Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 49.  Today I went after my Jaycees meeting at Max’s of Manila.  I came in with my friends Josh and Ronelyne.  The time that we came in would still be considered a busy time.  However, the line tonight was super mild.  The beezyness was about 40 percent with dine in customers.  All I am going to get tonight is a yumburger for Randy and a peach mango pie for dessert.  I am going to go back to Max’s of Manila after for real dinner, not because of not wanting to have a Jollibee dinner but it is so that I can eat along with my other Jaycee friends who are there.  I noticed one of the staff workers noticed me again and she verbally said that she remembers me.  She was the same staff worker who also recognized me the last time.

I noticed now they have all the Jollibee drink signs right above the drink machine dispensers.  The middle drink station dispenser just used to have a Pepsi logo one right above it.  I had to wait extra long today for a yumburger while waiting for my order to be fulfilled.  Josh and some other customers were waiting for their chickenjoys to be fired up.  I guess the back staff was slacking off.  You can even see a mini line almost forming for customers waiting for their pending orders.  I think tonight, they had all 8 registers activated.  After hearing the staff register workers talk to each other, I think they have secret code or shortcut names for the menu items like “YC” means a yumburger/cheeseburger.  According to their menu, the cheapest item is a yumburger at $1.09, the 2nd is a side dish item at $1.69, and 3rd is a peach mango pie at $1.99.  After dinner at Max’s, my friend Rachel asked me what time they closed.  She went there afterward.

Happy Birthday to fellow NSOer Justin! Hope he has a Jolli-manic one!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 48.  Today I went in the morning with my sister Riva.  We went like around brunch kine time.  We got good parking today, right in front of the store.  The line was really mild.  I came in with my Peyton Manning jersey because we were going to go to the Pro bowl after chee hoo.  There was this one Manang staff worker who looked  very new who was taking paper menu orders.  After asking Riva what she wanted she asked me.  I said to her I want a spaghetti kids meal with the apple juice.  She replied that there was no such thing on the menu.  I replied back (not literall) that is BS Manang, I know you have that in your menu, I order it all the time.  I pointed out where it was on the paper order menu.  Booyah I just schooled a Jollibee staff worker but I was not proud of it.  Just like yesterday, they had about 6 registers open.  In total, they have 8 overall registers installed.  The busyness was about 40 percent.  I also saw HFJCC boss Jay standing in line.  He texted me while I was ordering food.  My friend Karen also texted me she was there later on during the day too.

Happy Birthday to fellow A-towner Cody and fellow former Chaminader/Awakening peep Porter! I hope they have a Jolli-standing one!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 47.  Today I came in right smack dab in the middle of lunch time.  It was the first time being in the new line in the middle of the store.  By looking at the line inside from outside, I kind of liked the set up of the old line better.  It just did not seem right and look right.  Logistically, I think the old line set up is better.  There is more of a weirder feeling having a line, standing, and having a mass group of people stand right at the center of the store.  The traffic flow did not feel the same anymore too.  I can see why they made the line different though, it’s so that people are not confused where to go and it is close to both pathways entrances of the store.  A girl who was standing next to me and said why is there still a line in Jollibee.  She thought the lines would have died down.  She hopes that next month will be better, she predicts.  You know what, I do not think that will happen anytime soon really.  Jollibee is Jollibee and do not question the line.  It is all a part of the Jollibee experience.  Today I see many kids during this lunch hour.  Jollibee would be more successful if they already opened up the kiddie parties and let me dance as the official Jollibee mascot.  I was watching videos of the Jollibee mascot online and it interacts with the customers while eating and stuff.  Jollibee is all about authentic customer service and the joy it brings to each person that steps inside the store.  They also had the “Bida ang saya” Jollibee song on repeat the whole time.  I think I might put that song as one of my ringtones.

Today’s beezyness in the store is about 90 percent during this lunch hour.  Today I think I am just going to get about 5 yumburgers and a buko pandan pearl cooler.  The yumburgers are for the Tek Fam for practice.  The Pinay in the front of me was playing some Drake and I was digging it.  Going back to the old line, it was better because you could lean on the wall where it has the Red Ribbon wallpaper on it and the Pinoy man holding the bucket of chickenjoy.  Today’s line was extremely slow because I noticed they had only about half of their registers open, about 3 or 4.  There were 2 registers that were closed.  Perhaps they are short staffed today.  In total, they have about 6 registers set up for the store.

