facebook status when I went on facebook.  I told my mother what happened yesterday on the 100th day.  I showed her the gifts that the Jollibee staff and management gave to me.  She was happy and proud of me for the accomplishment that I have done as the Jollibee Kid and for completing an impressive streak.  She told me she wants to read my diary one day.  Despite her support for me now that I am done with the streak, I still don’t think she would have supported me for as long as a year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 (The Amazing Aloha – End of 100 Day Streak)

Day 100.  Happy 100 business days to Jollibee Waipahu Hawaii.  It has been 100 days since Jollibee has opened.  Today is my last consecutive day of Jollibee visits (every day they’ve been open in Hawaii a 100 days ago).  I woke up this morning feeling a sense of uneasiness knowing that I have to finally put out the fire that I have lit a 100 days ago.  I had a dream about my streak a couple days ago with me still continuing the streak.  I knew exactly what to wear today and that is my Jollibee t-shirt.  When I came into work, my co-worker Iz asked if they gave it to my as a farewell gift but I said no I made it myself.  They asked if I went to Jollibee already and I said no, I am going on later tonight.  Everyone in the office thought the same way.  When the work day ended, my co-workers wished me for a strong and successful visit.  I had to make sure all the emotional tears went out before I made the visit today.

When I left work, I made a pit stop home to use the restroom and print something out for our Jaycees meeting.  I requested my friend Randy to have our Filipino Fiesta meeting at Jollibee tonight in respects for my 100th day.  I remember there were a couple of times when Randy and others who would contact me saying if I was at Jollibee and if I was eating or going there or are there.  I will miss those times.  I will no longer be able to fulfill those questions anymore on a daily basis.  While I was driving, I traveled H1 freeway west bound and took the Waipahu Farrington Highway cutoff exit.  Out of the 100 days I went, this was the most frequent route I took.  If you put me anywhere on the island I know how to get to Jollibee; North, South, East, or West, it does not matter.  Even though most of the time I took the longer routes, I took them because sometimes I would have to prepare myself like thinking of what to order, thinking about which staff workers I will see, if I want to use the restroom that day, if there will be a new food menu item up, etc.  As I was driving, I took my time.  Even though the weather today was blue with strong winds and moderate rain, it made me think and flashback to good memories of my 100 days of visits.  It made me think about what where the best days.

When I arrived at Waipahu Shopping Plaza and parked I took a deep breath before I exited my car.  I had my Jollibee cup in my cupholder.  I did not park next to the store as it was already kind of full already.  I took my time walking to the store.  There was yet another promotional post posted up in the store.  The deal is if you buy 4 buckets of chickenjoy you can get a free Hug Me Jollibee doll for a limited time offer.  I believe this is the same doll they gave out to the first 100 customers of Jollibee on opening day.  It is the same one that Louise has.  I was the first one out of my group to come before the meeting to save and reserve a table for us.  I sat in the back, waited, and started writing my blog post already.  I already knew today is going to be a long one.  Randy along with my fellow crew peeps Josh, Ariel, Nico, and Louise were the first ones to come after me.  Ryan came shortly.  I was hoping Louise would wear her Jollibee t-shirt I gave her but she did not which was OK with me.  There was a Filipino Doctors Medical type of organization that was also having a meeting in the back by the restrooms.  After they left we took their spot which was in the middle of the back area.  I think this is also the first time that we had an official meeting at Jollibee.   We made a paper and had everyone write down their orders.

I escorted Randy to the line and went to order with him.  The dine in beezyness was about 50 percent.  The line was small.  In the line Randy started to ask me questions regarding my beginning pursuit of the Jollibee Kid idea and the streak and what not.  I felt like I was getting mini interviewed.  I ordered an Amazing Aloha meal because it was “Aloha” for me for the end of my streak on the 100th day.  While I was ordering, a staff worker came up to me and asked if I can help them with an upcoming t-shirt design for Jollibee.  I guess they looked at my shirt and got the idea.  They mentioned it might be promotional at first and eventually sell it to the customers later on.  I gave them my contact info later on.  We had a big order.  Rachel, Karen, Mary, Bryan, and Pat eventually came down later on.  Philip also came up and gave me a nice gift basket from the management as a parting gift.  I was very appreciative and thankful for it because it included a chickenjoy bucket full of 3 Hug Me Jollibee Dolls and a $50 gift card from Philip and Angie.  I told Louise that I finally got the doll after 100 days.  I remember I was the 101st customer on the first day and just missed on getting a doll.  I did not even get the face mask too but that is Ok.  I thanked Philip sincerely and asked if I can take a picture with some staff before I left.  We we got our meal, they mistaken-ed the yumburgers for heavyweight big yumburgers instead of regular cheeseburgers.   We did not change the order because everyone in the group was satisfied plus it was not our money that we spent the food on, it was the organizations, specifically the Filipino Community Center.

