Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 76.  Today I went at night along with my mother, sisters Riva, Heide and her BF Greg.  We went as a pre familial dinner celebration for Heide’s birthday.  The dine in occupancy tonight is about 80 percent.  I used the restroom first and at the same time, I went to go look if there was any open table and seating areas in the back.  There was none so I had to save a table and seats in the front.  While the rest were ordering, we managed to find an open table in the back so I hurried in to go save it.

The staff workers have new aloha shirt kine uniforms.  It looked nice and gives the staff workers a brighter look.  I like it and all but I prefer the old school Jollibee uniforms because that is truly the Jollibee style.  Having the Aloha attire kinda gives that trying too hard to be local or Hawaiian style vibe and feeling.  However, it is cool because they all have different colored shirts which makes each worker unique and diverse.  Some of the female workers have flowers on their ears which makes them a bit cuter to spot and you can tell which ones are taken and not.  After sitting in the back for a while, I found out that they wanted to sit in the front again.  There was a mini party going on in the back for someone.  They brought their own cake and everything.

Today is my mother’s first time here at Jollibee Waipahu Hawaii location.  I was happy to be there with her.  She has been Jolli devirginized.  I busted out my lucky Jollibee pocket wallet menu for them to look at.  We took her through the experience and process.  After I used the restroom, I went to go ask for Sandy if she was in.  I had the Fiesta packet for her.  I found out that she was not in.  According to the staff worker I talked to, she will be in tomorrow morning.  There was an off duty staff worker who stood in line and ordered food.  I thought that was interesting and loyal.  While we were eating, I heard a lady passing by saying, “and the good thing is that they are open till 11.” and I wanted to say back to the lady, “and you are ssooo wrong.” Tonight, I got a number 8 Amazing Aloha burger meal.

One of the most random things I saw in the store was this one kid who busted out breakdancing and doing karate moves while his father was ordering.  I think he was excited for Jollibee.  I would do the same if I was his age as well.

When my sister Heide and my mother went to go use the restroom, Heide took picture of the girl’s restroom for me.  I wanted to know how it looks like.  When she showed it to me, it looks just like the boy’s restroom.  The hand dryer in the girl’s restroom still had the “Feel the power” sticker right underneath it.  The boy’s one does not have that sticker anymore.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 75.  Today I came in mid afternoon time.  The dine in beezyness was about 35 percent.  Today I am just going to get a peach mango pie and apple juice.  The line was quite short.  I do not think the line will ever go past the door outside now that the Jollibee hype has decreased.  Looking at the kiddie meal address book toy things makes me wonder what toy they will have next.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 74.  Today I came in during work while running errands for a quick lunch stop.  I used the restroom first.  I noticed that the back room was open again which had a couple customers and staff workers at the tables.  There was a small line today.  The dine in occupancy was about 40 percent.  Today I just got a buko pandan pearl cooler and a yumburger.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 73.  Today I came before work during lunch time.  I cannot believe it’s been 2 months since Jollibee opened.  It seems like it was yesterday that I had my first yumburger there haha.  So there was no line at the time I went.  I zipped through the line lane and I felt like I was driving my car on the express lane on the freeway.  It was great.  Today I got a chickenjoy kiddie meal with apple juice for lunch.  The store was about 50 percent beezy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 72.  Today I went during work before heading out to the Read Aloud Program at Kapunahala Elementary in Kaneohe.  It was around mid afternoon time.  Today I am just going to get an ube pearl cooler.  The dine in area was about 30 percent.  And good thing that it was a short line so that I can hit the road again in time.
I found out later on during the day in the evening my other friends went to Jollibee after a meeting.  I was jealous I was not there with them even though I already had my Jollibee for the day.

Happy Birthday to Katie and Jessica! Hope they have a Jollibulous one!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 71.  Today I came before going to work almost and right before lunch time.  There was a super mild line.  I got a paper order taken by the staff worker which I haven’t experience in a while.  I noticed that the back dine in area had it’s lights off.  Maybe they have some electrical problems.  The beezyness was about 30 percent.  Today I am getting a yumburger and peach mango pie.  I saw another new thing today which looks like a pearl cooler straw dispenser.  I had Sandy as my server at the register today.  She is the one who discovered me and the one from Jollibee who I finally met last week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 70.  Today is President’s Day and the last day you can take advantage of the free peach mango pie with a purchase of a Chickenjoy bucket promo.  I came in around mid afternoon time after getting some stuff at Costco.  There was a mild line.  The store was about 80 percent busy.  I was overhearing this one family who was sitting on a table.  It was a father, his 2 kids, and a friend who was already in line.  The 2 kids is a younger brother and sister.  The brother asked his sister a joke which was why did the chicken cross the road.  He said so that he can go get his girlfriend.  I wanted to crack up but it was not that funny but him asking her the joke was funny.  The sister was like ssoooo da kine.  The little brother could not stop talking and the father told him to just shut up already.  The father told his friend who was standing in line for them, eh we go McDo already.  So they all left which was lame.  That was a disappointment and a sad scene to see.  They had no patience and having patience in life pays.  No Jollibee for them.