As I was standing in line, the line outside was getting slightly bigger.  To my surprise, I met a long time Katipunero friend former Tek crew member and classmate Lorie.  She was standing in line by the entrance and saw me halfway.  She asked what day was this for me and after I answered she replied fricken Gabe.  It was nice seeing her.  I asked her if she was reading my blogs and said yes.  Ah, The wonders of facebook and social networking media are incredible.  She mentioned that she was graduating this semester finally which was awesome to hear.  The Pinay that was in front of me was on facebook on her iPhone.  I think she was tagging or status updating herself that she was at Jollibee Waipahu location.  I was thinking to myself that she should also tag me.  “And I am standing next to the infamous Jollibee Kid in Hawaii.” When I was in front of the line, I saw a register that said “For Pick Up.” I guess you can now do phone orders and automatically pick up your food.  Maybe I should be doing that from now on? However, that will ruin my everyday Jollibee experience by taking that shortcut.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 46.  Today I went in the morning before work.  I got a yumburger and peach mango pie for breakfast.  However, I did not eat the yumburger because I was saving it for my friend Louise.  She requested a yumburger for me to get her.  When I finished my order a fellow Katipunero friend Rex aka Stallion was standing behind me to order as well.  It was the first time I met someone who I knew in the morning at Jollibee.  He asked me what I was getting today and how long I am going to continue on with this streak.  I guess he was aware of my Diary of a Jollibee Kid blogs.  I found out that it was his first time at Jollibee Waipahu-Hawaii location and I acknowledged him for that.  When he comes back again I am hoping he can experience the real Jollibee experience.  As expected no line and no one else was there at the time during the visitation.

Later on the day I talked about Jollibee and my blogsite at the UH Manoa Katipunan Club Balik-2-Eskuwela Bash.  I was having second thoughts about including that in my presentation when I was talking about the Tekniqlingz Crew.  I felt that I had to let just a little bit more people know.  I was repping my Jollibee shirt along with Louise.  We were like twins just like our partnered nicknames Lock and Key.  My former Filipino teacher and club Advisor Tita Ime did not know about my identity as the Jollibee Kid until today.  When I went to the meeting a fellow Katipunero McDaniel greeted me as the Jollibee kid.  I guess the movement has begun.  My friend Louise also mentioned that another veteran Katipunero friend and former co-worker Adam asked her about my everyday goings and blogsite about Jollibee.  She mentioned that he mentioned why I look the same after 46 days of straight Jollibee.

Happy Birthday to my fellow former Chaminader/Awakening Retreat boss Margaret! Hope she has a Jollimazing one!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 45.  Today I went in the morning but not that early like I usually do.  I went there before running an errand to get more business cards for my crew.  I just got an ube pearl cooler.  I noticed that they changed the layout of the line.  They now have the line in the middle of the store instead off to the left side corner of the store.  It should be interesting to see how the traffic counter-flow goes in the store now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 44.  Today I came in an hour before lunch time before work to eat some Jollibee lunch.  I thought there was not going to be a line but there was a very very mild one.  The dine in area was about 10 percent occupied.  As I was standing in line one of the workers took my paper order.  I got a spaghetti kids meal with a drink (for the first time not apple juice).  As I was looking at the paper order menu, there are many traditional items that they don’t have still yet on the real menu such as Bangus, lumpia rolls, flan delight, Tocino, garlic rice, lonnganisa, and many more.  As I was near the front of the line, there was this one lady in front of me who was already heading towards the register to take her order without even being called upon yet.  I was like woman you have to wait until they call you then that is your cue.  But she just assumed she can go already take her order just because a customer left the counter.  When they called me they noticed that she was not served yet so they served her first.  I was fine with it but I was disappointed with the woman.  She was before me anyway.  So today I dined in and it was great.  I got another different picture frame toy color which was yellow and if I order another kiddie meal and get green then that means I would have collected the whole collection twice oh yeah.  They also gave me free macaroni salad today.  They said would you like to try our free mac salad today sir and I was like oh for sure.  That was awesome.

As I was sitting down in my lone table in the back, a worker was about to sit down right next to me  and I was like what the.  Then she realized she was about to sit next to me so she sat to the table next over.  She looked fatigued.  I think she seems like she works in the back.  The cups for the kiddie meals have pepsi logos on them.  It makes me think why not have Jollibee logos in them too? They also moved the new “now hiring” sign over to a more visible are in the front.  I think they want to get Red Ribbon up and running soon.