As we were eating and having our meeting, it seemed like we kinda crashed someone’s planned party in the back.  We saw a family who brought their own cake and everything.  They made a table for their ownselves.  The family did the same thing by writing their orders on a piece of paper.  My other friend Daniel aka D-Rock/D-Money came to eat and meet up.  He came for the first time at Jollibee and supported my 100th day.  He is officially Jolli de-virginized.  I was proud of him.  I was glad I was here to witness it.  He traveled by bus to get here from home in Nuuanu to Waipahu just to come to Jollibee for the first time and meet up.  I was sad I was not able to fully guide him through the meal ans talk about the Jollibee experience as I was helping Mary to the bus stop to go home.  When I came back, my fellow Jaycee friends Jay and Rowena came by to support my 100th day and ate as well.  So after a while, Pat, Jay, Karen, Rowena, and I just chatted and talked story for small kine about Jollibee related stuff.  We also took some pictures.  It was good times.  I am really going to miss coming everyday.  There was also a little girl who was a part of the family party group who was running around and kept on banging into people which I thought was rude and disrespectful.  The relatives and family members did not even do anything about it like it is nothing to be ashamed and embarrassed about.  I took a picture next to the Jollibee coloring picture wall of fame next to my artworks and Pat took a picture next to the kids eating the ice-creams as if he is in the picture too which was funny.

Karen and I went back to the line to order some other stuff.  She was going to treat me on my 100th day.  We also found out that they have another promo which is 2 pearl coolers for $5.  I think that is the best deal they have at Jollibee right now.  I found out that Karen wants to be a Red Ribbon baker.  She can’t wait till Red Ribbon opens.  I told her she should be the Red Ribbon Kid.  I do not think I can switch from being a Jollibee Kid to a Red Ribbon Kid.  I also can’t be 2 kids at once.  I am a Jollibee Kid for life.  While Karen was eating a peach mango pie, she spilled some on her shirt which was funny.  She also almost spilled all of our pearl cooler drinks as she laid them on the table which was not funny.  I got a buko pandan pearl cooler.  Before we left, I asked Philip if I could take a picture with him and some of the crew staff.  Karen and Pat were taking most of the pictures.  As we were heading out, they put the Jollibee statue mascot inside the store and took a picture with it.  I also took another picture in front of the store where the mascot would be.  It’s so hard to say goodbye to the streak but I have to let it go.  Pat, Karen, and I were walking slowly away from the store.  I thought to myself it is going to feel weird not having Jollibee for an entire day tomorrow.  As we walked out, an empty Jollibee cup was circling around my leg in the parking lot as if the Jollibee Gods are telling to “come back.” As we approached my car, to our shock, there was an empty McDonalds Happy Meal case sitting right under the trunk next to the rear left wheel of the car.  It was as if the fast food Gods have been alarmed of my situation.  It’s like now that I am free from my streak McDo can now take advantage of me.  It was a funny sight to see.  As the wind started to blow and as rain drops started to pour, the McDo Happy Meal thing started moving closer by my leg.  As we were outside, Karen looked at the sky and noticed that the clouds were a little red.  It is almost Jollibee red.  She lives a couple blocks away from Jollibee in Waipahu and said the color of the sky and clouds is never like this.  It was scary, trippy, and freaky to see.  When I gave my farewells to Pat and Karen, the ones who were the first points of contact in establishing “Diary of Jollibee Kid,” I started to go on my way out and made my drive home.  When I backed up I crushed the McDo Happy Meal thing with my front left tire and headed home.

That is the end of “Diary of a Jollibee Kid: The 100 Day Jollibee Experience.” By Gabriel Torno.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Katipunero John! Hope he has a Jolli one!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 99.  Today I came in before almost lunch time.  Today is the day before the final day of the streak.  There was a super small line.  In fact, it was hardly a line.  When I entered, there was this one elderly manang woman who was there with her grandchild I believe.  In the past blog posts especially the older ones, I used Tagalog terms “Tita” to address an older woman.  “Manang” is for Illocano, which I am not.  I figure I use the term in respect to the high population of Illocanos here in Hawaii.  There was also a table full of kids next to where I was standing who were happy eating their Jollibee meal.  They seemed very well behaved.  I was somewhat surprised because I did not see any parental supervision with those kids.  Maybe they were using the restroom and just trusted the kids.  I got my paper order taken and ordered a Jolli hotdog to go.  The staff worker who took my order, I did not see before so he must be new.