Today I am just going to get a peach mango pie and apple juice.  I am starting not to see a lot of people I know anymore in the store.  Perhaps they have all probably been to Jollibee already.  There was also this little kid with his sister who kept on running around the store yelling Jollibee.  It was very cute to see.  I wish I could have filmed him.  He was playing around with his sister.  As I was standing in line, I just noticed something that I did not already notice already which was the store camera.  It is actually pointed right at the line.  It is located on the upper top left corner of the store.  If my receipts are not proof enough of my everday visits to Jollibee since their grand opening on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, I sure do hope they have saved their videos since then.

Happy Presidents Day to all of our Presidents that we have and had in this somewhat great nation of ours! Hope everybody had a Jolli holiday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 69.  No Homo.  Today I came here with my friends Chino and Louise.  I was practicing with Chino beforehand at my place.  We came in at night time.  The line was really mild.  The beezyness was about 40 percent.  Since it was Day 69, my friends told me to do a wink and a body roll right after ordering to the staff worker.  I was like what the no way they think I am going to be weird.  Today I am just going to get a chickenjoy kids meal.  I saw a few more new workers tonight.  After seeing the chickenjoy bucket Presidents Day promotion, it makes me wonder if a lot of people tool advantage of it.  It lasts till the next day, Presidents Day Monday, the 21st.

It was my first time really watching the videos on the menu.  The chickenjoy repeats with crispylicious juicylicious original jollibee recipe and the Palabok/Spaghettijoy one has the meatiest tastiest and spaghettiest.  Is spaghettiest even a word? Louise got the same thing that I did plus a heavyweight big yumburger which she did not know because she meant to get a regular yumburger.  I guess the staff worker got mixed up and mistaken the order.  Chino had to leave already to go hiking at night with some other friends.  Louise was about to finish her meal but I stopped her because she did not finish.  She still had pieces of chickenjoy and a half scoop of rice leftover.  I told her to continue on with the meal because that would be a disgrace to the Jollibee Gods.  According to my facebook status, I would like to congratulate fellow Jaycee Byron for going to Jollibee for the first time today! He has been Jolli-de-virginized! I applaud him and am proud of him!

Happy Birthday to Timpuyoger Calvin! Hope he has a Jollious one!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 68.  Today I came in the early afternoon time, after lunch time.  I went after dropping off my friend Chino at HPU Windward campus and going Costco for some small kine grocery run.  The store was kinda packed today I would say.  It was about 85 percent busy.  Before I went inside, there was a lot of people outside taking pictures of the Jollibee bee statue mascot.  There was this older couple, the wife was Filipina and the husband White.  The husband said wow this place has a line, it must be good.  I wanted to tell him you damn right it’s good.  I used the restroom first before going to the line to order.  There were so many kids here today.  I saw a bunch of kids playing with the best hand dryer machine.  I would have done the same if I was still their age.  Today I am going ot get 2 palabok fiestas one for me and one for my sister Riva.  Even though I am sick I will still go Jollibee.

Happy Birthday to one of the most illest Filipino American Emcess, Geologic aka Prometheus Brown of the Blue Scholars! Hope he has a Jolliful one!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 67.  Today I went in the morning before work.  When I came, there was one dine in customer.  I just got a peach mango pie and a kiddie meal separate apple juice for breakfast.  The apple juice without the meal is just 0.65 cents.  I thought it would be a dollar.  I was eating in the van and within the 20 minutes I was there, saw about 14 people go inside the store.

During work, my fellow co-workers and I had an afternoon lunch picnic while our President was having a board meeting with his fellow members.  After using the restroom, my fellow co-workers were talking about my Jollibee streak and wanted to find out more about the store.  I showed them my lucky Jollibee menu from my wallet.  I am sure they were impressed with the menu items and might visit the store one day.   I think my boss said that is a pimp mascot right when she looked at the pocket menu.

“Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.” – Johann Freidrich von Schiller