I also used the restroom right after my meal.  Sometimes when taking a deuce, it is kind of intimating sitting on the throne with another person doing the same thing to the next stall over.  I think the wood on the stalls are new because I can smell the fresh wood furnishing which kinda cancels out the smell of the detoxification process.

As I was leaving, I saw a lady who asked me to take a picture of them next to the Jollibee statue mascot by the entrance so I was like of course.  I came to find out that she remembered me from the Jaycees.  Her daughter was one of the recipients of our scholarship awards from last year.  I felt really good to know that the money we awarded her for them was really helpful.  She also remembered our tekniqlingz performance too.  I found out that it was also her first time at Jollibee Hawaii location and I congratulated them.  She was there with another person.

Happy Birthday to my fellow A-towner Nick and the world’s greatest juggler and hypnotist Greg Gabaylo haha! Hope they have a Jollitastic one!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 43.  Today I went after work at night.  Today I just got an ube pearl cooler.  There was no line.  The dine in area was about 30 percent occupied.  There was a new “now hiring” sign and it looks like Red Ribbon is going to be in business soon.  They are looking for Red Ribbon workers.  I thought it was going to open next year but it might just open next month.  It also looks like they are still hiring Jollibee workers too.  I just want them to open up the kids parties so that I can be the next Jollibee mascot.  Right after I ordered, as I was getting my change I so the staff worker mess up my receipt with the machine so the top part is kinda shredded.  I was afraid the machine was going to eat up my receipt.  The staff worker asked me if I still wanted my receipt and I said yes please.  She probably thought to herself wtf why does this dude still want his receipt when it is all buss up like this.  She kindly gave it to me anyway.  The Jollibee receipts are key to my streak and living proof of my everyday visits to Jollibee.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 42.  Today I went in the morning before work.  There was a big group that was ordering a big meal and they were going to dine in.  They must be pretty hungry for breakfast because I saw they left their receipts by the counter and looked at it.  It was about 50 bucks worth of palabok fiesta and chickenjoy.  Today I only got a buko pandan pearl cooler. Today I also found out that my fellow tek friend Nikki did not go to Jollibee Hawaii location so I gave her a menu.  She did mention, however, she went to the ones in her hometown of Los Angeles so I gave her slack.

Happy Birthday to my friends Jackie and Sandie! Hope they have a Jollitactic one!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 41.  Today I came in right after watching the AFC championship games with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets.  I came in right before the start of the official dinner time hour.  The drive down to Jollibee was smooth sailing on a pleasant Sunday late afternoon day.  The line today was mild.  The dine in area was about 75 percent beezy.  There was choke kids today in the store and you can hear them so much.  I noticed there were a couple more new staff workers today.  Today I am going to the Palabok Fiesta which I have not had for a while.  My friend Randy was going to go with me but he was busy.  I even tried rallying a couple more Jaycee members from the Filipino chapter to come with me.  I guess most people are tired from the Hawaii Jaycees Year End Convention that occurred this weekend.  I did a banzai toast yesterday at the party and most of the Filipino Jaycees did Jollibee ones which was just awesome to hear.  I am hoping a lot of the other chapters get to know more about the wonderful world of Jollibee.  I wanted today’s visit at Jollibee to be the unofficial post convention after party.  I also overheard someone say this place makes you feel like you are in the Philippines.  Looks like it was his first visit at Jollibee (here in Hawaii).  I wanted to congratulate him but I did not know him and I would feel weird and awkward.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Jaycee friend JR! And also to my Ate Jona! Hope they all have a Jolliesome day!

Congratulations to the AFC Champs Pittsburgh Steelers and NFC Champs Green Bay Packers for their win today and making it to SuperBowl  XVL!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 40. Today I went in the morning before doing anything. I came in and did my thing. It was quite a while since I came in the morning during a weekend. I noticed the usual weekday morning staff was not there so I guess they have a different weekend morning staff work the weekends. Anyway today I just a buko pandan pearl cooler and peach mango pie. The dine in area was 10 percent occupied with customers and obviously no line at all.

Happy Birthday to my friends Evette and Janilee! Also to my Ate Mercy! Hope they all have a blessed Jollitacular day!