I got Rachele as my server today who I just found out has read my diary blog posts since day one.  I was quite surprised.  I never knew a Jollibee staff worker who has started reading since the beginning.  I only thought they would have started halfway or so or only just started reading.  She was sad that tomorrow is the last day.  100 days is really a short run but it is still quite an accomplishment nonetheless.  She mentioned that she won’t be there when I come in tomorrow because I guess she works the day time shifts.  Angie, one of the managers was also sad.  She asked me what when I was coming in tomorrow and told her night time.  She told me when I come in to ask for a manager because apparently they have something for me.  As I left, Rachele added a peach mango pie for me on the side which was nice of her to do and thanked her.  Talking to them feels like this is going to be the end of the world or something like that, talking about my last day and stuff.  I think this is more of a beginning than an end.  I will continue to support Jollibee, just not everyday anymore haha.

When I entered the office, my co-workers asked if today was day 100.  I told them no it is tomorrow.  They were sad too.  Carolina really encouraged me to write a book about my 100 day diary of a Jollibee Kid experience which really did encourage me.  She told me I have all the resources available for help and guidance since I work for Read Aloud America.  As Charlie Sheen would say, Duh, Winning! She was right.  I think it might be a project for me in the works in the near future right after I heal my mental wounds after the death of the streak.  Iz now wants to try the Jolli hotdog after seeing me eating it.  He asked me if they have the special Jollibee yumburger dressing in it.  I told him yes along with other dressings like ketchup, cheese, etc.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Joy! Hope she has a Jolliful one!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 98.  Today I came in during work while running an errand.  I used the restroom first before getting food.  There was a small line.  The dine in beezyness is about 40 percent.  I had my paper order taken.  Today I am getting a yumburger, side order regular Jolli crispy fries, and an ube pearl for my co-worker Marivel.  There are 2 days left until I end my streak on the 100th day.  I wonder if there is a guiness world record for most consecutive store/restaurant visits and purchases.  I also wonder if anybody in the world has done anything like what I have done at any Jollibee location.  The days go by very fast.  I am going to miss coming everyday consistently on a daily basis.  Jollibee has pretty much been an integral part of my life for the past 3 months.  A fellow blog reader Agaton would have loved to read “Day 365.” Wow imagine that.

My friend Josh says I have done everything that there was and is to do to prove myself as the self entitled Jollibee Kid; having tried all the menu items, fulfilling the Jollibee experience, staff and managerial acknowledgment, and many more.  My co-worker Carolina and some others say I should write a book, just like the book and movie Julie and Julia which is adapted from two books: My Life in France, Child’s autobiography written with Alex Prud’homme, and a memoir by Julie Powell documenting online her daily experiences cooking each of the 524 recipes in Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, for one year.  Even though my story will not be a year, I think I would call it, “Diary of a Jollibee Kid: The 100 day Jollibee Experience.” Speaking of the 100th day, people have been asking me what I will have on that day, if I am going to order every item or what.  I do not think I can eat every item on the menu.  I would need help to do that.  I really do not know what I will eat.  My favorite is the breakfast joys but I cannot eat the rice and I would have to go in the morning.  I think since I am giving up my streak I should allow myself to eat rice again but I think I will still try to go without rice until Easter to make myself proud.

Happy Birthday to my former co-worker Yuji! Hope he has a Jolli-abulous one!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 97.  Today I came in after a performance with my fellow dance crew members for a 1st birthday party down at the Pagoda Hotel.  We came in during the afternoon for Jollibee Kids Day.  When we arrived, we saw glimpses of the Jollibee until it left when we got to the line.  There was a small line.  The dine in beezyness is about 70 percent.  As we walked in I heard the Jollibee theme song “Beeda ang saya,” the one that goes “Dito tayo, dito tayo,” which I haven’t heard for a while.  Today I got a spaghetti kiddie meal.  We sat in the back by the wall where they posted up the kids coloring papers.  I saw Sandy and introduced her to my friends Josh, Ariel, Shelby, and Chino.  She mentioned that Jing is not here today unfortunately due to an emergency leave.  I hope everything is ok with her.  With that said, Sandy had to do double duty taking her place.  She also mentioned she might need me to step in as a Jollibee mascot sometime soon as backup.  I asked her if she can give Chino a coloring paper because he wanted to color.  She also asked when will the 100th day and end of streak be for me and told her this Wednesday.

During our dine in experience, I was hearing different versions of the Jollibee song which was interesting to hear.  Ariel pointed to the picture with the two little boys eating a sundae and ice cream cone and asked when they are going to serve that.  It was tempting her to go and buy it because she loves her sweets and chocolate.  We were helping Chino with his picture for a bit.  I was proud of him for coloring and finishing his picture.  We waited for Jollibee’s second appearance until 4PM so we just sat there and tried to kill time the best we can.  Chino was soo proud of his artwork that he did not want to give it up and post it up on the wall.  We were looking at the other colored pictures and noticed the oldest person who did one was 50 years old.  On the paper they also asked your age.  The youngest child we saw was 28 months old.  Chino should not feel ashamed to do one because I did two on the first Jollibee Kid’s Day.  His completed drawing consists of the theme “Love da HI life JB style.” He drew a nice Hawaiian background setting with sand, beach, mountains, a lei on Jollibee, ocean, coconut tree, etc.

While we were waiting Josh, Ariel, and Shelby went off to Pacific Supermarket to buy some stuff and kill time.  A customer came by and asked if we were using the seats that we had and I said yes we are using it but then all of a sudden she just took the seat anyway as if I said yes.  Sometimes old people can disrespect young people too.  I just let her take it because there were other chairs but still I can’t believe she just took ours instead.  There was a customer who ate and sat by himself.  After he was done eating, he helped himself to the coloring paper and crayons what is on the table next to us.  I guess he saw another big kid like Chino coloring too which probably influenced him to do so.  Little kids were also helping homeless to the coloring paper which we sat by.  When Josh and Ariel came back, they said Shelby bought Golden Coin next door and was eating outside.  I was glad she stayed there and learned her lesson last time not to bring forgein food like Golden Coin even though it is Filipino into the sanctuary.  There are some exceptions to the rule though such as Orange Tru-Royale, etc.  It is kinda hard to explain.  So we waited for Jollibee to come out at 4PM and he did not.  Although it was somewhat of a disappointment it was ok.  I wanted  them to fulfill the Jollibee experience by meeting JB and taking a picture with him.  There is always next time though.  At least they saw a glimpse of him as we entered the store.  As we left, the last thing that I did was take a picture by the Jollibee banner on Farrington Highway next to the bus stop.  This was something I never did yet.  I want it to be my next facebook profile picture by doing some sort of bboy pose next to it.  I ended doing an L-kick, yay.

Happy Birthday to fellow former Katipunero Vince and fellow Jaycee Julie! Hope they have a Jollimazing one!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 96.  Today I came in with Mary for lunch.  There was a medium sized line for once.  As we were walking up I saw some people looking at the Jollibee Kids Day collage.  It made me think I should have wrote my website on the letter I put to JB on the coloring paper from taken picture for promotional reasons.  We got our paper order taken.  Mary got a spaghettijoy meal and burger steak meal.  I asked her if she was super hungry because of the amount of food she was ordering but she said she was ordering for dinner too.  I just got a burger steak meal.  She was also tempted to buy the two meals because she can’t help it as it looks too good on the menu.  The dine in beezyness was about 40%.  We dined in and Mary chose the table in the front.  It wasn’t the usual table were I would sit if I dined in but it was ok.  Sandy also came by and mentioned about the comment from before and she apologized for the situation.  It felt good to hear everyone’s feedback and concerns.  I think a positive that came out of it is a greater awareness about me as the Jollibee Kid, my blog site, and probably helping them to reinforce an increased sense of customer service for their customers.  I also think she feels bad and sad for the end of the streak on the 100th day.  If I only knew I was going to spend 15 dollars, I would have made a call order.   As we were eating, I noticed the large amount of rice that they gave Mary for her burger steak.  I only had mashed potatoes as usual.  The rice looked and smelt soo good it made me want break my Lenten promise.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 95.  Today I went in the morning again before work.  The store was empty when I went.  I just got a peach mango pie and kiddie apple juice.  One of the crew staff workers was also aware of the situation regarding the comment that I felt a couple days and posts ago.  I think she said they have it posted on their staff bulletin.  She too apologized and mentioned that it was just an expression.  I did not really understand what she meant by expression but I still forgave, accepted, and thanked her for the concern.

As the end gets closer, I decided to make a facebook invite on my Diary of a Jollibee Kid facebook page.  I made this after my closest Jollibee Kid followers and supports, Pat, Karen, and Louise, mentioned that they want to be there on my 100th day.  I was also thinking how often should I go after the 100 day mark.  I was thinking of going at least once a week so I can change it to “My life as a weekly Jollibee visitor at Waipahu, Hawaii.” I can go there at least 4 times a month.  Maybe I should do that so that I can stay on top of the latest Jollibee news and views.